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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Heather Griffith

Sounds like a totally splendid day! I know you were very grateful for the lovely weather. 75-80 degrees is very rare anywhere but deep south this time of year. So one more thing I didn't mention in my earlier message (though I rarely run out of things to talk about anyway) is that your support crew...Koop, Jimmy Hopper, Tony Benot, all the North Face team was just so awesome! Not only were they good at supplying nutrition on the course, but encouraging when I felt like caving in at mile 18! I mean basically what forced me to go the last loop was them cheering me on as I went into it! Also great to get a chance to talk w/lots of them after it was over! That is when I was much more cheery anyway; the course was difficult to say the least and while running I got a bit edgy at times. It was just so great to be able to chill and meet all the peeps after the run! I wish so much that I could run some more of these marathons w/you Dean! Maybe you will be back in Kentucky sometime, or even close by! Maybe I will even see you at one of my ultramarathons!!! To run w/you for 50 or 100 miles...that would definitely be so awesome! I hope you're feeling better from the fall yesterday; that did look painful no doubt. I think pain makes us tougher though; it's not always a bad thing; it can sometimes keep us going out there! I think one reason why I run such long times is b/c my body likes the pain. Here I'm talking pain, and I have no idea how you might feel right now! I do believe you can do more; I do believe you will be able to run 75, 100, possibly even 200 marathons consecutively if that is where your heart leads you! Just keep taking it easy out there, relax, and enjoy these next 8 marathons!

Barbara Kotimaki

What a thrill running the 42th Endurance
50 run with Dean in spite of suffering
burn out halfway and walking so much of
it! Having just moments with Dean, one on
one, made the whole experience worth it.
Not only are his physical abilities to be
admired but his inner spirit and heart-
warming abilities to reach out and touch
others is amazing to experience. I will
never forget in this never ending running
world of mine the moment he jumped out
of his van as he was departing to give me
that moment with him as this 63 year old
mother-in-law having a bad running day
was around the corner from the end. Yes,
my 37 year old son-in-law, Sean, "invited"
me to join him in the Endurance 50. MY
homework was to read his book, take up
off road running instead of my usual road,
experience hills, and run a 15 mile off
road race just before the marathon.
Wouldn't have wanted to miss any of my
endurance experiences. We must all follow
Dean in finding our own goals and challenges
in our physical endeavors which end up in
being so emotionally uplifting. And, like
Dean, when one is over there is another
around the corner!

Barbara Kotimaki

What a memorable experience it was completing
and running with Dean on his 42th Endurance
50 run. In spite of not having the kind of
run I had anticipated and having to walk a
lot of it, I would not have wanted to miss
this opportunity to meet Dean Karnazes on a
one to one basis and find that not only does
he have remarkable physical abilities but
also has an impressive ability to reach out
to others in such a caring, supportive and
warmhearted Dean way. I will never forget
his stepping out of the Endurance 50 van,
as he was getting ready to depart, so that
I could have a one on one moment with him
as I was heading around the corner to complete the Marathon. I came into this
event as a result of being "invited" by my
son-in-law, Sean, to join him in his first
marathon with his hero, Dean Karnazes. My
homework was reading his book first, taking
up off road running as well as my on road
running, running hills and entering an off
road 15 mile race for the first time just
prior to the marathon. He knows I have to
have one goal after another but really could
not resist signing up as a 63 old mother-in-
law being "invited" to such a special event
by a 37 year old son-in-law! My special
t-shirt for the race said it all, "run with
your heart", as I found Dean truly does, and
"running behind Dean and Sean", well, as you
already know, I truly did! My next t-shirt
will say though, run with your brains, and
I will try to not have so many goals at the
same time. I'll leave that to Dean and look
forward to his next immediate goal! Aren't
we lucky to have experienced in such a
personal way such inspiration. Thank you
Dean and your whole Endurance 50 Team.

