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Monday, October 02, 2006


Suzie Petunia

My running buddy and I both wanted to run with you either in Seattle or Portland (we live near Portland) but couldn't make it work! We are both moms and both pregnant. We feel like we could have still done it if the planets had been aligned properly. Schedules ... kids ... one injured husband... We may not be able to run with you, but we talk about you and feel inspired every day when we get together to run. We are enjoying every update and following you daily on your journey. We love your big heart and the warmth with which you embrace every fellow runner who you have inspired and who wants to run with you. We would be two of those people if we could! Maybe someday!!

Roy Young

Wow! Way Cool, AGAIN!
I so enjoy hearing of your experences and reading about those who's lives, hearts & spirits you have touched. It was a honor to run with you and to be reading daily about your adventure. I look forward to each posting.
I would love to run with you again, but I don't think it will be during this event. But who knows. . . ;~)

May you run long & strong…
Gresham, OR

Tyler Andersen

Hey Dean,
I just wanted to thank you so much again. It was such an honor to meet a guy like you today. You are amazing and a huge inspiration to everyone. Good Luck for your remaining 34 marathons!! You should most certainly come back to Anchorage another time soon and stay for a while! It would be awesome to run with you again. Thank you again and again.

Best of Luck on all Your Lifes Adventures,

Tyler Andersen
Anchorage, Ak


Congratulations for Dean Karnazes Day in Anchorage! Keep up the great running!


Details of the Alaska run sound incredible. What an honor to have your own day! I'm in training for my own Marathon in December and am running with you in New Jersey (your 49th marathon!) so I'm following this blog daily. Keep up the great work Dean and keep the details coming. I could almost envision that run with the snow in the background. Awesome!


Stephanie Schwiebert

Dean, I have got all of my neighbors hooked on reading your daily blogs. We all have children so we think what you are doing is wonderful!!!!! You are my hero and you and your book have complet;ey changed my life! I went from 185 pounds and drinking every night to becoming completley sober, lost 65 pounds and run 10 miles a day all from reading your book. It has made an impact on my 12 year old sons life too. We all love you here in San Diego and are cheering you on. We send warm regards to your family as well.
Stephanie Schwiebert

John Ponce

Your story is incredible. Setting a goal that would inspire any couch potatoe. Forrest Gump would be proud of you. I hope to see you at the Chicago Marathon. I'll be there for my first marathon. My question is; what do you eat while running? Any suggestions? I ran 20 miles last weekend and was starving for french fries. No ketchup, just salty fries. Please share any secrets. DAMN FINE JOB!! John

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