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Monday, November 06, 2006




congrats and you are an inspiration to me! i am just getting back into running after having a 5 month old and hope to do another marathon next year...

joyce Forier

LOL- that is so true that bad things certainly don't have lifespan limitations. Life's cruel joke, I guess. Maximize the highs and minimize the lows...and what a high this is for you! Like finishing a good book, a piece of you is now gone. Oddly enough we find ourselves in similar situations... at the crux of change, limitless possiblities, imagination, and we dare to dream. If you need a partner in crime...look me up :))

Much love and success to you and your wonderful crew and family.
Joyce (AZ and NV participant)


Congratulations! You are "the man". ;)
A couple of questions:
1) How did you get by on 4.5 hours (average) of sleep and doesn't this disprove at some level that 8 hours of sleep is optimum or required?
2) One inhibition I have about ultramarathons is my concern about long term cartilage deterioration -- I'd like to still be able to walk/run when I'm 80. Does this concern you or is this another myth and the cartilage regenerates?
These are the mind/matter issues I'm dealing with even though I'm greatly inspired by your accomplishments.

Lisa Holt


Are you planning on running back here to San Fran? I just wanted to say that since running the Green Bay marathon, I have been so inspired. Knowing that there are no limits to what I can do, I have learned to push past the point where my mind says no. I learned that I could do this while I was out there doing my first marathon. I just did the US Half here in SF and have been averaging 10 miles a day. I even ran my fastest mile ever during the race at 7:23. I never would have thought that was possible had I not read your book, followed your journey, and experienced my first marathon alongside 50 amazing people in Green Bay. Now, I can start working on my speed. Thanks so much for what you are doing.


On KTVU "Mornings on 2" today, you said you were going to run all the way back home (no kidding).

Are you really going to attempt that?
Go Team Karno, if anyone can it's you!

Good Luck!



Great job in NYC! You finished one min behind Lance, but more importanly how did P'Diddy do?

I never forget running with you on day 35.

Thanks for the great memories.


Bill Willcox


I hope you continue to use your accomplishments as a means to benefit the larger world. I, too, am still running and focused on the Richmond Marathon in a few days. I am using this marathon, for the first time, as a fundraiser for a 35-year-old friend recovering from brain surgery that led to a large stroke. He can barely walk and insurance is not covering his expenses. For him, walking 50 feet is an amazing accomplishment. Knowing him makes me appreciate having a conditioned body that is capable of running long distances. You have given me a new paradigm for running, a curiosity about what lies at the outer frontier of my own abilities...what it might feel like to reach 30 miles and beyond. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.


I have loved following your recent adventures from Australia (you even had a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald today). I was amazed by your fifty marathons, but then, when I read you averaged 4.5 hours sleep I was incredulous. Was this due to a tight schedule or do you only need this amouny?

Suzie Petunia

I have a great idea for you! Keep running - because you can... and let's face it: you want to! And while you're at it, why don't you come back to the west coast and give us another shot at running with you. How about next summer? My best bud and I will have had our babies by then and will be back in racing form!


Dean you are a legend my friend, a legend.



Whew, I was so glad to find an entry this morning! I have been tracking you each morning for the past 45 days when I arise and updating the family on how you are doing, where you've been, what you've encountered... I was sad thinking that highlight of my mornings is over. I don't think that all good things must end, but they do have to change! Hopefully to something better and still as much fun. Run on and keep us posted.


Wow, you are still going! I have been following your blog since day one, having read your book a while back. The journey has been amazing.It has been incredibly inspiring to me and has greatly impacted my own exercise program in a positive way.
Please keep up the blogging as much as you can. I look forward to it every day.
Thanks a lot for letting us get to know you.
And by the way, your family is also amazing.

Jen Pugh

Dean - thanks for a GREAT 50 days of blogging. I can only imagine what it is like to wake up and say, What Now?

I would love to continue reading your thoughts and comments in blog form. You inspire many. Thanks!

Jen - Rookie... planning my sophmoric marathon in 2007. :-)

James Harrison

It has to be hard to wind down after such a tight schedule for 50 days. Mentally as much as physically. It's probably what retirement feels like. From your last post it sounds like you found the solution: Keep going. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment.

