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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Rob (coach) Woodliff

Dean power!!!
Saved a baby Your Running love. What a daddy --- you should be a god father now! I have never heard of a runner group saving anything. Dean power will most likely save millions before you die and way after. Who knows what you started world wide.
Runner Ghandi --- He fasted and you run. What a pair you two would have made. Freedom
is movement of thought. May joy of play bring much happiness on your way to NYC.

Lisa Melrose

How utterly inspired I am by Dean's endurance. It's amazing how one can motivate a complete stranger by his example and his outlook on fitness.

Thank you. And, may God heal that beaten body of yours.

Albert Martens

Hi Dean

I am so glad that you are still running strong. I couldn't check the Blog for about 12 days, because I was hiking in the Grand Canyon. So today I just read all your Blog postings, and I am so encouraged by your determination and great example.
A few things I notice is that you write about the other runners a lot and that is so special and unselfish of you. Also I notice that there are many marathon first timers in your presence.
A very nice thing that I notice is that you always write and say positive things, especially when the going is rough, you always are determined to see the good things in life. You are a sensitive and thankful person.
Your running trip reminds me very much of my fund-raising run across Germany many years ago.
Love to have you come speak in Canada
Read my favorite verses in the bible: Isaiah 40: 28-30
Have a great GRAND RUN IN in NY on Nov. 5th. I wish I could be there.
AIA Manitoba


Great story! Glad the police and fire fighters could respond so quickly! Thanks to you and your running community!
Yeah for Special needs kids! I love them!

Eugene Kossoy

Dean, I started following your progress in utter disbelief as I have just read in a book how hard it can be on your body to prepare for a marathon and you are running 50 of them! I have to say, over the course of last 46 marathons you have become a big inspiration for me just like for many other people around the world. The determination that carries you through this is incredible and the warm-hearted attitude you keep shows an example of how we should tame our tempers.

I suppose you are not inclined to talk about the physical impact the marathons have on you, but it is very interesting! From the blog it looks like you can run just as many marathons as you have finished, but sure you have to feel differently from what it was in the beginning. Would you please say a few words on how you are taking it, or perhaps you are just saving the story for after the last one? The best of luck to you, Dean, and please, keep running!

Eugene Kossoy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Patrick abd Calvin

Now that your adventure is almost over, we have been thinking. What to do Monday with no more cell phone updates, no more Dean blogs? Guess we and everyone else who followed this will just have to get out and run. Thanks for the inspiration Dean. Thany you very much, you have taught us much over the last few weeks. We have learned the ultimate for the ultimate runner. NEVER SAY NEVER ! ! !

Adam Armstrong

Hey Dean. Im a XC runner, im 13. im #1 on my team and ur my inspiration. Everytime i think im gonna give up i think of u and i continue on. I wanted to run with you when u come to NJ on sat, but i have a race, sorry. Good luck dean, maybe ill find u sometime and ill get to run with you


Tonie Quigley

Dean, what an inspiration you are to so many. Do you think it was a coincident that people were saved from that fire today? Or that the mother of the first time marathon runner got to be with both of her sons in two seperate events? I think it was "The God Factor". God at work in our lives. We are capable of so much, but with the "God Factor" in place we are capable of so MUCH MORE. Thank you for showing us that we are capable of more than we know.

tonie quigley, sonoma county, california

Debra, LA California

Congrats on completing the endurance 50, I truly wish I could have ran with you. You are my running inspiration, I think that you are a truely amazing human being!

Wishing you some well deserved rest and recovery and a safe run back home!!

From Los Angeles, CA I'll keep running!!!


An excellent race report - there's seldom some much drama in a remote fell race (my usual gig). Sounds like an episode or ER or something!!

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