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Sunday, October 01, 2006


James the Marathoner

Keep up the hard work Dean. You're inspiring a whole whack of people.

Giddy up!

James the Ottawa Marathoner.

Amy olivares


I was made aware of your 50 marathon challenge through a mutual friend of your brother, Julie in Manhattan Beach.As a marathon runner myself, I am so inspired by your challenge and wish you the best of luck! Happy Trails!!!


Amy Olivares

Roy Young

Dean, I know now firsthand what those others meant about their running with you. I actually had 3 goals in today’s Portland Marathon (although I told you on the course only 2 of them). #1 was to finish and the 2nd was to meet you. Those two I happily "made". The third was to finish in less than 4 hours. I was a little hesitant to openly tell others about because I think it was a gutsy goal for some with my running history. I have only been running as a sport since about October 2005. In Feb 2005 I weighed about 291# (I had peaked at 300.75# in 2004). I have NEVER done any running except what was "forced" upon me in school PE or when I was in that Navy (& I quit those as soon as I could).
Well I set a PR, which being my 2nd marathon wasn't going to be too hard. The really great part is that I sliced 58m34s off my time! Thanks for pacing me Dean. I kept you in my sights until about mile 24.5. I vary much enjoyed the 11 or so miles I was able to run & talk to you. The picture my daughter took of us on the St John's Bridge turned out great (thanks for taking the time to pose with me for her). I don't know if you noticed the look on her face, but she was a touch confused when she came out from behind the camera and saw not only her dad, but you there too. As I was running the last 2-3 miles I had some sore feet and toe issues (one of which turned out to be a good sized blood blister) but I thought of your book and how this was your 393rd mile in 15 days and I just told my body to not pay attention to the discomfort and push through. I was totally STOKED when I saw my time of 3hr46m and how well I had done (even though I had trained for a 4hr race)! Thanks for your inspiration & motivation.
From what I have read on your Blog postings you are a lucky man to be able to interact with all of these people on which you have had some kind of affect on their lives. I know you have impacted me, my 6 kids & my wife. (Sorry I wasn’t able to introduce them to you at the end of the marathon. We went to REI & then back to the finishing area, but didn’t manage to connect. Oh well, maybe next time.)
I’d like to quote my favorite poet in parting:
“Running has helped me sort out what I am doing. The time alone, only the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and traffic, no people talking, arguing, doing their homework and other things, has cleared my mind. So, I run.”

May you run long & strong…
Glad to have run with you today,
Gresham, OR

Here is the picture Alexandra took: http://www.seraphimforge.com/PDXmarathon.html

Marcus King


I just got of a plane in Hong Kong, got to the Hotel and immediately opened the blog to catch up on your progress. Yes, the man who said you are an inspiration is indeed an inspiration himself. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Tired and jet lagged, I managed to get my traing run. If it were not for you and the "struggling man in Portland, I probably would have blown it off. I'm sure glad I didn't.

Be Strong and Happy



Dean --

For my 40th birthday I decided to do 4 races 4 weeks in a row: the Vermont 50 (done), the Akron Marathon (done), Towpath Marathon (next weekend), and the Columbus Marathon (10/14). Nothing compared to what you are doing but I am amazed at how easy these races get. Hoping you feel the same strength.

Ultrarunning is my passion, so I "get" why you are doing this (unlike David Letterman, "There are others who do this???"). To make the purpose not only a personal goal but "for a good cause" is even more noteworthy. Would love to be out there with you each of the 50 days. You are living a dream.

Best of luck, and strength, to you.
-- Suzanne from Ohio

Diane Forrest

Dear Dean,
I need to remember to have a box of tissues next to my computer when I check your blogs because I seem to almost end up being so touched by your words that the tears come streaming out. Happy tears! Thank you!

Tammy Root


You ARE an inspiration. I'm signed up to run with you in Indiana, and reading your daily blog has been such an encouragement to my training. You might consider publishing your entries together in book form when you've finished the Endurance 50. It would be a great keepsake for those that have run with you and/or followed your journey, and would encourage many more.

Tammy Root

Shannon Lee

I am preparing to run in my first marathon this Saturday in St. George, UT. I was so excited to see that you too will be running that same race. You have inspired a nervous first-timer and I thank you for making this incredible journey and for sharing it with us all. Warmets wishes for your continued success, health and happiness.

