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Thursday, November 09, 2006



Dean you are the man. I admire your family as well. Be on the lookout for a honda civic with writing all over it when you get north of Texas. I will be the one looking for a crazy man pushing a jogging stroller. I will also have ton of food for you. If you remember me from the marathons we did together you would expect nothing less. I am loooking forward to running with the man who continues to inspire me.


Shelley Nuelle

One foot in front of the other Dean. You know we are all rooting for you! How cool it will be to see the country like that- I'm jealous. Can't wait to hear all about it... Hopefully I will get to see you again when you come thru Illinois. I ran Tecumseh Trail with you. Best wishes! Shelley Nuelle

Spurgeon Hendrick

Dean, I've been traveling this week and away from the computer. I didn't learn you were still running until now. All I can say is, "You are the man!" Thanks for allowing me the honor of running with you in Atlanta. It was truly an inspirational day! And thanks for keeping this blog going! It, too, is inspirational for all of us out here pounding the pavement.

Marlon Sarmiento

Looking at the tracking, you ran past my job. Would of loved to cheer you on your way home.


Dean, you are a true running rockstar. I had a feeling, the NF50 was just a prelude of things to come. Keep it up man. I Unfortunately missed you in GreenBay, Wi but will defintely keep a look out for you and your chariot, once you get near WI or Illinois. I also plan to run with you next year in the North Face 100, 100 marathons in 100 cities. Thanks for all your inspiration. Stay safe!!!!!!

Michael Cochran

Dean, my father and I had a great time running the second half of the marathon course in Long Branch, NJ as part of the Endurance 50. Thanks! Enjoy the run across the country! :-)


Good job Dean ~

While your run home won't bring you through Alaska (unless you really take a wrong turn!) we sure did enjoy your day here with us!
You are quite an amazing individual - obviously physically but in so many more ways...
We loved your 1st book and anxiously await the 2nd one...
We'd love to see you again, come back anytime but remember October 2nd is "Dean Karnazes Day" in Anchorage - you may need to come celebrate that with us Alaskans!
It's been about 10 degrees on our last few evening runs - and while it's been tough - it's been invigorating too.
Thanks Dean for giving us a different view into a world of running that I did not even know existed.

Professor Russell


Way to be. Hey, you might meet up with David Niven, and Cantinflas, in their hot air balloon. But it might take more than 80 days. Greg

Benjamin Edwards

Wow Dean! I had been following your progress these past couple of months. Every Saturday morning before my long run I would read your blogs from the previous marathons you had run that week for motivation/inspiration. Just for the heck of it I decided to see if you were still running and just checked this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see your next mission. That is so cool!!! I'll continue to track your progress with rapt attention. You truly make it look so easy, Dean! Probably because you have broken through barriers both mental and physical that I am only scratching the surface of. Ok good luck, and God speed!!!

Johnny Shan


I have been keeping up with your daily log ever since we ran with you in Tulsa Oklahoma on Oct. 9th (if you don't remember us, we are the last two runners that came in). Your cause is so inspiring that we have been training even harder for the next marathon in April. The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon will be in April 29th, 2007. Please check out the website if you don't know what this race is all about (http://www.okcmarathon.com/). I know with your busy schedules, it's unlikely that you'll be able to run with us. But, I thought I'd throw the idea out there. Thank you for the Opportunity. Good luck and God bless.


Pranjal Milovnik

Hi Dean. I wish you a good luck from Slovakia. I thing, I know how you feel. I did 3100 mile race this summer for second time. Once you start and you can't stop. I tell you, you are an inspiration for many people. I will follow your progress and I will put in on my ultrarunning page (unfortunately in Slovak language only.


Dean you ROCK,
I've been battling depression for years and taking up running has helped immensely (even more than antidepressants and therapy).

As anyone who understands depression knows, I still get "bad days" and getting out there is difficult but rewarding.

Reading your book, following the 50-50-50 and now your trek home is a huge inspiration to me.

Running is saving my life and you're a part of that.

Thanks Dean,

Greg Savoie
Vancouver, Canada

Mark Sleeman

Dean, Me and my wife saw you run while vacationing in Stowe VT. Sounds like you're off on another adventure. If you need a place to stay for the night in the Baltimore/DC corridor area, our door is always open. Just hope you don't mind our pets. Good Luck!

Michael Simon

I would like to congratulate Dean for such a great endevor, one I wish I had the time to complete. I would be more impressed if someone would run an ultra-marathon every week for 10 weeks. Can he do it?

Charles Johnston

You have reminded me that many limits we place on ourselves are self imposed. In so many situations we allow our preconceived notions of what we are capable of to create walls.

You are in the business of breaking down walls. Keep up the good work.

You're one heck of an inspiration. I did my second marathon Sunday and all I could think about was doing a long run the next day to loosen up (your fault).

Since you havn't figured out your route yet, you're going to have to put Houston on the map. (You are going to freeze soon if you don't head south!) Send me an email. I might be able to help out with some lodging in the old Lone Star.

Charles Johnston
Houston, TX


Burn rubber, Dean!

Casey (Trail Running Nut)

Dean, I'm echoing the sentiments of so many above me...it's awesome what you are doing. And to Greg Savoie above, keep it up man....don't let your guard down...you WILL beat it!!


I've read your book! You inspire so many people around you by your heart for others and your great determination! I'm amazed at what our human bodies are capable of doing.

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