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Monday, September 25, 2006


Stacey Mittelstadt

Wow, what an amazing event for the fourth grade class. On Friday, the class used the article from the Casper Star Tribune as a current event. They were so inspired by your cause that they begged me to take them to the finish line.
When the students returned to school, they wrote health and fitness goals for themselves and some of the teachers set new goals as well. Your run has fired up the class and the staff on being more healthy. Thank you!


What a great experience today! One of Dean's most humbling attributes is his ability to say "hi" as we pass every walker, other jogger, bicyclist on the trail. The true glory in this adventure is to get people involved and raise fitness awareness across the nation. Thank you Dean for being involved in my 1st and 2nd marathons.


Good Luck & Safe Running, I'm cheering for you from So. Califonia. GO "Team DEAN"


Since I met you at Outdoor Retailer last summer after reading your book, I have to say that I'm definitely in awe of your ability and dedication. I'm stoked to have a chance to run with you in Cleveland, and just hope that I'm ready for it. I sprained my ankle severely in July, and though a relatively minor setback in comparison to many that people (on this blog even!) have gone through, its been enough to slow me down a bit. I hope for the best for all the runners over the next few weeks and I'll see you in the Buckeye State Oct. 20th. Thank-you.



you are getting faster and faster!! Great work!

Keep your head up! You are doing really good!!


Stacey Mittelstadt

The kids from North Casper were so excited to be a part of such a great event. The students became aware of your cause by reading and summarizing the article from the Casper Star Tribune. The students begged us to let them go to the event.
Thank you for letting them hold the tape and run across the finish line. They haven't stopped talking about it. The students returned to school and wrote health goals for themselves. We are going to try to encourage each other to live healthier lives.


Dean--We are driving down from Canada so my husband can run with you in Seattle this weekend. He has talked about nothing else for the past several months! Your pictures, stories and blogs are so motivating that it's making me (a slow-trot runner at best!!)want to lace up and join the group. I think your dream is becoming a bigger reality that you could have ever imagined! See you soon!

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