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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Loretta Trevino

Hey Dean,

I started reading your book last week and heard a rumor that some guy was running a 50-50-50. sure enough it was true.. and the book I was reading was that guy! I read your posts everyday and it motivates me to keep pushing towards my fitness goals.

My good friend MarkW "ran" into you during Chicago. He's run 4 marathons in attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He missed the qualifying time by 1 min 24 seconds! This guy just doesn't give up! He's also read your book (probably one of the few he's read from cover to cover). It would mean a lot to him if you posted this pic of you two. I saved it on my webspace web.mit.edu/ltrevino/www

keep runnin'

Loretta Trevino

nm about the picture.. he's already on your blog! so cool!


Lisa Holt

I just arrived back in San Francisco, and I am still flying high from the events of today! I can't believe I ran my first marathon. Well, it was a day of many firsts-my first time in WI, my first marathon, and my first blister. The blister is my badge. Everyone was so supportive, and I couldn't have done it without all of you. Ben let me stay warm in his car this morning while we waited for the bus. And, having a "guardian angel" guiding me and cheering me on the whole way has made me realize the value of selflessness and compassion. Tears started welling up in my eyes around mile 24 when I knew I was going to make it. As I crossed the finish line, there was so much support and love that I couldn't hold back the tears. I hope everyone that gave kind words to me at the finish realizes how much your kindness meant-especially seeing how crazy I looked with dried sweat and tears covering my face. What I experienced in one morning was a compilation of so much physical and mental challenge. I will never be the same. Dean, HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS EVERY DAY???

David Blissett

Hey, I just came across your site today 10-24-06, well it is now 10-25-06. The first things I saw were the beautiful Wisconsin flag and the words Green and Bay!!!
I must say, what you do is amazing!!! I am a native Wisconsinite, living for a time downtown Chicago, going to school and this past weekend was the Chicago Marathon...I have so much respect for y'all, it is amazing how you can run so much!

Anyway, God Bless!


Jason Costantino

Dean, this event has become incredible. I know a lot of people around the Dallas-Texas area who are reading this blog and your progress daily. We start off every day by checking it. All of your previous athletic feats have been awesome, but surely nothing can hold a candle to the excitement and enthusiasm the Endurance 50 has created. It brings together and inspires so many different types of people from so many walks of life. I hope that in the future you can plan another event where people can join you on the journey, or maybe even just repeat the event so more of us can join you. Best Wishes.

Lia Frederick

What a great race for the little guys! As a CC runner for a small East Texas college, I admire the sense of family still maintained in the midst of completing a dream. Congrats to the fam, dad son and daughter. Good luck on the next races!

Jon Cronce

I just wanted to say thanks for the motivation. I read your book in January and my wife and I started training for our first marathon in febuary. On sunday we finishished Chicago running the last half mile hand and hand. We are 36 and 37 years old and have never run before. We are now addicted and are looking forward to more marathons in the future. Once again thanks and good luck.

Kristin Baker

I wanted to let you know that my class of fourth graders is completely inspired by your goal. We have been reading your blog every day, and our "Dean Reporter" graphs your time and locates the state and cpaital of the day! One of my students was so inspired by your message, she took part in the "Race fo the Cure" and raised quite a bit of money for research. My class sees themselves as your friends...I know your message of fitness has settled into their beings. We will be throwing you a party here to celebrate your accomplishment...lots of laps in the gym and nutritious snacks:)Thank you.
My family of four kids helped at the Twin Lakes aid station at the Leadville 100. We were scheduled to help for a couple of hours...the kids wouldn't leave; we were there for 11 hours. You came through the station and they froze...thank you for inspriring so many kids to reach high. I am hoping to try the Leadville 100 next summer...adults are inspired too:)
Kristin Baker

