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Friday, October 20, 2006



I ran between 15 16 miles yesterday as part of my training to run Honolulu again in Dec. Boy was I tired and chareged up. Then I think about Dean! He's on like day 28 of 26.2 each day. It really puts things in perspective and makes me flabbergasted at what he's doing and has done. I'm about 3/4 of the way through his book. The man doesn't appear to have any limits! True bionic man! With a heart and no ego. Such a great inspiration not only athletically but spiritually. Thank you.

larry orwin

Dean- What a great experience! It was fantastic running with you and talking to you during your visit to the Rock N Roll capital of the world. You are nothing short of a running machine - A RUNNINATOR.

The opportunity to do a marathon fun run was really cool as well. I met so many interesting people from the Chiropractor who was training for his first marathon in Philly (he did finish with the group) to the woman who had actually finished the Badwater 135.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity and keep up the good work!

steve hearst

What a day! You forgot standing in the dark!
Cleveland runners are HARDY!

Dean your energy is palpable. I can tell you are reaching your goal of moving people to move themselves.

I was proud and humbled to be with the group. Thanks for making my "homecoming" special.

The "old hometown boy" Steve Hearst

steve hearst

I hadn't been in the city that molded me in some 25 years. I had the opportunity to enjoy the Greatest race day I have ever had with a group of extraordinary strangers inlcuding one well traveled guy.

The "first half was run with my legs the second with my heart". Especially when the second half included my "old stompin ground". One of our homes, the old sledding hill, my first volunteer job, it was special.

I sent out a challenge on the endurance 50 site some 3 weeks ago for all cleveland runners to get out there with Dean. I had no idea that some 50 other persons had already thought of that. I signed up thinking that the race would be small. MAN! Was I in for a surprise.

When my daughters (15 and 13) and I drove up in the middle of the night (2 hour drive) Cleveland didn't look inviting.

However, by the time 7am came around I noticed a few showing up. But by the time for registration,... you didn't need carbs, the energy was everywhere. (Garrett helped with the carbs though, I'm not crazy ;) Thanks man!)

What a party! This was the best marathon I had ever ran and it is all thanks to Dean's vision of uniting people from coast to coast.

My daughters loved meeting Dean and his kids and he was so personable. And it was great to see how his kids are enjoying the trek as well, and helping out at the event. After their school work of course :)

I wish we could have stayed a little while longer but we had to get back to Delaware Ohio. Yes Cleveland Rocks but so does Dean. Thanks again for the most memorable marathon of my life... so far.

Go Farther and Go Bucks!

Steve Hearst

Ed Cabanero

Hello Dean,

It was great fun to run with you once again. If it is possible, I think you look much stronger now than you did at San Francisco.

The cold and rain did quite a number on me, and for a time I had the course to myself. To my delight, I began to enjoy Cleveland even more while tracing the route on a map provided by the SAG wagon.

To Barb, Tina, Dave, and the dozen Ohioans who graciously pointed out the sites and shared conversation--I appreciate your hospitality. Ohioans are simply among the friendliest people I've ever met. I saw Browns stadium, the R&R Hall of Fame, Jacob's Field, the Hope Memorial Bridge with the Art Deco Guardians. (Dave, the 42-story McDonald's House Charity climb up the Terminal Tower in February sounds like fun! Barb, I appreciated running with you in the first half--you showed great effort just 12 days after your first marathon!)

As always, the E50 crew did a great job organizing the affair. Dean, have a great time at the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon!

Thank you.

San Diego

Mike Keller

This was my first marathon and several days later I am still beaming at the accomplishment of running it. In fact, this morning I did a 14 mile trail run, just two days after because some friend asked me too, and after seeing what Dean can do, I decided, yet again, to accept and see what I can do. I did it, and I feel great!

March of this year I weighed 315 lbs and couldn't run one mile, let alone 26.2 on a Friday and 14 on Sunday morning.

Dean you are a true inspiration in body and spirit and I thank you. I tried to say to you in your native Greek - isa i ebbneffsi mu! Perhaps your dad will read this and get a kick out of it, but you ARE a true inspiration for so many, and that is even bigger than the impact of your individual feats of running - your feats of moving other human spirits to reach out and be more, and we in touch reach more....it is a definite trickle down effect!

Mark Loeper

To everyone who ran the Endurance50 in Cleveland:

Thanks to each and everyone of you, especially to you Dean. This was my fifth marathon and unfortunately one of my more challenging ones. You see, I hate to run in the rain, I hate running in the wind and I would rather run my long runs in 80 degree heat than sub 60. Yes call me crazy, call me a wimp with the rain and wind bt this was one tough day for me. As we started out there were many times I thought you don't have to do this to prove anything, but there was always someone right at that moment asking if everything was alright. For that I thank each and everyone of you.

The SAG team was awesome, the commaderie was phenominal and I feel that I have a renewed spirit and drive to go farther and faster than ever before. Thanks again to Dean, thanks to Garrett and Coop and entire Cleveland group! It was an awesome experience.


Joe Vasil (Mo-Joe)

This was my 13th marathon, and by far my favorite running event. From the very start, Dean did everything he could to make this about the runners, going out of his way to express his gratitude to every single person in our group. It quickly became evident that Dean is even a better human being than he is a runner who has a remarkable level of class and no hint of arrogance whatsoever despite his numerous accomplishments.

The pool of runners also made this an event to remember. I must of had conversations with over 20 different people with varying levels of running experience from different walks of life. It was a great environment, with everyone enjoying each other's company, and doing what we could to help each other along.

Finally, the SAG team was awesome. They had whatever you needed whenever you needed it, and also entertained us with their wit over the entire run.

If you can run any of the remaining runs with Dean, go for it. It is an experience you will never forget.

larry orwin

For those of us who ran with you on October 20th in Cleveland, our lives are most likely changed forever and we will remember the experience for the rest of our lives. I wrote all of my memories down and in conjunction with the photos, have a great reminder of the day that I will carry the rest of my life. Despite having run many marathons, this one had the greatest impact on my life!
I met so many people, who must feel the same way I do. Is there any way your logistics support crew could supply emails so we can stay in touch with the friends we met that day? I remember all of the first names, but little more than that, and I would like to stay connected to those folks I met that day.
Thanks again for the wonderful experience and good luck with the remaining 9 events.
A more physically fit America is a stronger America.
Larry Orwin

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