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Thursday, October 19, 2006


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Dear Dean

I`m a simple commom runner, i run 25 to 30 miles weekly, i`m in my 40s, i just want to let you know you are my inspiration , my idol i just wish to run one time in life with you, just a mile...words are short to show you my admiration and respect that i feel for you ,i just finish reading your book, and made me go from 15 to 20 miles to 25.. 30.. just thinking about what you do.. i try to find time in between kids ,home ,etc to run and when i can`t keep it up ,you are my motivation , but i am just that! a simple common runner that feel real admiration for you
good luck tomorrow in Cleveland! i live in Columbus Oh.
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Dot Helling

ENDURANCE 50/50/50 - DEAN IN VERMONT, October 19, 2006 - FINAL
by Dot Helling

It was nothing short of amazing. Dean Karnazes running the Stowe Marathon, his 33rd marathon in so many days on his quest to complete 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days in 50 states. Prior to this journey, and all this summer, Dean completed 3 of the 4 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning 100 milers (Western States 100 in June, Vermont 100 in July, Leadville 100 in August) and the Badwater 135 mile ultramarathon in Death Valley in July. Dean is sponsored by North Face and is using this event to raise money for Karno Kids. Karno Kids is an organization working to improve the health of kids, to work against childhood obesity and excite kids about exercising and good nutrition.

About 35 runners joined Dean this day to run the Stowe Marathon course, a hilly and beautiful route following the pedestrian path along the river then up to the Trapp Family Lodge and down through Nebraska Valley before returning on the path to the finish line at the base of Mt. Mansfield. Several Vermonters including myself, Steve Comolli, Joy and Hallie Grossman, and Justin Ryea ran. Others came from as far away as Florida and San Francisco. Dean’s message is about inclusion. He ran and talked with each of us until the group broke into roughly three subgroups. I stayed with Dean’s group, finishing in 4:19, and took advantage of every opportunity to find out what makes this man tick. “Is he for real?” was the first question one of the runners asked. I can say undeniably that he is. His strength and fitness is obvious. His passion for running and kids comes forth in every discussion. His support of others was incredible as he encouraged everyone to enjoy the day.

The logistics of what Dean and his crew have been doing are complicated and the most difficult aspect of the event has been the travel. Each day after a marathon he must climb into a bus or onto a plane and travel hours to the next venue. Dean’s wife and two children are traveling with him. The kids are home schooled and having the time of their lives. What they will do after these 50 days are over he’s not sure. He’s waiting to see how his body feels. Judging how he ran today, despite a head cold, he may simply get stronger and faster.

Dean is 44, from California, and worked for an organic food company before taking on this event. He has a 2:40 marathon to his credit, and this year won the Vermont 100 overall. He ran the Boston Marathon twice this year, on its official day in April and again as part of this event.

I like the man immensely and have great respect for him after joining him in this event. My friend Joy described him as “gracious” and that is exactly what he is and how he was with us and all the spectators along the way. He was also thoroughly taking in and enjoying the Vermont landscape.

Dean will complete his 50th marathon in this event at the New York Marathon the first weekend in November. Tonight he headed off to Cleveland and will do the Chicago Marathon this weekend. To learn more about Dean and the event, go to www.endurance50.com


Greetings :-) My name is Hugo and I am writing from Lisbon, Portugal, from where I've been following this amazing accomplishment. I wish you all the best. I think that you are an inspiration to anyone who believes that he or she is not capable of something. I want to (and you make me) believe that we, as human beings, are capable of whatever we set our minds on (save for natural limitations, although in your case I would say that this exception doesn't apply!!!). Best regards.


Way to go, Dean! I hope the foliage is putting on a nice show for you in New England.


Your accomplishment might be better than Armstrongs 7 Tour de Frances. Way to go.

Greg Russell

Dear Dean,

We are following all the results. Hope you enjoyed the hotel down in Dallas. Back up to 5 miles runs without much problem. Cheers, G

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Nice blog! You seem to be in great shape! Inspires me to go for a run or at least take a yoga class :) Hope you enjoyed your traveling! And best of luck!

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