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Sunday, October 08, 2006


morgan murri

Day 22 New Mexico

I’ve read the book, the magazine articles and more recently the blogs. I’ve seen, and followed the race results and watched him on ‘Letterman’. Today I ran 4 hours with Dean and can now speak from experience that Dean is the MAN and Dean is a cliché. As in: Actions speak louder than words.
Don’t get me wrong Dean speaks well… Nothing but positive words and views and points of view, usually with a laugh thrown in and always with a smile. But, between all of this, I had time to reflect on what he explained his message to be. Like most great messages Deans is simple. “Show people (through his actions) that fitness is critical to life and the welfare of our country.” “Because without our health we really have nothing...” I found myself really, for the first time in a long time, appreciating why I run, and how much I value my health and fitness. I also realized what an important example my actions set for my friends and family. I then realized, in an epiphany, how truly important this event is that Dean has set in motion. To anyone reading this I implore you to find a way to get involved with the Endurance50. Commit to a 5k, or ½ marathon (you will go further) and Dean’s energy and message will find its way into your life. As more and more of us do this, and then by our actions, spread the message throughout our circle of friends and family, we will all do our part in making Dean’s dream a reality.
Thanks Dean, Rock on! Morgan

Stephen Gartside

I just rolled in the door in Evergreen, Colorado, and I suppose you have arrived in Oklahoma by now too. What fun running with you and the group in Albuquerque this morning and what a great celebration of fitness you have created.

You looked really strong today, and after 22 days of running, hosting the post race events and traveling that is incredible. The word is spreading. Good luck with Karno kids and again, thanks for creating this wonderful event.

Michael Connors

Dean - we sure missed you at the Bizz Johnson today! I heard you speak last year and was truly inspired. I am not able to join you on this most recent quest, but have been following the progress of you and those fortunate enough to join you. Enjoy the miles and I hope our paths cross again.
-Michael Connors

Roy Young

Wow! Another great post! It sounds like you are truely achieving your goal. Congradulations! I hope that some day I will get to run with you again. Until then I will continue to encourage others, like you have encouraged me.

Thanks again for runing "with" me and stopping to let my daughter take our picture on the St John's Bridge in Portland. Those memories will fade very slowly.

May you run long & strong…
Gresham, OR

PS My friend that ran his 1st marathon on Oct 1st at first said "I ain't doing that again!" But today he was talking about doing the Huston Marathon (he is from Texas and still has family there) and considering doing the Whidbey Island Marathon with me next April. It's catching ;~)

Tommy Butler

Dean my friend...I can't help but wonder...how're the shoes holding up? Darn these pesky laces.
On another note, I wish you the best of luck and can't help but be inspired every morning as I embark on another run and for that I...no we thank you.


University of Connecticut

Virgil Hurt

Our family will be praying for you along the way. Specifically, that you will lick this nagging cold and stay injury free. I will be joining you to run in Greensboro on Reformation Day, Oct. 31. My wife and five of my six children plan to make the trip and run the last mile or so with us. You are certainly an inspiration to us all. A running family in Lynchburg, VA.
Virgil Hurt and family.

Mark Schneider

Great job so far Dean! Almost half way home! I am really looking forward to running with you this Friday, October 13, in West Virginia. From what other runners, who have already participated, are saying, it sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun!

A quick question for you or anyone else associated with the Endurance50. I have not received an e-mail yet stating the exact meeting place and time for the West Virginia marathon this Friday. When are
e-mails usually sent to runners with this information? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and keep running strong!

Mark Schneider
Louisville, Kentucky.

Ed Cabanero

Hi Dean,

I was also at the San Jose Half Marathon; this was the same week as the wonderful E50 SF run.

Met a lady who also ran with you in an earlier E50 leg, while I was discussing your exploits with John "The Penguin" Bingham (nothing penguin-y about his physique anyway). By the time this epic is complete, I'm sure there will be at least 1000 lucky runners fortunate enough to partake in your adventure. Maybe you should have a big party and invite all the runners?

I like to think that we're with you in spirit. For my part, I'm going through my own trials as well. Glad that running with you helped shave 7 minutes off my best time in the half (if I could just run the same pace over 26.2, I'd qualify for Boston ;-) ).

I enjoy following your blog every day. Please keep it up. Our positive thoughts and energies are with you. I wish you well and hope you accumulate many more great memories.


Ed C
San Diego, CA

Jim Harding

Hey buddy. Keep on rolling. Now that you've thrown in a 3:20, I hope you will join my 3:40 pace team for your tour of Chicago. I'm still trying to tslk my bosses into a trip to New York for the finale so I can write a story. I'd also like to do one in the day or two before Chicago. Maybe we can set up a time to chat for a little bit early next week. The blog has been great. I feel like I've been part of this magical trip. I have many friends following your quest as well. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the 22nd. Jim

Jason Bousliman

Your family rocks. You took time to talk with every runner...and so did your Dad and the rest of your family and crew.

I made friends yesterday who I may never see again but will remember for a lifetime.

Yesterday I was part of something bigger than myself and I thank you for making that possible.




You are running the Rock tomorrow. That's the Marathon I am currently training for. I wish you well on Tuesday (as I do for all of these Marathons) and I look forward to reading all about it. How tough is the incline around mile 20?


Laura Maclay

I was at the finish line in Old Town for the NM Marathon to cheer for the runners as they came in. Charlie and Pamela Otero are legends around here for having great races and getting people off the couch. I was also there hanging medals around the finisher's necks at the actual NM Marathon as a volunteer for my local running club. Thanks Dean and family and friends for joining us here in NM to help promote health and fitness. With all the negative statistics about health crises, obesity, etc., it's important to remind people that fitness is not a chore, it's fun and exiting and it's a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world.
I'm also a folk dancer, too bad you guys couldn't stick around for the Grecian Festival at the St. George Greek Orthdox Church. They have live music, food, drink, crafts, church tours, etc. It's always the first weekend in October, during the Balloon Fiesta. Come see us sometime, there are plenty of mountains to run up and down in NM. Information about running in New Mexico is at aroadrun.org Ya'sou Dean!

Summer Wesson

Thank you for a day that I will never forget! Good luck in the rest of your travels...

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