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Friday, October 13, 2006


mark Greenberg


I am running w/ you & the team, in minneapolis on the 23rd. I am so excited, I am bringing the whole family from San Diego. You are so inspiring, that I have upped my milage thinking, that Im being a whimp, If Dean can run 100mi/week, I can surely do 50....

When I read your book (besides being so facintated I couldn't put it down), I was struck by the part about running for the kids who needed transplants. As a pediatric anesthesiologist who does these cases, I was so glad you took up that cause, as it is not one everyone knows about. The kids are always so sick and the parents devasted. Bringing some light into their lfe is so important.

I was wondering if there was a way to chat w/ others who have already run. I have some logistical questions about water stations, running pace, finishing times, and tunes. If you can post this message, maybe someone who has run already can email me... (mgreenberg@ucsd.edu)

thanks, and congrats.

I have no doubt you could run 500 marathons in 500 days


Clyde McManus


I hope there will be a book after the end of the Endurance50. The stories of the transformation of people through running would be a great theme don't you think?

Bill Ulmer

What a day I've had. I drove to Huntington West Virginia last night, from Uniontown Pennsylvania, with the anticipated excitement of running part of the Endurance50 with Dean Karnazes. I knew that I was okay for the distance but had no idea of the involvement we'd have with Dean or what the "field" of runners would be made up of.

I found that Dean IS very personable and truly interested in what each of us does in our worklife as well as our athletic life.

I am glad to hear and witness that Dean is very interested in getting people, especially children, to be more active and lead healthier lifestyles. This is THE message of his attempt at 50/50/50.

Our group was made up of alot of triathletes and several first time marathoners. Dean took the time to talk with each of us and allowed us to ask questions of him. He is contientous of keeping the group together and in supporting all of the runners to get to the finish line safely.

The police offered "rolling roadblocks" the whole course and we waited not once at any intersection. Deans support crew is topnotch and were there to give us Cytomax, water and
food along the way. They are very congenial people and it made for a quick comfort level for me.

I know that it was a great idea to do this event, especially this leg in Huntington, as I will likely return to do the official Healthy Huntington Marathon. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the 50's a perfect day for a long run.
Like I said before...What a day I've had.


It's 1:15am EST and I am in San Francisco after flying down from Vancouver Canada. I am about to catch the red eye to Boston to run with Dean again on Sunday and can't imagine how I am going to sleep at all after reading the WV blog. I had such an incredible experience in Seattle running the 14th (think guy who ran into pole) that I booked my spot in Boston that night. As I read each new blog, each state is better than the next. Good luck in CT, see you in 36 hours!

Bill Willcox

Congratulations on another successful run.
I may or may not run in Greensboro on Oct. 31, although I paid the entrance fee...and here's why.
I have a friend named Gert. He is 35, newly married, lives in the D.C. area. Last year at Christmastime, he started having double vision. He went to have it checked out and was told he had a very large brain tumor. In February the tumor, discovered to be benign, was removed, but Gert's problems were just beginning. A week later, on the day he was to start PT, a clot formed in his brain and he suffered a large stroke. Unable to talk, eat, or move his right side, he could communicate only with his facial expression. Ever so slowly he has recovered. He can eat, talk, think well, but his right side is still paralyzed. Every day for Gert is a marathon. I am running the Richmond Marathon Nov. 11 to raise funds for Gert. He has a $12,000 hospital bill he can't pay. What is the point?
The point is that Dean showed me how just running is fulfilling, but running to help others is much more than that. So as I run the Richmond Marathon Nov. 11, Gert and his wife will be watching along the course, and I will silently thank Dean for blazing a path that I gladly follow.


Hey man,
writing from Italy, the land of marathoner,
really impressive adventure!
good luck with the mission
from you only to learn...


Suzanne Henslee

Dean we are planning a great finish line reception for you on the 28th in Clearwater, FL so keep the faith and run hard. We are all with you - God Speed! Suzanne Henslee and Chris Lauber!

Hilarion V. Cann


What you are doing is an incredible feat or should I say FEET. When I read the stories it brings back memories that I had long forgot about. Running is such a cleansing experience that those who have not ried it don't really know all they are missing. It is a great time to meditate, give thanks to God for our health and blessings, plan your day, etc. Running really all that it's cracked up to be and by you doing this hopefully others will see this.

You and your support group are in my prayers and may God give you the strength mentally as well as pysically to see it through to the end.

Keep it going, this is just fantastic.

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