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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Kenny Lyons

Dean, are you getting much relief along the way? If it would fit into your schedule I'd like to offer you a massage while you are in Kentucky for your marathon at Otter Creek. Contact me at my email address, you pick the time, place and length of session and I'll be there!

Mel Weiss

Great Job Dean and Company,
I am taking on a new challenge that I am making you aware of because I will need your encouragement, inspiration and prayers.
I have been inspired by Dean Karnazes to do my own version of the 50/50/50. Check out the Ultra-Marathon Man at www.endurance50.com who is running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states for several good reasons. Fitness awareness in America, raising funds for the Karno Kids, never been done before, etc. Lisa will be joining him in Philadelphia on Nov. 3rd.

I am doing 50 runs(3-10 miles/day) in 50 consecutive days(started Sept. 27) before age 50(March 17, 2007!
There will be a day in the future where the body weakens or the mind succumbs and yourupliftingg words will keep me going. So when you see me just ask, "How many more days to go? "How many days are history" Did you get your run in today?
I know those who run understand hitting the wall and how to overcome not giving up. Thanks for your support!
Rain, sleet, snow or hail you will find Mel on the trail!

Yours to count on,
Mel Weiss

Todd Tomilonus

I have been following your pursuit for the most amazing challange a man could partake in. You have inspired Me and my wife in a big way. Its Hard to go out on my daily runs and not think of what you have accomplished. and to think I complain of my 3 to 4 mile runs, not any more, what you have done is motivate me to run longer and harder each day knowing that you are running 26.2 miles each day with me. I have ran 2 marathons in the past and did quite well, but to imagine doing it every day for 50 days is pretty much unimaginable. Dean keep up the great job and most of all keep doing it for the kids, with todays modern electronics it makes it very hard to motivate them and keep them active. May God be with and keep you healthy and strong..
**Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Heb 12:1

God Bless Todd Tomilonus


Dean, so great that you are doing this! I ran and won CBS's Amazing Race, but it was much easier than your adventure.

Currently I am training to run the length of Iran this November/December. It's approx. 600 miles from the south to north. I was looking to interview you for my documentary and discovered that you were on this great mission. Good luck with the rest and I hope to meet you someday in San Francisco.

Thanks for blogging and keep running!

Adele Morgan

I hope you get to read this before St. George. You'll be running with a young lady named Annie Sharich. I've never met her, but she, a man named Ray D'Alonzo from Ohio, and myself, all have a condition called Chairi and have all had brain surgery (it's actually called cranial decompression surgery) and the three of us have teamed up to run marathons this fall to raise awareness and to rasie money for research. (EVERYONE has a story, don't we?!) IF you get the chance, check out www.conquerchiari.org.
This, I believe, is Annie's 2nd marathon post surgery. Ray will be running in Ohio in 2 weeks and this will be, I think, his 3rd post surgery, and I'll be running the NCR Trail Marathon in MD in the end of November (my 2nd post surgery and if I can swing it, I'm going to meet you on 11/4 in NJ and run with you then as prep run before my trail run.)
You must be inundated with mail, but just wanted to reach out to you as we too are trying to make a difference in others' lives through our love for life, running, and being healthy and strong.
I've been following you since the start and will share another story on how I have used your adventure for a swimming program at my Y, but that's for another day.
Keep running and writing those awesome blogs!
Adele Morgan
Hillsborough, NJ

glenn Martini

G,day Dean i'm following your progress from Australia.The coincidentle thing is i was given your book to read this week the same week i was told about Guy Andrews who completed 7 cross country marathons in 7 states of Australia in 7 days this week. Having never heard of you before i looked on The North Face web site and was thoroughly amazed.So inspired i now run without pain it means nothing i just think of you, i even had thoughts of flying over and running with you,unfortunetly im not quite up to it yet. You have inspired me to train for the Melbourne Marathon next year, its on today so i'm going up to watch.Good luck in all your persuits, you are fantastic. Glenn

Darcie Klein

Dear Dean,

It was a real pleasure to have met you and run with you last Thursday in Surprise, AZ at the Desert Classic. I had not trained to run the full marathon, but I was trying to run the half, which I accomplished (although a little slower and a lot hotter than I would have liked)! In any case, this was a once in a lifetime experience for me, one that I will cherish always. Thank you for making it possible.

Best of luck to you,
Darcie, the one with GO DEAN GO on my hat.

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