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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Deanna Shaver

I love reading your daily blogs. After reading your book (Ultramarathon Man), I anxiously await a second book. I will never be able to complete a marathon (let alone 50) but reading what your write puts me in someone elses shoes (if only for a moment). I am a nearly 47 year old woman who runs 4 times a week (extremely slowly) and can only muster up the courage (and pace) to complete a half marathon. Kudos to you and all the competitors who are running with you!!! I envy, appreciate, and admire what you are doing (as well as the people running with you). I am a fan of all who can complete a marathon!!! Thank you for giving me pleasurable reading each day.

Andrew Schrauben

Way to go, Dean! I'm glad to hear you had fun here in Grand Rapids. When you were here in March for your book tour I was one of the folks running with you between book stores that night.

Hey guess what, I finished my first ever ultramarathon last month! The 50-mile North Country Trail run two hours north of here.

Sorry I couldn't join you today, but no worries, I'll run the GR Marathon next week. Good luck on finishing your E50 and thanks for the inspiration!


barbara myrick

Dear Mr. Karnazes,

I am a third grade teacher in Poplar Bluff, MO. I saw your story on CBS Sunday Morning. I was inspired by some of your comments. I plan to use your story to inspire my students. We have been walking 1 or 2 miles daily in the classroom. I have developed several educational objectives connected to this daily activity, number one is developing the daily habit of physical activity. If you have any ideas or comments I could use to inspire my students, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. A personal note might help my students stay motivated to stay the course. We have now walked 40 miles.
Good luck and blessings on your 50 Marathons
Barbara Myrick

DK wrote:

"Always follow your heart and you will never lose your way."

Heather Wayne

Not sure if anyone will actually see this to read it, but couldn't find any other way to contact the "crew." I am a certified athletic trainer at a high school where I also teach sports medicine classes at the school. I am planning on running Monday the 30th in Kiawah with Dean and my class is meeting me at the finish line to see and meet Dean. Will there be an opportunity for my students to talk with Dean and ask questions? Thanks...see you Monday!

Bill Moore

Hey Dean,

I wanted to you to know that we're all here at the JCC thinking about you and hope you finish off the last 15(that's crazy!!)strong.

I'm sorry we did not organize better to help you along with a leg. We're all in school now so it's tough to organize the crew. In any case....be good, kick ass and come back healthy.

Bill Moore

Donna Webster

Hi Dean
I saw the piece on the CBS Morning Show and was really in awe of what you're doing. I've done about 3 marathons and can't imagine doing one a day but you're showing it can be done. Keep up the great work and you inspire me!

David Britten

Thanks for coming to GR, Dean. I enjoyed your conversations and company along the run. Its obvious you have a passion for running and for people. Please pass along my thanks to your crew and to your dad. It meant a lot to see him standing at the finish line, waiting to greet each of us.

I hope to have another chance someday to run with you. Perhaps Western States.

Best wishes on the rest of your tour.

Shawn Sweet

My name is Shawn Sweet. I am president of the Grand Rapids Running Club. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking to your crew. I took several pictures of you and your crew. If you (or anyone reading this) would like to see them they are posted on my kodak site: www.kodakgallery.com/shawnsweet Click on the "October albums" and find the one labeled Dean K and David W. There are about 36 pics of the crew and the crowd that came out to run with you, plus some candid pics of local GRRC members showing just how much fun running can be. Good luck in the rest of your marathons.

Pamela Fulton

Yeah, it's a year after you posted this blog but I just learned about you and already find new inspiration. I am just starting to jog and am not fond of it but I know it's great for my health and after reading your book and blogs, I'm sticking with it because I see it in a whole new light, I may not ever run marathons, but I've found a new joy in what I'm doing.

It's embarassing at times to be from one of the most out-of-shape states, but thank you for pointing out that we also have a lot of people who are enjoying every minute of being healthy and determined to do more.

You're incredible and your stories bring tears to my eyes as I read them. You're still inspiring people with these stories a year later!

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