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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


steve hearst

Go! Dean Go!

Andrea Sefler


Even though I wasn't able to run yesterday, I had a great bike ride and a good time and I thank you for that. Congratulations on being so close to finishing this remarkable and memorable achievement. I heard a crazy rumor that you were going to Forrest Gump it back from Manhattan to SF- if crazy rumor becomes crazy truth (I wouldn't put it past you)- I want to wish you good luck and Godspeed in your future endeavours. If not and you find yourself unemployed, come on back to Glaxo and I'm sure we can find you a job here again.

Thanks for being an inspiration.


Thanks for a great run yesterday. I truely enjoyed the experience of running with you and helping to support your cause. Thanks for the very memorable experience! As I said - it was fun - even after 4 hours of stumbling through the woods.


Marcus King

Dear Dean:

It's too bad Eveready didn't hop aboard as a sponsor. It's truly amazing that you keep going, and going and going.... As I sit here typing this note, I feel like a huge WUS! I'm sore from the 1/2 Marathon I ran three days ago; but a GOOD sore (PR's by 2 min.). Nevertheless you have kept me inspire during my training (Marathon #2). It makes it a lot easier getting out of bed in the morning.

Kudos to Koop and the Carmichael crew for keeping you going and patched up. Please let them know that there is at least one whacko with time on his hands to read ALL the blogs. Best of luck on the last five. I know you have inspired a lot of people to not only be better runners but also better people.



P.S. I cracked up a whole pack of runners this weekend during the race with a quote from your book, "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." We crossed the finish line with a big yuk.

cathy maguire

Hello Liz, firstly, much respect to you been an ultra-runner. And secondly, thank you very much for taking the time and effort to explain an email that was essentially for Dean. Yes I can see you passion and can therefore appreciate your stand point. I guess we shall have to wait and see what unfolds on the 7th so. All the best. Safe running to you. Warm regards Cathy

David Chippi

Way to go. A few more left. You're almost there! Keep on going!


Bill Willcox

I only ran about 15 miles of the course in Greensboro, but it was really, really hard. I almost fell three times, and strained my hamstring once trying to keep from falling. After only 15 miles, I had a similar feeling to finishing a marathon...and now I truly appreciate the ease of running on nice solid roads where my mind can unwind. This was a training run for me...I am running the Richmond Marathon as a fundraiser for a friend who is trying to walk after having a stroke...Just walking 40 feet with a cane is like a marathon for him. The details are at www.chapelhilljournal.com/runforgert.html. The run in Greensboro served my purpose. I got a great training run and did not injure myself on an extremely rooty and leaf-covered trail. Congratulations on approaching the finish line of another amazing endurance accomplishment. You continue to be inspiration for so many runners who are looking for inspiration, such as myself.
You said it was a surreal experience to run so many consecutive marathons. I imagine you have crammed a lifetime of experience into 50 days.

Bill Willcox

Liz Wood

Dean: No permission to publish this one.

I am going to send you a race bib just in case you might decide to run a 51st Marathon on November 6. I won't be insulted if you decide not to use it.

I am going to mail it to North Face in New York City. I hope that is an acceptable location.

Peace, Love, Cheers!


DK wrote: Bring it on, I love it! I'll be looking for #51, and maybe 52, 53, 54,... too :-)

Lori Alizieri Stevens

Thanks for a great run and congratulations on a "kickin" 3 hour marathon in New York. A week later I am still floating on air at the thought that I completed a marathon--my first one! It was a surreal experience and I am already planning my next one. The weather was perfect, the company was great and my friend Crystal stuck with me to the end. Why not make this a yearly tradition? I will surely show up each year to run the beautiful trails. Hope to see you then, Lori

Jack Odell

I was just reminiscing the amazing time I had in Greensboro. Thanks for giving all of us all that you have. It's awesome. Any chance we'll see you back on the east coast in the coming year?

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