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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Don Snyder

I ran the day 37 event in Minneapolis - "lobsterman" and wearing the red Timex hat. What fun!! The day 37 photos on the "blog site" will not download to my computer. They won't download to my daughter's computer (in Chicago) either. Can someone please check into this??? THANKS very much!!


hey dean and crew, I just thought i'd give you a quick shout-out from seattle. i think you are awesome and so inspirational, which although you hear a million times a day, you still seem to stay personable and friendly. just reading the blog makes me want to go out and run! i think you are accomplishing your mission. keep smiling, shelly

K Cowden

What's happened to the JB and JourneyFilm connection? I am really missing my daily dose of the musical intro and video footage--come on people, it's not like you've got any thing else going on (besides running a few marathons here and there!!). Looking forward to seeing the E50 crew in NYC!

Katie (Wife of guy that hit the pole in Bellevue Marathon #14)

Tammy Root

Hey Dean! I ran the Tecumseh Trail yesterday with you (and my dad). I sure am sore this morning, but I also feel great. You are an awesome guy and I consider it an honor to have battled the terrain of my native Hoosier state with you. I'll never forget this experience. Keep running strong!

Roger German


Ran with you yesterday at the Tecumseh trail run. I loved the run. There were two places that really stuck with me. First was when you were leading us and the trail flattened out. We had trees on both sides and above us, it was like we were running through a yellow tunnel. The other point was just after you dropped me around 23 (and added an extra mile or so to your run). We entered an area of pines. The surrounding noise was blocked by the trees and the pine needles made no sound as we ran through. It has a surreal Disney feel with these 40 foot trunks all around and the silence. I just wanted to stop and take it in for a while.

You are an amazing runner. Just watching at how easy it was for you running up and down the hills. At one point I was behind you going up the hills and just watching your technique. The best comparison is a runningback hitting the line. Your legs never stop, continually pumping at a constant rate. You gave me some good lessons in running technique yesterday. Thanks.

At the end I said thanks and I really enjoyed it. Your response was "you enjoyed that!". Yes I enjoyed it. I'll run those trails any day before running a flat road. That was the toughest run I've ever done and the most enjoyable. Running with you and having your passion for running rub off on me made it that much better.

Best wishes
Thank you to Dean and everyone else for the great companionship.

Roger German
Springfield, Illinois

Bob Beck

Dean: Thanks for a great time at the Tecumesh Trail Marathon,hope your Karno Kids program is as inspiring to you as my swim coaching is to me. Enjoy the Indiana Zone swim cap, my kids and I am rooting for you. If you do this again count me in. Bob

Jen H

Dean, you are AWESOME!! Keep it up. ;)


Deanna Heartsfield

I ran the Tecumseh Trail Marathon yesterday, my first marathon ever! It was the most amazing experience, thank you so much for the opportunity to run with you, talk with you, and just all the inspiration you have given me and so many others. It was a difficult trail, but about half way through as I watched the people in front of me going down a swithback on a very steep hill, I thought this is more of an adventure than a marathon, you never know what was coming up next. I feel great today, a little soreness in my knee but that is it. The emotion of it all carried through today as I went back to work, holding myself a little higher knowing what I had completed the day before.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration and the positive changes you have made in my life. I will never forget this experience and neither will my boyfriend who was inspired even as a spectator!

Thanks also to the support team and everyone that was there helping and cheering us on! This was my first marathon and it most certainly won't be my last!

Deanna Heartsfield
Kansas City, MO


Dean: Thanks for the great description of this run. Although, I mostly run road races, I know that trail runs are awesome. Your description of the finish is just how I remember Quicksilver last year. It was so refreshing. Keep running - we are ALL rooting for you.
With kind regards,
Juls from the Bay Area, California

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