julie jones

Dean - you never cease to amaze me - I have been reading your book and checking your website daily for the latest updates - I saw you in Des Moines, Iowa on #6 which was such an honor. I LOVE your message - Run when you can, Walk if you have to, and Crawl if you must!!! I am preparing to present a summary of your accomplishments at church this Sunday and will definitely use this quote as it is not only pertinent to physical activity but also the Christian walk. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and God has been faithful in answering - I am glad that the cold you have had hasn't seemed to be causing you too much trouble - but after the extremes you have conquered at the South Pole, Badwater, and Western States, etc. I have to keep reminding myself that you are human and not a machine. You are truly an inspiration to me in my running and my life in general. Thanks for all you do - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and your wonderful wife and kids!!
A big Fan in Iowa and her Greek coworker who also meet you in Des Moines!
Julie Jones and Evangelos Gavathas


Sounds like a very spectacular marathon run, Dean. And what a special and memorable birthday for your son as well. You truly captured the magic of the day and sounds like your son was the star of the day - as it should be! Happy birthday to him!


After Dean finished in G Bay I had to write as Dean just ran the only 3 marathons I have ever run in my life. I ran Twin Cities Marathon over 10 years ago, I ran Chicago 3 days ago and Green Bay (yes, I am proud to be a Cheesehead), I ran 2 years ago and my birthday was Fri - so it appears we are ON the SAME PAGE.
Lambeau Field is a very emotional experience and I was so moved that Dean ran it with his son.
I can't say enough about Dean's "fitness tour" as I am fortunate enough to have my teaching degree in Health and Physical Education.
Oddly enough one would think that Chicago would have had the big blog write up where in fact the most favorable remarks involved MN and WI - that away to see the light my friend.
I wasn't familiar with the one ultra runner in Green Bay, but I of course read Pam and Dean's books and love seeing them share the spotlight for this great cause.

Anyway for what it is worth - Great Job Dean and Crew - this has been an incredible journey to follow in the blog.

Go Packers!!!!

Sergio Varela

All I can say is, Go Dean, go!!! you inspire us totally!


Terrific, terrific. First thing in the afternoon, checking how Dean has done.
He truly is an inspiration. You know, the kick you get when you are a kid comparing yourself to a famous athlete? I get the same feeling, the 'wow' that guy's incredible! I'm soon to run my first marathon and definitely get some inspiration from Dean.

Elvar Þór

Hey man, just wanted to let you know about my support to you! I read your blog everyday:)

Greetings from a runner from Iceland!


I'm glad you had the chance to run on the Fox River Trail. I lived in GB several years ago but had a chance to run the Trail this summer when I was in town for a family reunion. It's absolutely gorgeous.



It’s great to hear all of the inspirational stories that are coming in from runners from around the world. You have inspired a great number of people and continue to do so. After running the Chicago Marathon, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to wake up in the cold of Minnesota, give your blood and step out into the cold only to do it all over again. You are doing a great job and your resolve is something to be admired. It was good to see you again in Chicago. My family was very impressed how you handled yourself after the Marathon. You were very personable with each person regardless of the time constraints.

I have attached my Running4Recovery site. I truly believe that running can make a difference in people’s lives. It has made a difference in my life and I know that you are hearing remarkable stories each and every day.


Running Toward My Future,

steve hearst


To have Alexandria and Nicholos join you like they did is inspiring. To hear the everyday people that are standing up with you for your cause is incredible. And then to hear that people like Pam Reed and the Mayor join in with your family, man! I can understand why these scenes are overwhelming at times.

I bet you never thought that running would inspire you as it has, or for the world that is joining you. Whether actually on the course or on the web.

Dean, Thanks for starting this adventure for all of us. I can never say thank you enough!

Sean Ryan


I was honored to play a small part in your journey. On behalf of all of the Cheeseheads in Titletown, thank you for including us in your awesome endeavor!!!

Certainly, there have been a lot of significant achievements in the history of road racing but your success with the Endurance 50 and the attention that it has drawn to our sport makes you the P.T. Barnum of distance running. Congratulations!!!

Sean Ryan
Race Director
Cellcom Green Bay Marathon


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