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Sunday, November 05, 2006



Dean - Congratulations on accomplishing your goal in such steadfast and humble manner.

You inspired me not only to run more and longer but also to spend more time with friends and family.

If there is something i have learned during #49 it is the fact that people matter more than anything.

May you continue to choose the trail less traveled.


Alan Bird

Thanks for this great adventure, Dean. I have followed your event from the start and looked forward each day to to your very enjoyable blog entries and the amazing comments from people who you met and inspired along the way.

I guess I can claim that I participated in the E50 since I was one of thousands of other runners in the St. George Marathon. I was thrilled as you went flying past me at about mile 24. That excitement helped motivate me to run through the exhaustion and pain to qualify for Boston for my first time.

Your physical achievements have been incredible, but I am even more impressed with the impact you have made on others. I have read so many stories from people who have changed their lifestyle for the better by reading your book (which I just bought) or through the E50. I personally am not aware of any other athlete who has had that kind of impact.

May you keep on making a difference,

Alan from San Diego


My husband ran with you in Wichita, Kansas (#5--remember, a bit of a breeze?). Anyways, we've been following you very closely. You've been the topic of numerous dinnertime discussions.

We are so proud of you, inspired by you, humbled by your accomplishments. As two late 20's professionals, it's too easy to get busy with life. We are still young in our running career, our goal is to remain committed to the healthy active lifestyle you are promoting.

God bless and keep going strong. We'll do our best to do the same.

Jeremy Law

Hey Dean!

Congratulations for completing this amazing feat. I look forward to learn what else you have up your technical wear sleeve...

If you do come to Canada, can we work it out so I can run all 13 with you?

I'll start training just in case...

Jeremy Law
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(Portland ME & Stowe VT events)


Great job Dean! I followed the whole time, and I even let you run with me in Dallas. I'm off to San Antonio next weekend to continue my own challenge, and I'm likely to not stop there.
Good luck in what comes next. I'll enjoy reading your continuing story.

Rock on.

John from Niantic


I met you in Hartford and it certainly was an honor. I also ran "with you" in New York City. Well sort of, I was about 50 minutes behind you.

Anyway, where are you? Are you still running? I have a funny feeling you are out on a really long long (did I say LONG) run but I can't find out anything on you.

Please let us know.



Thank you! I have followed you along this 50 day journey as I prepare to run my first marathon this coming Saturday. You have inspired me, encouraged me and kept my feel moving. When I had a long run in the rain and wind, I just reminded myself "Dean's running today too."

I'll never be able to express how much you, and the other runners you wrote about, have meant to me as I have pushed my own limits these last few weeks.

I wish you and your family a time of rest, refreshment, and celebration. Anne



I have read your book 3 times, and have been following your journey for the past 50 days on the web - you have inspired this 40 year old runner to get out of the house and onto the trails and streets, to see what kind of shape I can get into, to push my limits, to enjoy life to the fullest. With heartfelt thanks,



Truly an awesome finish, Dean! Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful memories.

It has been a great honor sharing the road with you. You get aches and bleed like the rest of us, but your humanity and compassion are without compare.

Until the next road race or the next big thing. May you live long and prosper!!!

San Diego, CA

John Gerstner-Minneapolis

Congrats....never a doubt! Hope we cross paths again! You inspire us all and we sure enjoy "Karno Stories", so get writin' that next book.
Thanks for the last 50 days esp.#37,
John G.

Jim Adams


Congrats on finishing the 50/50/50. It was GREAT to see you finish with such a fast time in NYC. I will always remember that day we all ran together in the "heat of Surprise" and overcame the triple-digit heat on the run that seemed uphill both ways...

My kids and I are looking forward to seeing what "Team Dean" has in store next and hopefully we'll have a chance to meet on the road again.

Thanks for the memories and constant motivation, from one of your "wind blockers" of the Desert Classic Marathon...

LtCol Jim Adams, USMC
Venom 34

Bill Moeller

Congratulations on completing your amazing journey through our great country and reaching your goal of 50/50/50! You have touched and inspired many lives along the road as well as here on your blog. We fans are going to miss going to your blog and reading your entries with much anticipation as we have done for the past 50 days.

I am proud to have run with you in rainy Dallas. Now when you turn 50, can you promise us that you will do this again? (I'm the 50 yr old runner who ran Boston with you earlier this year as my 50th marathon. I have an affinity to 50, but not quite like you). Continued success to you and your very supportive wife and family. How can you not be successfull with such an all-star team! Thanks for inspiring us to be better runners as well as citizens.

