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Saturday, October 07, 2006


Adam Pratt

I've been wanting to run the Valley of Fire Marathon, but my schedule hasn't permitted it the last year or two. I sure hope it can keep going, just like Dean!

Jarom Thurston

Dean (and fellow runners at the Valley of Fire Marathon)...I drove 5 hours from Utah the night before, slept in my car at the entrance of the National Park, ran a wonderful 26.2 miles with you all and then had to get in my car for another 5 hour drive home. Thank you all for your courage and determination. And thank you Dean! btw...you have a wonderful family, I got Alexandra's and Nicholas' autographs along with yours in your book. Your wife was very supportive and friendly towards everyone at the event. I enjoyed talking with her and meeting your children. They have a great example and father. Remember: YOU ARE CHANGING THE SPORT OF RUNNING FOREVER!!! (#20 was awesome) Jarom


Beautiful. When is the Valley of Fire Marathon usually held? I'd like to support it by running it next year.

Amy Love


Just wanted to thank you for being so polite, running with everybody at least once, caring about everybody's needs and making conversation with the entire group. It was a great experience. Seattle was full up so I flew down for this one. I wasn't quite in marathon shape but I knew the group and your courage would keep me going. I had to arrange a lot of babysitting for this but it was worth it to be able to say I was a part of this. You are amazingly humble and I should hope more athletes and children look to you as a role model.

Judy Denver

Dean, thanks for your influence on the park service. I had, earlier, registered for the Valley of Fire Marathon this year (Nov 18) because it looks like a beautiful course. A couple of my crazy friends have planned to run it with me (since it's the day before my birthday, when I graduate to the next big age group). We were disappointed to hear just recently that the course was going to have to be changed drastically, but now have hope that we'll get to run in your footsteps. Thanks!

Joyce Forier

WOW! What an amazing experience- my first double marathon! In AZ on Thursday someone said, "You're almost as crazy as Dean is". I said "Since I'm only doing 2 in a row, I'm only 4% as crazy, but thanks for the compliment". Valley of Fire was surely a highlight,though. Amazing course, caring RD, and an opportunity to run with some really interesting people. Running with you was a blast! Met your parents- they're so sweet! You're very fortunate to have such a wonderful family. See you in DC-- and possibly one or 2 others?? Missing Garret and Jason in the support car on my training runs :(

Annette Deakins

I am not sure who is more amazing, you, your wife, your parents, or your staff. I fell in love with them all!

It appears Valley of Fire WILL run on the original course, at least for this year. Thank you for helping me save my race.

I was feeling a bit burned out from the weeks events, but when I arrived Friday morning to your smiling staff and had runners waiting for at the start, I remembered why I put this event on. Because I love people and running.

I ran St. George on Saturday as well, I really needed that release and the time just to do my two favorite things, talk and run. :)

Thank you for being a positive roll model. The world has needed one for a long time and I can't think of a better person than you. Keep up the great work!

Mitchell Chan

Thanks for the great race Dean, that was the most memorable marathon I have ever ran, the park was amazing, I will remember this race for as long as I live. I was the one who was gonna run another race after Valley of Fire, but I got into an accident and couldnt make it to Big Sur for the race, but I did make it to San Jose that day for the half marathon and finished it!!! I had a awesome experience, thanks for treating us like celebrities during the course with all the water, Cytomax, bananas, energy gel, etc. Good Luck with the rest of your journey!!

Run if you want, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.

Jeff Kriner

It was an absolute honor and privilege to run with you and everyone else at the Valley of Fire. This was the best event I have ever been a part of, and you have changed my mindset about personal limits. Take care and the best of luck in everything you pursue. See you at Badwater...

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