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Friday, November 03, 2006


Steve Fixx

Dean, You are truly an inspiration to me. If you can run 26 miles a day for 50 days maybe I get off my lazy back side and seek my target heart rate a few times a week.


Steve Fixx

H Olson

Wow 2 more to go, way to go Dean.

I've been following your progress and reading your blog every day. When you crossed into the single digit I got more excited every day for you to finish in NYC. Then I read someone else's comments about what to do after this is over and I got sad. :-(

You are an inspiration for me as I am training for my 6th marathon in December. During my long runs I chant to myself "I run to see how far I can go" to keep on running. Thanks for giving me the motivation.

Kristin Field

Dear Dean,
It has truly been a gift to watch your progress thus far, as it was an honor to run with you in Boston during your historic endeavor. You cannot imagine the profound impact that you have had on those around you (although I think it's finally begun to sink in). Thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart. I'll keep watching - and I'll see you at the finish line in New York this Sunday.

Best wishes. Run strong -
Kristin Field

Ray Burbine

Hey Big-D. If Jesus were walking the earth in human form today... bet he'd be a marathon runner, tour de France biker or even a triathlete. Thanks again for the inspiration. It's helping to keep me spiritually awake and alert as well.
God Bless you and yours.

David Chippi

Dean, be safe and enjoy these last two. What determination! Run.

Joe Hayes


The Philadelphia run was absolutely great! Thanks to you and the whole Endurance50 team for providing the inspiration and opportunity to get out and do these outstanding and memorable runs.

-Joe Hayes

Jana Cate Pilgrim

HUAH! The MCM was my first marathon, and now I think i'm hooked - DEAN KARNAZES - you are an awesome inspiration!

John Macedo

I ran with Dean in Delaware on Nov 2, his 47th consecutive marathon. It was quite an honor to be a small part of his historical achievement.

The running is only part of Dean's impressive endurance effort. He happily signs personalized autographs, poses for pictures, talks to participants, cheers for every finisher, and demonstrates boundless energy and kindness in so many ways. . . all this after completing a marathon day after day.

I never would have run a marathon without the inspiration of Dean's book. I was running 3-5 miles about 3 days a week when I read it in 2005, and it inspired me to go a bit farther. I upped my runs to 5-10 miles and, when I saw that Dean was traveling to every state to run marathons with people of all abilities, it was as if he was jumping out of the pages of his book to urge me to push myself to new limits. I got up to 20 miles in my training runs asking myself, during the tough spots, "What would Dean do?" The answer, of course, is that he would keep going! So that's what I did.

Dean, thanks so much for sharing your passion for running with the public at large and for motiving so many, me included, to go a bit farther and to try a bit harder. I look forward to following your future achievements, and in taking part whenever opportunities arise.

With great admiration and respect,


Zac Frank

What you have done, and what you are doing is absolutely amazing! I ran with you (way behind you) in Chicago, and I have to say you have been an inspiration since I discovered your blog and your book. As the fantastic fans there at mile 25 in Chicago yelled at me, "just one more left, you've got it wooped!" Run on Dean, Run on!

Eric Roth

Thank you all for this experience - It made Hartford feel like a 5k. It was a rough one in the end but your stories inspired me all the way to the finish after the SAG wagon went MIA. Scott and Ed were way more than just running partners today. Dean -- you've done something far greater than you realize for the people you've touched.

I appologize for forgetting your name, but to the woman who let me leave my sweatshirt and headphones in her car -- can you please email me? Thanks!

Good job everyone.


As I type this, you're recovering from the NJ event and getting ready for NYC in the AM. Congratulations on getting the event this far. You're incredible (you convinced me when we ran up in Maine). I hope that you can feed off all of the people energy around you tomorrow to run a great marathon and close this event off in fine style. We'll put the last sticker on the map for you tomorrow night!!
All of my best wishes for a terrific run in NY, and my congrats to the entire Endurance50 team (including the Karnazes family who must have had an unbelievable adventure during the past 50 days).
Godspeed to the finish line Dean.


Hello Dean,

Good luck with New York! This is the end game--there can be only one and that is You at the top of this 50-50-50 challenge!

I enjoyed the challenges of days past, especially that you were the one personally responsible for coaxing me out of my shell. My body is a bit bruised and battered, but I also completed several E50 marathons in the same month!

Sorry I couldn't take you up on Matawan. My logistics just couldn't catch up with the few hours between Philly and Matawan.

By the way, here are some of my impressions of the Philly run: It was a silly but funny thing--how one runner broke into Vanilla Ice around Manayunk. It introduced a local flavor so unlike other places. The boathouse row section was just pretty. Coming from and back to the Phila MOMA was about as Philly as you can get. The whole course was just excellent. Last but not least was how great the sargeant from Philly's Finest coordinated the whole rolling corral.

I think your whole support group has become a family in the past 50 days. You can see some fatigue in their eyes, but you also see plenty of pride in what they are doing. Robyn and Garrett, and the tall camera guy on the bike are great examples.

Thank you for representing what is possible. Thank you for making Americans aware of the problems regarding childhood obesity. Thank you for encouraging people around the world towards a life of active pursuits. Thank you for serving the call of causes greater than yourself.

Congratulations on your completion of what could be one of the greatest feats of human endurance! No one will blame you if you ignore sleep tonight in favor of champagne. Even if you walk the ING, that would suit the whole world just fine!!!

See you in New York!

J.A.R. (Just another runner)

David Chippi

Dean, It's your 50 of 50 of 50. Enjoy tomorrow. I hope it will be covered on ESPN or something. I went to the NYC Marathon website and they seem to not get it. Lance and some woman 10k phenomenon....you are the story....anybody can run fast...who can run the miles you put on those shoes of yours...the pain to your body... the endurance, the endurance 50!

You made me step it up a notch. (one of your goals)

Enjoy the run. Enjoy the day. Enjoy your extended family.

I hope we can run together in the future. November 5th is Dean's day. Peace to you and your team.


mark Greenberg

Congrats Dean,

I ran w/ you in Minneapolis, and even then you looked fresh as a daisy. I hope you will get all the e50 runners together for a nice long 50 or 100 mile jog around SF. I'll be there if you do. As everyone has said before, you are a huge inspiration. I'll be thinking about you and the e50 at my next marathon in january. Go kick some ass in NYC.....

Tim Delaney

Dean, I finished Marathon #48 in Philly. It was great... the support was great, all of the comraderie was terrific. Meeting you and the other runners was very enjoyable. The folks from Philly, Tim, Matt and Monica were very nice. The out-of-towners like Dwayne from the State of Utah were also fantasic to meet. I hope we can do something like this again, if not next year then maybe every other year.
Tim D Syracuse NY

Deborah Caliman

Hi Dean, I just finished your 50 50 book. WOW. I did not know you kept running. Did you call your family and tell them about the airline ticket.You are amazing. My friend Greg Thompson is running the Western States next week. You have been an inspiration to him,and to me. I met you in SAN at the marathon expo. It was an honor.I did not want the book to end. Take care of my friend. Hope to meet you again.Keep it up! Keep writing books. I read nothing but runners, and your books. Thanks. Your family is amazing to. God Bless

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