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Tuesday, October 10, 2006



You have a big cheering committee here in So Cal!

Thanks for being such a trooper! I very much enjoy reading your blog every evening.

Btw, can't see any of the RW slideshow photos since Boulder Backroards. I can see that they are posting them, so there must be a bug in the navigation coding. It would be great to see the pics.

Dan Wilson

Hi Dean,

Your doing amazing, it's an incredible achievement and I hope you feel very pleased with yourself when you cross the line at the last of your 50 marathons.

I myself am planning a smaller scale marathon project for 2007. I plan to run the A to Z of marathons, running a different marathon for each letter of the alphabet. My project will see me run all over the world from the US, to the North pole, to the Great Wall of China to the Sahara desert to Everests base camp. I will average a marathon every 14, which is probably what you do for fun, but for myself, it's quite a challenge.

I'll be runnning for the Parkinson's Disease Society, a charity close to my heart, as my father is a sufferer.

I appreciate this is a cheeky request, especially at such a busy time, but if you could write a small comment for my Marathon's website, that would be incredible and it would boost the support I get ten fold. If you dont have time, I completely understand, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

Keep on running,

Your fan,


Marselino Torres


I really wanted to run White Rock with you, but all of the slots were filled before I could register. I also had three classes on Tuesday morning. I’ll just have to run it in December.

I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to run an Ultra-marathon after our run in February in Amarillo. I will be attempting to run the Palo Duro 50 mile Trail Run in two weeks. Thanks for all of the inspiring stories!

Mars from Amarillo, TX


Running with Dean goes down as one of the most memorable athletic experiences of my life. I hope to always remember his infectious energy and passion for life. He is the real deal. A true humanitarian who exudes inspiration naturally because that's who he is as a person. Dean - you are our Forrest Gump and I hope to cross paths again someday. Thank you for sharing a piece of your journey with Dallas!

Liz Wood

I hope you are considering adding that extra marathon in DC and making it 51! Your support is growing and lots of causes would love your help!


Kika Barr

Here is another tip for your cold

If you have a juicer with you: take 3 collard green leaves, 2 peeled oranges and 2 peeled lemons. Juice 'em. Drink 'em. Do this everyday on an empty stomach. I know it sounds horrible, but it actually does not taste bad.
If you don't have a juicer, a blender works too but not as well.

And by the way: how come you didn't come to Wisconsin? :-(


Hi Dean,
My son and I were supporters during the gusty, sideways needle-sharp rain in Wichita during #5 and just over a year ago moved from Dallas where you just ran in the 'BIGGEST storm'! Reading today's blog brought back so many memories of running in Dallas and around White Rock Lake. The conditions sound EXACTLY like my first 10k race there, The Azalea Run about six years ago, rain coming down in torrents, lightning flashing, streets flooding...we're cheering you on...you are almost half-way done!! Way to go Dean!!!

Tina McCasland

Hi Dean!
My son, Cody, a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, presented you with your medal after the race and your gift. I just wanted to say thank you for including the Dallas White Rock Marathon in your race. It really meant a lot to Cody to be able to give you your medal. Although he is only five years old, and is a double amputee, he already has his eyes set on running a marathon. I have no doubts that he will do it! Good luck on finishing your quest!

Doreen Stockwell

Hi, Dean,

I run with Renae in Orlando, FL. She ran with you in Mississippi several weeks ago, and shared many exciting stories about her adventure and challenge. You both have inspired me to sign up for the 50 endurance Clearwater race on the 26th. It coresponds with my last long run for Richmond on Nov. 11th. I am a slower runner (11-12 minute miles) and may not keep up with your pace, but it would be an honor to begin with you and the group. I use to live in St. Pete and may know some of your running companions. Like your mother, I am also an educator (high school guidance counselor, they call me "The Scholarship Lady") I like to promote health and fitness at my school, and this event will make a powerful impact on my students! What do you think, Dean, would you allow me to join the team even though I am a turtle not a hare?



Hey Dean,

I can't believe I actually got to run next to you for a while in Dallas. You have helped to teach me to push myself when I want to stop. I hope to run an ultra with you in the near future. You are running for a great cause that I deeply support. Keep up the great work and keep running strong!



Marius Maianu


That was the best fun run I have ever done! You are a great inspiration. I have always run fast even training for a marathon. A few days before you're run in Dallas, Tx I was getting very tired with my training for the NYC marathon in Nov. Running the marathon on Tuesday for my longest run before the race was easy. I have never ran at that comfortable of a pace before. I was fully recovered within three days from running on Tuesday and feel more energized and ready to run in NYC on Nov. 5th. Thank you for the fun run!!!!!!!
Also, I had mentioned inviting you for a full comprehensive physical examination at the famous Cooper Clinic here in Dallas after your 50 marathons. That offer is there. YOu can call me to set that up whenever you want. Thanks again!

Marius Maianu
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Cooper Clinc
972-560-2667 ext.6487

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