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Sunday, October 15, 2006



Hey Dean! I had an amazing time running with you and everyone else today! We couldn't have had a better day to run! I can't wait to run NYC! Good luck with the next 20 until NYC!!

Adam Sewell

Dean you are doing an amazing thing...after reading your book I was blown away and following this all the way from Australia is great...keep it up mate

Blake Rubin

What can I really add to this inspiration tome...Your words, originally inspiring over a week long span as I read your book, now inspire me on a daily basis. Can you do this all year round?

I do have a question about joining the E50 runners as an "unregistered" runner. You mentioned in Boston that the group swelled to 100 at one point, does that pose any problems for the escort? Would it be acceptable to "tag along" for the entire distance, or as far as I can make it? Answers to these questions would be much appreciated, thanks.

Blake Rubin


I love Boston! So glad that the essence of the Boston Marathon made it (complete with Wellesley students) even though it was "unofficial".

Keep it up, Dean!



I can't begin to imagine how challenging yet exhilerating this entire trip has been. Dean - while those whose stories you relate are all inspirations, you are not only the ultimate inspiration but also a way to communicate all those untold stories to the outside world and to get people's butts off their couches and be healthy! I just hope people who hear your message realize it doesn't take 26.2 miles to feel alive, but those first few steps are a milestone in itself.

I hope I get to meet you in Chicago. :) Best of luck!

Kristin Garrity


I just wanted to thank you for being you. Words cannot describe the experience I had yesterday having the opportunity to see you run and see your interaction with everyone. Even though I did not get a chance to run Boston with you, I enjoyed the experience just the same! I was the one with the oranges cheering for you at the bottom of heartbreak hill. Maybe one day I'll get a chance to run a marathon with you. I was so focused on talking to you about my friend, Laurie, who wishes she was able to be there to support you, that I forgot to introduce myself! I just wanted to take the time to let you know that you are one of the nicest, most caring and enthusiastic person I have ever met. Never change! I was shocked by the amount of energy and time you put into talking to everyone while just running 29 marathons in a row. You truly are an inspiration.

I look forward to 'running' into you again sometime. Maybe I'll get a chance to see you at the MCM and hopefully get my own book signed! Thanks again for putting a smile on my face and good luck the rest of your journey. It is an experience you will never forget so continue to enjoy it while you can!


Kristin Garrity

Laurie Shemansky

Your determination, enthusiasm, support, and energy is an inspiration to us all. You continue to prove that goals are limitless and anything is possible. Best of luck to to you and your family while you continue your journey.

I hope to see you at the DC marathon. Though I was disappointed that I was unable to support you during your Boston run, my friend Kristin (orange girl) made my day by sharing her experience with me. I think Kristin was excited enough for the both of us!
Again, best of luck and thank you for being a true inspiration.

Laurie Shemansky

Tim Siragusa

Great day for a first marathon. Running with Dean and the rest of the group was a blast! Dean kept it slow and entertaining, the first half went by fast! Some of us fell behind at the hills, but it was still a blast finishing while trying to dodge downtown boston trafic! Wish my legs felt better so I could have stayed and congratulated Dean at the end @ citysports but I needed ice & advil bad! Got to meet Deans Dad before the race, what a GREAT guy!
Anyway goodluck on last 21!

Michele Keane

Hey Dean - As a former Bostonian, I can attest to the beauty of the course in the fall. And please call those Wellesley girls, "Women", only us former grads (class of 1983), can call the next generation "girls" ;)!

Hope to get to run with you in Atlanta, but it appears full. Keep up the great running and inspiration!

Dawna Phillips


Let me tell you about my friend Bruce. Four years ago I ran my first and, what I thought would be, my last marathon in Boston. I ran it for my friend Bruce and I raised a lot of money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society on his behalf. Bruce was there, cheering me on and I eventually crossed the finish line after 5 hours!

Four years later, I decided to train for and run the Route 66 Marathon in my home town of Tulsa, OK in November. Then, the opportunity to run with you in part of the Endurance 50 came up. I signed on - nervous and hoping that I could run a 10:00 minute mile for a 20 mile training run.

Bruce, only 50 years old, died of suicide a week before the run. He was an amazing, inspiring man and anyone who met him was truly blessed.

While I was cursing the 9:18 minute pace from the beginning, I pushed myself to do the best that I could do and I went faster for a longer distance than I had ever done before. I did it for Bruce because I was and am grateful to even be able to stand and join you and all the other runners on such a beautiful day in Boston.

Thanks for pushing me along. Wishing you the best!


P.S. Tell Julie that I'm waiting for her book!


Thanks for making Boston happen Dean. It was an honor and a priviledge to run with you and all the fine people that came that day. Keep up the good work! You are the Man!

Mike G


I had heard about you from Runner's World, and 60 Minutes so already thought highly of you. Unfortunately I have a bad case of PF so couldn't run, but I still wanted to meet you if possible. I have a Boston Marathon poster with 15 other runners who have signed it like the Hoyts, Rodgers, Samuelson, Shorter etc. and hoped to get you on it as well. The run was scheduled to start at 8, but when I saw you come to the starting line at 7:55 I thought there was no way you would have time. Not only were you nice enough to do it, you told me that you were honored to do it. I am more impressed by your character now, because you were very kind to all of us as.

Mike G.

Bill H

Thanks Dean,
Running the Boston Course was an awesome experience!! Everything including the weather was perfect. May Karno Kids keep going strong and it definitely was a marathon that I'll never forget!!

Bill H

Thanks Dean !!
Running the Boston course was an awesome experience that I'll never forget. The weather and scenery were beautiful. May Karno Kids keep going strong forever. Thanks for being so nice to us all before, during and after the race. Everything about the race was perfect.
Blessings to you and your friendly crew.

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