Barbara Kotimaki

Hi guys,

Please note that I have sent a total
of 3 comments this morning, Oct.29th,
thinking they did not get through.
Hopefully, they did but, of course,
only need one! Please post the second
comment sent re 42 race and it was
sent twice! If you have already posted,
the first that is o.k. but do not post
all 3! Sorry about that if all 3 got to

Matt Harper

No pressure, but please beat Lance Armstrong in NYC for all us runners ;)


Gooo Dean the old Arroyo Laguna sailing crew hopes you finish with a smile on your face! I have some old windsurfing videos one of those days I'll digitize them and get those old memories emailed to you! Ever back in SLOville let us know and we'll take you mtn bike riding!

Jennifer Flory

This was a perfect day! There was such a sense of comraderie that started with every runner with the same race number and Dean's suggestion that this would be a fun run. And it really was a fun run. I've never run a marathon with people so relaxed, just running, chatting, and getting to know eachother. When we finished, Dean said he heard that runner number 42 was the winner-he was definately right about that! Thanks Dean for bringing us together and for taking the time to make us feel as though this was your first marathon, not your 42nd. And thanks to my fellow runner, Blaze, I couldn't have done it without you!

Peter Savli

Dear Dean, today on Oct. 29 I did my third 21k in 2006 at the Ljubljana Marathon-Slovenia (small country of 2 million people, borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia) and wore a Tshirt with a cheer for you that says: Go, Dean, 43 down 7 to go!. My daughter Klara holds my number and I show the back of the Tsirt (my sweet wife Lidija took the shot). Please let me know how can I attach this photo for you. Since Sept 17 I have been reading about your most amazing endeavour. Thank you, good luck, no more falls on the trails...I have learned so much from you. In a few years, I want to run my first marathon. Now I am 45. Today I also ran for our friend Tanja who is 38 and got brain stroke three months ago just like that and is now probably fighting more than I and you are. You go Tanja!!!
Peter Savli, composer, Yale 95', Cornell 99'

julie jones

Hey Dean,
It dawned on me today as I was thinking of all your amazing accomplishments - how about you running Ragbrai (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa - the largest bike ride in the U.S. with 10,000 registered riders) - obviously it is normally for bicycle riding however you could make history by being the first person to run it - It goes from July 22-28 and crosses the state of Iowa from the West to the East for a total of approx 500 miles - the daily mileage varies from approx 50 up to 80 with an option of 100 miles one day. The route for 2007 won't be released until January - for more information you can check out www.ragbrai.org.
Hope to see you in Iowa in July - I guarantee it will be more "fun" than Badwater.
My thoughts and prayers are with you for the remainder of the Endurance50 - you are definitely an inspiration to me!!!

Heather Griffith

Hey Dean! I was just thinking of another something amazing that I can see you doing in the next year or so...instead of running 50 marathons, maybe up the distance to 50k or 50-mile. The only problem w/that is you may not get as many people to run them w/you, but you may get more people interested in running beyond the marathon too! Another obstacle could be finding a 50k or 50-mile in every state. It's just an idea though; to see how long you can go on running only ultras! And w/you, that could be something amazing!


You are amazing and a huge inspiration to us 1+ marathoners to get out there and do it again. I'm watching you each day and you motivate me to stay fit and have fun running another.

We are all with you every step.

Best wishes,



My name is Delaney Owen. I am on Team Trilogy and I just wanted to thank you for letting me and my team run the last mile with you! We all had a blast. You are a true inspiration to me and many other kids. Have fun and keep up the good run!


P.S. Please beat Lance Armstrong!

Jay B


Keep up the great work and keep the inspiration and good vibes going! That would be such an amazing feat if you decide to go beyond 50/50/50. I hope you do because I did not have a chance to join in on the fun this time around and it appears the remaining states are at capacity... Great job Dean, all the participants, volunteers, and supporters!

