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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Jan Larson

Dean -

Congratulations on crossing the half-way point. You are an inspiration to runners everywhere. I'll be running with you (and 37,000 others) in New York. Continued best wishes.

Cedar Park, TX

Patrick and Calvin

Dean, Keep going, push on, and only run the Boston 1 time this Sunday . . .

steve hearst

Seems like you are floating on "Cloud 9" instead of running over 650 miles the last three weeks!

Thanks for sharing the experience with us.


"To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions." William James

Brent Neill

Dean, Congratulations on finishing 26. I'm a huge fan of yours. I think im flying over to Kentucky to run that marathon. I was really dissapointed i didnt get to run the dallas marathon with you but i had a test that day. I live in Austin so that would have been ideal, but im still trying to come to Kentucky. I hope i get to run with you, you're an inspiration to everyone.

Bill Willcox


You're doing it. Unbelievable. I keep waiting to hear that you had to bow out because of an injury or something, but that never happens. Your efforts remind me of a 60-minutes piece years ago on the running monks in China, that run a marathon every morning as part of the Buddhist religion. Actually, they walk part of it, but that is beside the point. If there is a point, I guess it is that you, and the monks, are proving that the human body is capable of amazing feats of endurance. I am signed up to run in Greensboro in two weeks. It should be nice and chilly by then.

Bill Willcox
training in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Alexander Vero

Amazing, I was told about this story by a friend in the British army and have just started to read your book. I find it truly inspiring as I myself have a huge goal that I am trying to achieve; to qualify to represent Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Marathon. At the start of the year I was 16 stone a heavy drinker and could barely run for the bus. In a weeks time I am running my first Marathon in Palma, Spain and if I can go under 2hrs 45mins then I can gain the investment needed to continue the project. When I am hurting I shall think of what you are going through. Best of luck with the rest of the race, I am sure that you will make it. Please do have a look at www.theroadtobeijing.co.uk

Best Wishes

Alexander Vero

Chris Field

Keep on, keeping on Dean! You are more than halfway there and are inspiring people across the country to get more exercise.


Nina Holliday

I am so amazed reading this blog every day and being brought to tears. This is such an incredible story! I know there's probably a team in place that's doing public relations efforts, but I'm in marketing in Cleveland and have media connections - I'm happy to make some calls if appropriate. So excited that Dean is coming to Cleveland for the Ohio stop. I've signed up to run, although I'm planning on dropping off when we hit downtown again at the halfway point as I had an injury this summer and haven't been able to train as I normally would for a marathon. Please feel free to have someone contact me if I can help out with coverage in Cleveland.

Lisa Samson

I live in Boston and was planning on being on the marathon course, particularly at Heartbreak Hill, and was wondering when you are starting that day? Good luck. Lisa

Rusty Wutkiewicz

Hey Dean,

I've been training for the Philadelphia Marathon would love to run with you on Sunday here in Boston but I play jazz piano and have to work. I'm going to try and come see you along the course before my gig on Sunday and say "hi". Maybe I'll try and run a couple with you.

Love what you're doing!

Jon Elmore

Dean, It was an honor and a pleasure to run with you in Huntsville,AL for your 26th marathon.Your book is a great read and an inspiration. I'll be using the insights that I gained from it to get me through The Mtn Masochist 50 miler on Nov 4th. I'll also be cheering you on in spirit as you run the remainder of The 50. After the 26.2 we did on the 12th, fellow runner Eric Shotz and I did an additional 12 miles up and down that mountain just east of the finish area. A 38+ mile day left me a little weary but when I got home and told my kids about my day, their excitement and enthusiasm (plus some much needed noshing) rallied my energy enough to take them to an art exhibit and outdoor picnic that night, a great recovery. Keep Running, Jon Elmore

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