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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Mark Vitazko

Hey Dean,

I just wanted to remind you what an incredible inspiration you've been to me and so many other beginning runners. A month ago I had never been able to run more than 10 minutes consecutively and after reading an article about you in Runner’s World I started a daily running regime. With college starting, it was no easy feat to stick with, but today I finished my first race (a 10k no less!) and celebrated my 150th mile of running. Thanks for being such a motivator, maybe I’ll be able to catch a run with you next time around! Best of luck with the rest of the 50.


Heather Griffith

Cold day huh! It's chilly here in Louisville too! Even though, I am counting down the days til we can run the marathon together! I've wanted to meet you for some time now; you are even more of an inspiration than you could realize! See you October 26th! Really good to hear you're feeling better, and you're still holding out on those legs so strong!

steve hearst


Go Dean Go!

Lisa Rebeck


Congrats on another great day in the windy city! Good luck in Minnesota! I had hoped to see you in the Twin Cities but unfortunately I have an on-call job and just found out I have to work.

I want to tell you that you have inspired me to do my own personal endeavor. 50 Days, 50 Hours, 50 Different Routes. Today was day 20. It has truly been a challenge for me but one that I have come to embrace.

Best Wishes!
Lisa Rebeck

P.S. Who does the laundry on this mission? We seem to have a ton more sweaty clothes in our hamper since I started the 50 days.


I ran Chicago with you today, though I never had the chance to find you and say thank you.

I've been a runner for a number of years, and have been reading this blog since day 1...in fact, last weekend I went and bought your book for a little added inspriation for the marathon today (which whenever the wind kicked up when we were running west, I thought about your South Pole marathon and laughed at myself for complaining about the wind).

Since I did not have the chance to say thank you in person, I'd like to say it here.

Though you finished a good hour a head of me, I still feel as though I ran with you today, and I thank you for the added inspriation!


Patrick and Calvin

Sounds like you might be putting on some weight after todays run. Chicago style pizza, now were jealous...... 15 more to go. We will miss the cytomax/E50 updates when this expedition is over.


Very impressive time for a guy who has run 36 marathons in as many days!

Keep it up!

Dale Humphrey

Dean, I looked for you most of the day in Chicago but never did see you. Now I know why - I was running in the 4:30 crowd and you were way up in front. Of course the 39,998 other people might have had something to do with it! I should have followed the trail of pizza sauce and baclava crumbs. Hope you're ready to run s-l-o-w on the Tecumseh trail - I know I am! Looking forward to meeting you on Weds. Run on!


Wow. A 3:28:19? You sure beat me by 40 minutes! In the start corral me and a couple of people had gotten to talking about you. We heard you would be in/around the 4:00:00 zone and we were all hoping to get a glimpse of the famous 'ultramarathon man'. You were a bit of inspiration along the way at mile 21. I just kept thinking that If someone can (and is crazy enough to) run 50 in 50 in 50 than i could run 1 in 1 in 1.

I'm so glad you liked it in Chicago. It was the best marathon a 16 year old girl could have asked for, and I'm hoping the best you could've asked for on such a bad-weather-turned-great day. (glad you liked the pizza, I want to run with that guy next yera!) Keep it up and Godspeed!


Dean I was born in Grand Rapids,Michigan. The windy city is across the lake. I ran up the tower 100 floors. I loved running buy the lakes and into the parks. Hey happy 9th b-day to your son . My son Robby Todd is 19 teen. The father son bond is even stronger. He told me he ran 3 miles today --- I told him to run a few more for me and ya know he did. I tell him about your 50th marathons a day and I think it makes him want to run more. He tells me he hates to run. I tell him its a state of mind -- his. Make it play.
When I ran all day I ran when I was sleeping so here's hoping you sleep well---Coach Rob

Todd Udall

Wow! sub-3:30 marathon with an average heart rate of 122. . .

That's a freaky low heart rate while running. Good luck"with the final 8!

You're a stud.

Talk to you when you get done.


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