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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Kevin Vallez


It was a pleasure to meet and run with you for a stretch today in Hartford. The physical challenge you are on your way to accomplishing is of course incredible, but your passion for the sport, your cause, and the people you encounter is equally as impressive. Stay strong. See you in New York.

Kevin Vallez
Ellington, CT

Jen Bauer-Krueger

Dean, I promised your mom that I would tell my story on the Blog and I have been writing it in my head since Tuesday. When chatting with her after the Dallas run the topic of WHY I run came up and upon hearing a digest-version of my story she said "Does Dean know this?" My answer was "Uh, No". Despite the fact that I ran and sort of chatted with you, I was just too shy to talk about WHY I run and WHY it was so important to me to be there that day running with you. (I was the woman with the super-supportive husband on his bike)

I try to never break a promise so, here is my story: Thirteen years ago, my brother committed suicide on my birthday, eleven months later my dad died of cancer. A few months later I finally admitted that I too was suffering from depression. My doctor thought it was grief and some of it was but, what I didn't tell him (or anyone else) was that I too was suicidal and had been for years and years. I was passively suicidal, drinking too much and doing all the stupid things that come with alcohol. I took Prozac for awhile but realized that my brother had given me the ultimate "wake-up" call, he chose my birthday to take his own life and it was time for me to make some choices too. I started looking for things that could bring me joy. I found sunshine, mountain peaks, dogs, and pushing my physical limits. I took up rock climbing, hiking, bagging peaks, cycling and finally, I found running. Running is now my daily drug, my Prozac. I can proudly say that I have managed depression for the last ten years WITHOUT drugs. Thirteen years ago I was embarrassed to admit my depression but, now I happily speak about it whenever it comes up in hopes that I can give hope and support to someone else. My brain still doesn't work exactly right and I still get blue but, the "cure" is simple...sunshine and a little sweat.
WHY do I run? I run to LIVE.

Run long, Run strong, and Run happy!
Thanks for all you are doing,
jen b-k


What is Dean's resting heart rate? I just gotta know!


Hello Again,
I'm glad you were able to enjoy fall in New England. I forgot how beautiful it was on the East Coast in October. There is nothing like home...You look just as strong, if not stronger than when I saw you in Portalnd. I'm amazed at not just your physical strength, but your mental strength. It takes a special breed to endure all that you put yourself through. Every time I meet you my mind is sent free wheeling. It is hard to grasp just how amazing some humans are. I think I live a charmed life. I have met so many amazing people and am thankful everyday for each and every experience. Thanks for leaving a piece of Dean in CT. I hope I can run in Florida w/ you, but if that can not be arranged thus is life. At least other's will have the opportunity to experience and feel what I felt while running w/ you. I wish you the best!! Keep running strong...I know you will. I hope our paths cross again...but for now the deep sea calls.

Eric W Roth

It was great meeting you this weekend in Hartford for my 1st marathon. This has been one of the most brilliant experiences of my life. I will see you in Philadelphia!

Mike Burke

Dean, you're the man.

What else can be said?

I too am trying to run a marathon in all 50 states, in my lifetime. Today was number 21.

I wanted to run at least one of these historic events that you were. I got a glimpse of you breezing past me at mile 21.

Thanks so much for choosing Hartford,CT as one of your stops.I hadn't run that one yet and it was awesome. Perfect day, great support, terrific scenery and hangin' out at the E50 booth after the race made it a great day.

Keep it going bro'

Mike Burke,

Torrance, CA.

Alison Black


I have been following your blog and congratulate you on your effort, spirit, and persistence. I must say, however, that I was disappointed in your very short blog about the Greater Hartford Marathon. All of the other posts for the other marathons were quite lengthy in comparison to what you wrote about Hartford. Having run Hartford myself, I was especially curious to see what you thought, and you didn't have much to say. Any chance you can add more to that post at some point?

Thanks and good luck!

Alison Black

DK wrote: I need to add more. The main reason is that I had limited internet access that night. Stay tuned.

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