D. L. Vaughan

Dean: I'm not sure how many times you have heard this, but I am certain you have heard this probably many times over. So hear it once again - You are giving me that final inspiration I have needed to go for my 1st marathon. It has been a dream of mine to run a marathon and following your incredible journey of the Endurance 50 is spurring me on. I completed my one and only half marathon in April of 2005. It is my hope to complete my 1st marathon in April of 2007. Thank you for your example of courage and fortitude and the love for running evident in every stride you take!

Way to get back up and on your feet after your recent fall! I was glad to hear that I was in good company when it comes to running and falling. Not many years ago, one of my children rode their bike with me as I went for a run. Before we left she was scurrying around the house for some bandaids. I had been waiting for her outside and I came in the house to see what was taking her so long. She said, "Mom, I'm just getting some bandaids." I had to laugh because she got the biggest ones she could find and I said to her, "We're not going to need those!" Well, sure enough, I took a whopper of a fall and got one heck of a bloody knee! She quickly whipped out the big bandaids from her back pocket and said, "Here, Mom, would you like a bandaid?" How funny! I placed the bandaid on my wound, got up off the ground and ran, sucking up the pain, the rest of the way home. It was good that my daughter saw me get back on my feet again. And it was great for so many to see you get back up on your feet again, especially after you've accomplished what you've accomplished thus far. God speed to you as you finish! 1 Corithians 9:24

R. J. Salvador

Hey Dean,

I read today that you're already thinking of taking the Endurance50 to Endurance??? I can assure you that if you keep going (perhaps with some rest in between?), you'll find plenty of eager runners to continue to join you around the country. I tried hard three times but had the bad fortune of being too late each time. I'd love another chance! In the meantime, here's wishing you the best as you count down the final few marathons in this round. It is inspiring to read about the people who join you and the accomplishments you are all garnering through mutual support.

Chris Lauber, Race Director

As local Race Director for the Florida Gulf Beaches Marathon and the Holiday Halfathon, it was an honor and a privilege to host you on your quest to complete the North Face Endurance 50.

Two days before your Florida expedition, I was very concerned about the weather forecast, which called for a cold front moving through the area, with 80% chance of rain and strong winds. I was so pleased that the front arrived early and not a drop fell on us. After a few rough days, you certainly deserved the dry weather from the Sunshine State. Wish I could have done something about the wind.

All the runners were wonderful and so cooperative. Their enthusiasm was infectious and I loved seeing their smiles at the finish line. The E50 staff was great as well - they seemed fresh as could be, despite the long days and the many miles traveled.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to escort you on my bicycle and the chance to chat with you briefly as you pounded out the miles. But I didn't get the chance to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to me, not in running, but in cycling. I've lost 50 pounds on the Pinellas Trail since last July, all from riding my bike. I thought of you often when fatigue started to set in. Knowing you were RUNNING a full marathon each day made it easy for me to complete my 30- 50 mile RIDES. Thank you for that.

My only complaint: the day and our time together were just way too brief. Oh well! I don't know when or where, but I look forward to the next time our paths cross!

Your new friend in Florida,
Chris Lauber

Hans Kopp

Hi Dean, hi guys

My name is Hans Kopp and I had the great honor to run along Dean and 48 other elite athletes last Saturday in Clearwater, FL. It was my first official marathon and I was very nervous prior the start. I knew that I had to do something special for my first marathon and to run with Dean there is not much more to come. To see Dean in “action” was truly amazing and to see that he runs his 42 consecutive marathon with such ease is incredible and absolutely fascinating. He is most likely the fittest human being on earth and the friendliest person you can imagine.

I also like to thank all the other great runners for their support along the way. You made my first marathon a complete success. I really hope to have the chance again to run with Dean and look forward to his next adventure.

Dean, thank you very much for this day and thank you for inspiring me!

Keep falling forward

PS: I hope you enjoyed my power cookies and they gave you some extra fuel

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