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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Jeff Winterich

The Delaware experience was fantastic. The rain held off and we all ran together for quite a long time. Dean was ever the great host and we all met some great people. I look forward to the next time Dean decides to let us in his craziness! I'll never forget my first marathon. A big thanks to Dean, the support crew and the people of Wilmington that made this possible.

Jeff Winterich
Rockledge, FL

Mike - Pole Guy - Cowden

Just arrived in NYC and can hardly wait for Sunday. My cracked ribs from Seattle and #14 are a distant memory. Memories of the incredible Boston marathon #29 are still fresh. I'll see you at the end of #50 in a day and a half! While Dean may not agree - -I wish the there were 200 states because I don't want this to end.

Sharon Hollis

I was glad to meet you in Wilmington and look forward to seeing your accompliments. Rock on !!!
(Weightloss Surgery Patient that NOW can RUN)

Tamer Sayin

You are a great inspiration Dean, you made me a better runner, I am so much modivated by you, Thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!


What a great marathon experience! Dean's smile was bright enough to chase the clouds and rain away, giving us perfect marathon weather. It was a once in a lifetime experience to run with someone who is so energetic and positive. Dean's energy is definitely contagious. It has been so enjoyable to read about the experiences in each state. I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. Dean, I know you will run many more miles - thanks for letting us ordinary folk tag along on a run with a legend.


Kathleen Huebner

I tried to see you when you were running the Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday but unfortunately I just missed you at the 14 and 15 mile marks! I was also there to cheer on a friend running her first marathon and because she was in the second wave and a bit slower than you I was not able to catch up. I was disappointed not to see you but I really thought that she needed me more!! I ran my first and, so far, only marathon last year in New York. It was one of the best experiences of my life! If you thought the fans in DC were great just wait until you see and hear all the people lined up along 4th Ave in Brooklyn, on 1st Ave in Manhatten and just before the finish line along 59th Street at Central Park. I knew I would not see anyone familiar until mile 17 but all those friendly, unknown faces were such an inspiration up to that point and beyond! I wasn't sure if I was ever going to do another marathon after NYC last year. However, after watching my friend finish her first and especially after having followed your progress for the past 7 weeks, I've been inspired to do another one, probably next year in Chicago. So thanks for always being so positive, what you've accomplished is amazing, not just in running all that way, but in the inspiration you've given to so many people!


Big Dean,
Thanks for giving props to an excellent name. Of course, since you've become a pop culture phenomenon, my running friends now refer to me as "little Dean." Given your accomplishments, I'm glad it's not "Microscopic Dean."

Knock 'em dead in New York!

- Little Dean


Go Dean Go!


Go Dean,
Heh, long sleeve shirt, was it cold, or you just trying to hide those bandages...
Foggy here in San Diego. Bet you can't wait to get home to run across the G.G. bridge in the fog again. I'll run a few miles on Sunday in celebration of your accomplishments. After all that running, you better leave those shoes outside when you get home.


I teach Elementary school PE my student have been tracking your races and have been cheering for you all the way. They can't beleive that someone can do what you are doing but they are really getting into runnin more, thanks for the motivation. Keep it up. You are great, this is an amazing feat!!!

Wanda McCue

I had the opportunity to run the Delaware Marathon with Dean on Thursday, 11/2. I was so looking forward to this day! Having read Dean’s book over a year ago, I wanted to meet this man. My best friends and training partners completed our book review of the Ultra Marathon Man over long runs typically logged prior to sunrise. We were marveled at his ability to balance a family, career, and an intense passion for running.

I ran the Delaware Marathon’s 4 loops with one of these best friends. Over years and years of training together, we have developed this knack of being able to talk A LOT while running. We made it a point to meet and talk to everyone that ran the full marathon. The conversations carried us through the miles. Number 47 was definitely the friendliest marathon that I’ve every run! Hello to all of you... Pediatrician & Brother, Teacher from Virginia, Tracy, Orange/Black Utah Man & Brother, Plastic Rain Coat Guy, 40th Birthday Boy, 58th Birthday Man from Boston, Vanguard Boy, Annapolis, Red Girl that lost her Boston Shirt, Germany, Baltimore Marathon Guy, Nutritionist, Fellow Steamtown Finisher, International Marathon Club, Aloha Skirt Girl. While I don’t remember all of your names, the found memories and nicknames are etched forever!

And yes I ran with Dean… it was everything I thought it would be and more. Dean has a positive energy that is contagious. He is so approachable and genuine. He inspired me!

Dean… thanks!!! See you on your way through next time.


MA Crozier

Congratulations on a super effort - people from all over the world and all around the country participating in the Delaware marathon! Just wanted to let you know there was ANOTHER set of brothers in the Delaware run. This marathon may have set the record for the number of brothers. My sons, Darren Crozier from PA and Kevin Crozier from AZ also participated in the Delaware Marathon.

Mark Wigler

I was probably one of the first to read Dean's book when it came out. I felt that the ultra stories would motivate me to finally accomplish what I had wanted to achieve-a 50 miler. Having run 35 marathons, I felt that it was time to step it up. Dean's book provided me with that first shot of needed adrenalin. However, a significant knee injury this past summer limited my training and even put the hope of a competitive marathon out of sight. The 50 miler was nixed.

The Endurance 50 provided me an opportunity to realize a portion of my dream, traveling from Hubbardston, Massachusetts to Delaware to run with Dean and share some excellent stories with folks from around the country. To put the icing on the cake (so to speak) Delaware was being held on my 58th birthday. What better way than to celebrate by testing out my partially rehabbed knee on a four hour run with Dean. It was great-met a whole bunch of interesting people. Spoke to ultramarathoners, the gentleman on the bike who led us (completed 30 consecutive Bostons, the gentleman with knee surgery within the last 6 months that does 100's the woman with the Delaware state marathon record for 40-49 year olds, the first time 40th birthday guy, the duo from Florida who only met that morning, the runner from Team Amino Vital, the two women who ran Boston two years ago and vowed never to return and a host of others. Most unbelievable was the fact that I ran briefly with a soccer coach from Syracuse who lived in the 90's three doors away from the home in Syracuse in which I spent my early formative years. This is truly a small world and Dean has done a tremendous job in showing his compassion, his endurance and his ability to bring runners together from around the world to share in his special moments.

I know that that 50 is out there somewhere and sooner or later I'll get to it. The motivation from Dean and others like him is a true jumpstart to achieving the dream.

Dean-if you're reading this -remember, you said Lance would do 2:45. I said 3.

Mark Yerger

Dean is just an incredible guy!!
Watching him come across the finish line with a smile, cheering everyone to go with him, was amazing.
Then he had a football toss with his son before going into the trailer.
He has inspired me to up my mileage.

Thanks for being an inspiration

Matthew - 40th Birthday Guy

It's Dec. 2nd and I am just getting a chance to reflect on the best birthday celebration to date! It's hard to describe the feeling of finishing your first marathon and have 50+ (previous) strangers sing Happy Birthday. Thank you again.

Especially thanks to Dean for creating the opportunity. It's amazing how something so simple(not easy!) can touch so many lives.

Best wishes to all on the "marathons" in your lives. May we all face them with the gratitude and humility we were priviledge to experience in the Endurance 50.

God Bless!

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