Hoping to shake your hand in Utah!!

Shannon Lee

Eric Pykonen


I saw the Mother Ship pulling into Portland Saturday evening on the way home after putting in a long day preparing for the Portland Marathon. You see, I'm part of the volunteer committee that organizes the marathon. I'm the Warehouse Logistics Chairperson. That is, the one that makes sure the drink mixes; cups; canoe oars (think giant stir sticks!); and other supplies get out to the course and into the hands of our volunteers.

The fun part of the job is going into a store and asking for 30 jars of petroleum jelly, twenty 2-quart plastic pitchers, and 4 sets of oars. You get some strange looks, and that's *before* the check out line. Don't ask about the year I had to get petroleum jelly and ponchos. That was a hard one to explain.

I don't putting in over 40 hours in three days, ending up dead tired. My pay back is seeing the excitement on each person's face as they cross the finish line, no matter if they are running, walking, or limping.

Each of the participants is an inspiration to me as you are an inspiration to them.

May you have the best of luck on your journey,

Eric Pykonen
"I don't run in the Marathon, I help make it run."

Eric Pykonen

correction to 3rd paragraph... :) I'm still waking up from the weekend.

it should read, "I don't mind putting in over 40 hours in three days, ending up dead tired."

I'll go back to sleep now. Good luck.


oh man, now I am crying at the visual I have of the old man and yourself.

i have been struggling with the decision whether or not to do the half or the full here in Houston in January (it would be my first and I am scared).

I think you might have just made my decision for me.

keep on truckin!


Hey Dean!
Just wanted to tell you that you are a huge inspiration for me. I just started high school and it's a bit of a shock. I read your book and right after finishing it I went out and bought some running shoes. I run a lot now, and my times are getting better and better. I am a lot happier now that I'm running. I feel good abou myself and I love the challenge that beating yesterday's time presents. Thank you so much and have fun marathoning!

Hadyn Stands

My boyfriend and I are training for the Marine Corps Marathon, which will be my first marathon. We loved your book, it's been quite a motivation, especially on our long runs in hot South Carolina!! See you in DC.

Hadyn and Bryan

Heather Stoehr

Dean, I actually pounded the same pavement with you on Sunday... not just in spirit. I'm the one who gave my daughter a "silly marathon" (and a unicorn) for her 6th birthday. I never caught a glimpse of you, but as I passed the 3:40 pacer at mile 11 as I was coming into mile 7, I had my eyes peeled. No such luck. Your story of the man struggling toward the end warmed my heart. I finished in 6:57:18 and I hobbled my way to the first aid tent to get the lactic acid chiselled out of my calves. I am sore today, but I managed to teach 27 fifth graders anyway. Thinking of you doing this every day for 50 days is an amazing concept to try to wrap my brain around. I wish you much luck in the days and weeks to come. "Pain is just weakness leaving the body." Here's to your remaining races and my remaining 40lbs! Onward!

Michelle Rivera

Dean, I just read your blog for the Portland Marathon and you said something that I want to share with those I am currently training with. "The aim is to unite individuals in a supportive environment, to connect and share the running spirit together as a team." You don't know how these words affect me. I am a pace leader and was just "reprimanded" for staying with my group while we ran our last long run. I was told to keep a 4 hour limit and when they wanted to keep going, I stayed. How could I just leave them?? Thank you for reiterating what the meaning of a team is and how in a team you are not alone nor do you leave anyone alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep on running and see you in NYC!!


i can't seem to read these without loosing it myself!! Dean... Please Please Please... write another book... please write a book about this increadible experience you are having!! please share it with the world!!! keep running... like you mean it! ;-)


I ran the Twin Cities 10 Mile race today (in conjunction with the 'live' Twin Cities Marathon.) I just started running less than 8 months ago and am attempting a 1/2 marathon in Louisville, KY, on the 22nd. I've been so inspired by you and this amazing event. Even though I'm flying back to Minneapolis the morning you're running there, I'm going to try to make it to the finish line of your Twin Cities Marathon!


I was up in Portland myself, but only doing the 5 mile race then assisting an unofficial aid station for some fellow running pals in the marathon. I'm sure you passed by our aid station (mile 21 with the U of O Duck banner! LOL ) and I was hoping to cheer you on, but must have missed you. Good luck as you are now entering your half way mark of your marathon tour!

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