Justin Saverin

Good job on the running, it was pretty cool following the progress and you have definitely upped my game and outlook on nutrition and excercise. I'm a salmon freak now! It's that book, man, something in there lit a fire under me and now I'm running half marathons with no explanation for it other than it makes my wife and I totally happy when we do it...running that is. So thanks! As to doing the past 50 days justice, may I suggest that you take your message for children's health and challenging pre-conceived notions of human endurance to the world by running around it? I dunno, seems pretty outrageous. The equator is 24,901.55 miles (40,075.16 km) long. A car doesn't even need maintenance at that mileage! Whatever you plan to do, I'm sure it will be cool, so keep running and being a mentor to your family and peers.

Yours Truly,

Charlotte, NC


A night run under a nearly full moon through the streets of New York, "alone" yet surrounded by the city?! Who says it can't get any better?!! What a great way to re-immerse.

Keep on running, and keep on blogging, Dean! Some of us will run in your tracks. Some will try to catch up. And some will just get a kick from the stories. I look forward to my runs, now, even more than ever before!

You go!!


Andy Chasteen

You have to keep going!!!!!!!! You feel good, so keep going!!!!! It's an amazing thing that you have done.....Congrats!

Juan Galvan

Dean, you are inspiration in its purest form! I, too have run 100s and have been tracking your running for years. I also enjoyed reading your book and how you described Western States. Thanks for showing that the human body can do extraordinary things. "Only those who go too far know how far they can go."

Mark Owens

Congrats on all your success in running. I am currently training for the ATL ING Marathon in March. I work for a local radio station, 99x, and we would like to have you on to talk about your success and help give me "tips" and "motivation" as I train. I think you spoke with our PD, Leslie Fram not too long ago. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.
Mark Owens
Producer The New Morning X on 99x

Jodi Dougherty

Hi Dean!!
Congratulations! I was so glad to see a 51st entry in your blog today. Checking your site has been a ritual every a.m. for the past 50 days & like yourself, I feel that a great thing has come to an end. I feel kinda lost? I'm sure it's not as intense as your feelings, but they are there nevertheless.
I was fortunate enough to meet you in Hartford where you signed my hat. I'd never run more than a 1/2 marathon, but the day b4 I switched to the full. I'd been following your blog & thought "what's the worst that can happen?"
Thanks for making yourself so available to everyone. It meant more to me to actually meet you than just to read about you. Thanks to your family, too, for allowing you to share yourself in the way that you have.
Now when I go run & the rain comes down sideways I laugh & think to myself "suck it up, this is nothing" and I think about what you've accomplished.
My 11 y/o, couch potato, video-game-playing son has been following your progress as well & in Sept. he was inspired to try & run. Well, I'm happy to report that he went from being unable to run 150 yards down hill to running his first 5K this past Sat. He wanted to meet you on Sun. after the marathon, but we weren't able to get to you. Maybe next time...Thank you sooooo much for inspiring both of us, Dean!

Jodi in Ct

Leigh Ann

It was great to meet you in Greensboro! and I'm glad you are STILL blogging - looks like your followers want to continue minding your business, and your progress! A great job! Every time I'm running and whining about it, I remember your great attitude!! Keep it up, and God's blessings to you and your family. - law

Steve Chandler


I am in no way a professional runner, I run for excercise benefits and many times for personal meditation and also to see the city I live in and the sheer joy when you get that high in the middle of the run and nothing can stop you. I have followed the Endurance 50 very closely. I find you so inspiring and your motivation unwavering. Many times I struggle myself to get up and hit the trail. I need to do little less but remember your quest in the Endurance 50 to get up, put my shoes on and go running. Thanks for inspiring me to be better...

Rick Ryan

Thanks Dean for keeping this alive after #50. I think I've become as addicted to keeping track of you as I have my morning run! You are truly an inspiration!

Marika Schnell Peters

Thank you so much for posting a 51 Day comment. After Day 50, I found myself saying, "Now what am I going to read each morning?" It was a little depressing...

I ran the Triple Lakes Trail Marathon (Greensboro, NC) with you (well, not exactly with you, you were way out ahead).
It was my 18th marathon. My goal is 20 marathons before I'm 40 in June.
(So far so good.)
I just want to say thank you to you and all your sponsors. The Endurance 50 was truly one of the most unifying running events ever, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it.
I wish you and your family the best in everything you do.
Marika Schnell Peters
"The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running."


Dean you're brilliant and an inspiration to me! I would love to get an autographed copy of your book. Are you going to have a book signing in New York City?

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