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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Kevin Fine

Dean -- 3:20 in Utah... after 20? that is sooo awesome. I will see you in Philadelphia, just to say Good Job for that race! (let alone all the other runs) Keep it up. You are inspiring us all as we get ready for our races, our goals and our lives!

Marc Johnson

I wish you con't success, You passed by me so fast at mile 4 or 5 I didn't get the chance to say anthing to you. But I went on to run a PR a 3:57:32 so I am pumped about it. Maybe I will see you next year at WS100 if I get in the Lottery.

Marc J



You passed me at about mile 18 today as I was en route to a 9 minute PR. You are truly an inspiration as I am slowly beginning to realize the power of the human body and spirit. Thanks for showing me and the world just how powerful these bodies that God has given us are. Best of luck as you continue on.

Kristina Freisem


I saw you at the Boulder Backroads and greeted you with a "See you in St. George." You saw me in St. George, nicknamed me Miss Consistency and said goodbye with a "I'll see you in Boston." Guess what? You will. I qualified - negative split 1:51, 1:45. :) I would like you to know that your dedication and passion for 'living' has helped me make my dream come true. Thank you! I know you don't want it to end after 50 and neither do I. Something tells me it's only going to get more exciting!!
Thanks for being a modern day hero. So I will end with a..."See you in Boston."
Warmest regards and gratitude,
Kristina Freisem

Tamra Savage

Thanks for all the inspiration! I finished my first marathon in St George in 3:57:35. I think I drank too much gatorade prior to the race and threw up a lot at the end, but I still finished and made my 4 hour goal. Wishing you my best for the remaining of your journey!

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