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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Calvin and Patrick

Looking mighty fresh after an almost sub 3 marathon. Matter of fact, looks like you might have wanted to run that one back to back. I do believe you need treat the crew and family some fine NY eats.

Calvin and Pat

Adam Sewell

congratulations on the finish mate and as you said hope to see you down the road



I've been following this blog each day since the beginning, and I have been constantly inspired reading your posts.

Thanks making such a positive impact on so many people's lives, even the ones you didn't meet in person!

Melanie A.

Congratulations Dean!

We all new you could do it. You are awesome. You have inspired so many people. I will never forget my first marathon experience running with you in San Francisco, thank you. The ultra-marathon man is the MAN! You have done such a great thing for the kids.


Congratulations Dean on finishing the Endurance 50! What an amazing accomplishment!! And to think you ran your fastest finishing time of the entire journey after 49 straight marathons - simply astounding.

IMHO, I think you should keep the streak going!! Hit DC for the 51st, and then Puerto, Guam, and all the other U.S. territories!! ;). Then, you always got the Canadian provinces too! This streak could go on forever, and I for one think you're actually capable of pulling that off.

Best wishes whatever your next run. Keep inspiring us and the world.


steve hearst


Wow! It went by too fast, didn't it?

I wish I could've made it to the NYC party, I'm sure it was a blast.

I was glad to share a few minutes with you in Cleveland and everyday here on the site.

Thanks for the Endurance50 Group picture and the memories!

Keep Kickin'

Albert Le

Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration to me. You are the best of the best, the elite of elites.


Congrats! You are really amazing and an inspriration to us all.



EVERY day during the last 50, you have given me the inspiration to get out there and run. When the anti-run-lazy gremlin would start to speak in my mind I would remember, "Hey, Karnazes is running a marathon today, you can get out there for a few miles!" I was in a daze of pain when I saw you at the finish line of the Chicago marathon but I wanted to encourage you to keep pushing your limits, because by doing so you continue to open all of our minds to what we CAN do. Thank you, sir!

Van Munoz

Hi Dean,

Congratulations on accomplishing your goal. Quite an amazing feat, but then again you're quite an amazing athlete. I was hoping to meet you at The North Face store in NYC, but I guess I got there too late (3:40) and you went into recovery mode. I ran part of NY (14 miles) as a training run. I'm tapering down for the JFK 50 in a couple of weeks. It's my second time and hopefully will score a PR in the process. The primary goal is to finish without getting DQ'd. Hopefully you're considering this race and maybe possibly meet up then.

It's amazing how NBC didn't mention you at all in the marathon coverage, especially with the goal and time you had. I guess you were overshadowed by Lance. This year's marathon was quite a year with an array of amazing athletes participating at all levels. I don't think we'll be seeing an event of this magnitude again for a while.

Good luck with your future endeavors. Hopefully one day we'll be running on the same path.

Happy trails,


P.S. That's quite an entourage you have there with all your sponsors/vehicles. ;o)

C. Zeitler

I can't beleive it's over. Well done, my man. I told many people about what you were doing it, and none of them thought it possible.

Tomorrow, sit down and have a margarita.


Jason Rulo

Fantastic Finish Dean! Lance Armstrong beat your time by only about a minute. Following this he said it's the hardest thing he's ever done! Meanwhile you were completing your 50th in 50 days. Enough Said!

Take nothing away from Armstrong's accomplishments but Dean you're the man!

Jason Rulo

Jason Rulo

Fantastic Finish Dean! Lance Armstrong beat your time by only about a minute. Following this he said it's the hardest thing he's ever done! Meanwhile you were completing your 50th in 50 days. Enough Said!

Take nothing away from Armstrong's accomplishments but Dean you're the man!

Jason Rulo

Bill Willcox


Congratulations on another amazing achievement, and thank you for inspiring me to run farther and achieve my own running goals. What's next?

Billy MacDonald

You are the biggest nut I've ever seen! I envey you! I hope someday with my training I could be as crazy as you.

You're the man! Congrats

Billy MacDonald

3rd Time Marathoner


We were hoping to catch a glimpse of you on TV finishing the race, but we were disappointed that there was more hype around Lance...no doubt it's amazing for Lance to run, but you are really an inspiration and really have superman potential with your abilities to run as much as you did! You are an amazing athlete and have a gift of endurance. Thanks for the amazing stories and proof that will- power and faith in one's own abilities is really the ulitimate factor in success. Hope you rest a little before starting your next 50 marathon journey...

Cory Elowe

Congratulations Dean!!!

Jeffrey Dellapina


Congratulations on completing your unbelievalbe running adventure. I've run 6 marathons myself a mere stepping stone. Unfortunately I did not see coverage from NBC of you running in the NYC Marathon today, I knew you were amongst the many...

You are a real inspiration, maybe I can have the pleasure of running with you one day.

Yours in running...

Austin Reed

You are truly are a testament to what the human body can DO. A 3:00:30!!!!!!! Are you serious...YOU ARE A MACHINE!!!!! i mean did you not just get thorough running 49 marathons before this one?!?!??! Dude for real just keep running...maybe go on a international swing or something. All 50 states plus some other countries would be pretty cool. Do what you do man, just do what you do. Later

John Cassell

You amaze and inspire me with your running, congratulations on your 50/50/50 runs. I'm working on my first marathon in January, I don't know how you did 50 in a row. I decided I would run a marathon after I read your book, thanks for the inspiration and keep at it.
Take care,

Chris Wile

Congratulations Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable- After running 49 marathons in a row you go out and run 3:00:30! I only wish I could have been there for the party :) It was an honor to have had the opportunity to run with you in Boston!
All the best-Chris


GREAT JOB DEAN! We were cheering you in the final moments of NYC today - yelling "Karno!" when you got about 100 feet from the finish line. I think you heard us and you smiled in our direction! You finished strong and amazing! Great work! My two sons (7 & 9) and I were amazed and thrilled to see the big finish!

David Chippi

Me too. Thanks for the adventure!


Congratulations and well done! Keep carrying the fire ... we're all inspired by your accomplishments. Cliff (#48 at Philly was my first)

Heather Griffith

All I can say Dean is that you're INCREDIBLE!!! To put it this, my fastest marathon ever is 3:05:20! You, after 49 other marathons consecutively, ran 3:00:30! GGGOOODDD!!! Hey, what exactly is a "long" run for you...100 miles, 200 miles, 300 miles, or dare I say 400? I mean, just to run that one marathon w/you was truly amazing, but what you have done these past 50 days is to most "humanly impossible", but you made it possible! You have been an inspiration to the WORLD through this...not just runners, endurance runners, athletes even, but the EVERYONE! Thank you and I look forward to meeting you again one day! Til then, keep runnin long! PS: My Chicago 50-Mile is this Saturday! I will be wearing my "Dean" gear...the signed jacket, signed hat, and of course, the free Endurance 50 water bottle I got which I totally love!

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