Best Wishes to you and your team,

Barbara Kotimaki

CONGRATULATIONS Dean on such an impressive
and inspiring ending to your Endurance 50.
All your many followers were, of course,
disappointed we had to wait, what seemed
endless, to find some coverage on this
monumental event of yours. And, as is so the
DEAN WAY, we all found it was OVER THE TOP!
You are amazing and I am sure will continue
to amaze us. THANKS for touching so many
lives as your influence by example and
your awe inspiring spirit has spread one
by one to so many all over the world. This
is a "gift" you have and, as one who
participated in Endurance #42, I was so
fortunate to be a witness to the Dean Way
in action! I will never forget your jumping
out of the Endurance Van to give me my
one on one moment with you as you were
having to take off to the next marathon.
To my surprise my most disappointing race
time-wise has ended up being a run that
I know I will never find a comparison.
The experience is so packed with positive
and inspiring running lessons. I have been
on such a running ride of new goals and
adventures with the discovery of off road
trail running, experiencing the gorgeous
enormous Falmouth, Mass. American flag
on Cape Cod as you go over the finish line
and now running a marathon with Dean
Karnazes. Life is good. Keep us going
Dean. Can't wait to read your next book!
And hear about your next running adventure!
You're the best and you don't even need
to be crowned as you so deserve. Saw you
FINALLY on the Today Show this morning
and your Mom and Dad with all their pride
showing! As my shirt said I will continue
to "Run with my Heart" and "Run Behind
Dean and Sean"! Barbara Kotimaki

Barbie & Ken

Congrats! You are such an inspiration! We've enjoyed reading your blog everyday and I share it with my class of 5th graders.
The Center for Health Improvement put up a Endurance 50 challenge for it's members to walk/run/swim/bike at least 3 miles everyday for 50 days. I signed up not thinking I could really do it, but we both did it, thanks to your blog and inspiration. Everyday I'd read the days blog and then go work out. I can't believe how much better I feel inside and out! Plus I learned I can actually do something if I put my mind to it. My class has done a wonderful job of cheering me on, even offering to walk with me during school! Never underestimate the reach of your inspiration. I especially enjoyed hearing of how your family shared in your experiences. I bet they learned so much on your 50 day adventure!

Thanks for being such a runner AND a great person!

Barbie and Ken Norton

Dan Bari

I don't even know what to say. WOW! I'm a deployed soldier and I just ran the Twin Cities Marathon right here in Iraq. After "training" for les than 4 weeks I finished in 4:14. I can't imagine 3 hours after a month and a half of marathons.
I am going to do a 35 miler for New Years (I'm 35 years old) and before we come home in March I'm going to do 35 plus 1 mile for each soldier we have lost in our brigade (8 so far). I read your book and now this. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you Dean. I'd love to meet you and run with you some day.

SSG Dan Bari
Minnesota Army National Guard

Peter Csutora

Mr. Team Dean,

Having read your book that you have signed for me, having seen you conquer these past 50 days, and having visited your blog every day, I can only repeat what I have told you minutes after I have finished #29 Boston together with you: "The smile never left my face...".

You really are an inspiration, and thanks to you I finally understand what Emil Zatopek has said: "If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon."

My friend, keep putting one foot in front of the other,

The smiling Hungarian,


Peter Roos

Congratulations Dean - you are The Man. I would have liked to see you finish in New York (although there is no way I can keep up with your pace). Hope to see you in Europe or Canada sometime soon.

Happy trails,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chad Sayban

DEAN freaking Karnazes! Are you kidding me? A 3-hour flat on your 50th? Absolutely rock solid! I want to see the elite runners try that one on for size. I also want to thank you for all that you have done for the sport and for kids all around this great country in these 50 days. To say it is an inspiration is to not do it justice. But I can't talk now...I need to go running. Doing my first ultra in March...see what you started! Later, dude.


Congratulations, Dean! Totally Radical, Dude. Now, you're ready for a pizza and some cheesecake (right?).

Seriously, wonderfully inspiring.
~ Juls



Running with youy in Kentucky was a true thrill! Your book is the first book I've read in many, many years. Excellent job 50/50/50! But now- running home???!

God speed, stay healthy!


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