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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Stephen Gartside

A real thrill running with you today. Nicole loved the autographed shirt, thanks. Can't wait to read the book on the 50 days. Met some more of your CTS crew after the race. You've got a great bunch of people on your crew. Have fun and I'll look for you in NYC on November 5.

Cyber high five,


You are incredible! A true inspiration...so much so that I've decided to run 100 in 10K in 100 days (nothing in comparison to what you're doing but it's a start, right?) As serendipity would have it...the 100th 10K will by New Year's Day 2007. Not a bad way to ring in the New Year! Take care of your cold and feel better soon. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey.

Heather Stoehr

Hey Dean! I ran with you today in spirit! I ran my final long training run in prep for Portland on October 1st. For ten miles I was thinking about where you were and how you were. I remembered words from your book to help me push on. Over the last year I have gone from 274.4 pounds to 217. I stopped losing weight in April once I started training for PDX. I found your book after running the Seafair Half in Bellevue, WA on 7/9 and have been paying close attention ever since. You'll be running that recreation while I'm travelling to Portland to get my race number. I plan to finish PDX in 7 hours, so there's no hope of keeping up with you, but I'll look forward to knowing I'll be pounding the pavement with you for a few hours. It's my daughter's 6th birthday on October 1st, and I'm giving my daughter the gift of a healthy me. If I can do it, you can too. *laugh* Go you!

Warmest regards,
Teacher, mommy and big fat loser!

Brandon Fuller

I ran the 1/2 marathon today in Boulder. Got to see Dean start and finish the race. Also, got to meet him afterwards at his appearance. Such a cool experience!

Dean, you make me want to run further. Thanks!

Bill Ahlers

GREAT RUN! I was hoping that the cold would slow you down enough so I could run with you HAHA. Unfortunately I had come down with a cold Friday and was thinking that I probably shouldn't introduce myself or run near you for fear of you getting sick but then when I found out you had a cold I was happy because I thought I could run with you, then reality hit when I couldn't catch up but I did get a chance to give ya a haller on that out and back. I was a little bummed that I didn't get a chance to formally meet you but next year!

I quit smoking 2 years ago after a lifetime of it becuase my Mother passed of lung cancer and my father with emphyzema. I figured I better do it now while I have the choice. Smokers typically do not like to run( go figure) but once I quit I wanted to lose weight too and started running and found out I loved it. I can appreciate challenges of oneself mentally and physically and you also instill a great amount of inspiration in many people. Good luck and stay healthy and may the wind guide you from behind.

Bill AHlers

Peter Bockenthien


If you're blood type O, get Gaia Herbs Collinsonia Root. It will clear out your sinuses and make you feel better. According to one researcher you can take as much as you want, but I would strick with two eyedroppers full to start.

But only if you're type O. It won't work on type A and B.

Susan Malandra

Way to go, Dean!
Every day I check your blog and I am inspired more and more. I ran 13 in the rain on Sat. and thought of your Kanasas Marathon and the great people that ran with you, then I thought my situation wasn't so bad. All your stories are keeping me motivated as I train for NY on 11/5. I only hope I get a chance to shake your hand at the finish.
Susan Malandra

Mike Kress

Dude. I read your book Ultramarathon Man on Friday ran hard on Saturday and I was so amped up to work out this morning that I got to work late! Now I check out your progress and you have me choking up at my desk! You are an incredible inspiration and it couldn't have happened at a better time in my life. See you in New York or earlier if I'm lucky. FYI I had to pledge $2500 to NYRR running related youth initiatives to get in the marathon. I believe there are some spots left if your fans want to join you in your 50th race. They can go to. http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/about/charities.php

Nicole, Gracie, Coleman and "Elway" (the stuffed dog)

Hi Dean! We met you yesterday at the Boulder Running Company after the Boulder Backroads Marathon. I just wanted again to say Thank You so much for everything that you are doing for our nation, by promoting health awareness in adults and children, and for TRULY INSPIRING each of us in our own way!!!! You are truly amazing and it was such a great honor to meet you yesterday. Best of health and happiness along the way throughout your grand adventure!

You are in our thoughts and prayers,
~Nicole :-)


I wish you the best of luck with that cold. I have fallen victim to many sinus infections, and I hated every minute of them. I know how it is hard to concentrate when your head is congested. The last marathon I completed was with a severe sinus infection. I learned a lesson though: never take a decongestant before running. They are stimulants and they increase your heart rate, leaving you vulnerable to an increase in lactic acid. I wish you luck and I am looking forward to seeing you in NJ.


David Marsh

Dear Dean,

I must open up by saying: You are THE MAN! You are a living legend for running. I'm a freshman at a community college, running cross country, and during all my workouts my mind always refers back to what you have accomplished. What you are doing is heroic, you're a great role model. I love what you're doing, keep it up. I believe in you, everyone believes in you.. i know you can accomplish anything if you believe in you.

many thanks,
David Marsh


My 8-year-old daughter and I volunteered at mile 7.8 water station to support the runners and have a chance of cheering you on! She was excited to see the "superhuman" runner that she saw on the cover of Runner's World last month. We were there at the Rez to see you finish but she was too shy to go up and say hi, but I promised her I'd add to your blog instead.

Best of luck to you and happy trails!

Westminster, Colorado

C. Zeitler

What are you eating, Dean? Whatever it is, keep doing it!
I think of you every morning--it'll be a while before you get to sleep in again!

Give 'em hell-

Rada Tuntasood

Hi Dean,
Ever since I read your book I have been truly inspired by all that you have done and continue to do!

I have been training a while for the upcoming Chicago Marathon (my first marathon ever) and was ready to give up after a series of training injuries. Reading your blog and tracking your progress have inspired me so much that I would love to run a part of the Chicago Marathon with you! I imagine it will be difficult to seek out your group amongst the crowd of 40K+ runners and I would hate to miss out on an opportunity to run with you; is there a location where your group will be gathering prior to the start, or how can a runner who wishes to run with you find you?

Thanks and a *high five* to an awesome job so far. Hope to see you in Chicago!

Rich Brown

Hi Dean,

I'm still smiling from the memory of Memphis. It was cool to run without racing and just enjoy the adventure. I think you are on to something. You are succeeding in more ways than one. I'm hoping for a second turn, maybe Huntsville or Tampa... Hope your head clears soon and you find cool, dry condiditions the rest of the way.

Rich B.

scot morrison


Congratulations on notching off another marathon. It's one less toward the big goal! You go dude.

Your endeavor demonstrates that one can live young-at-heart through our great outdoors and captures the essence of the American spirit. I'm chatting up your quest at work as well. Everyone, in my opinion, needs to hear about your personal challenge and its example for our nation's youth.

Are you changing out shoes after each race? Do you have a pair of 'charm' socks or something along those lines? Just curious. We're sending our best vibes from San Luis Obispo, California.

Jedi on,

Joel Rooy

You are rocking the nation, Dean!
--Loved your book, The Ultramarathon Man! Its the book that keeps me going and going! I ran my first marathon in Rochester, NY on the same day you started out in MO on 9/17.
--I said to myself "If Dean can do it, so can I." I made it in 5 hr and 34 min. Timing not all that important to me. What's important is that I crossed the line.
-- Been following you on blogs daily!
-- Hope to meet you at #49 in New Jersey.

-- Tear up the asphalt as much as you can!--


steve hearst

What a flood of emotion for your feat.
I hope we can all pick someone up as you have picked us up.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Liz Wood

Hey Dean-

I'm hoping you got my good luck message on the back of your bib #8. With all the diversions my may not have noticed it.
Awesome job! Keep it up!



I read your book last year while I was en route to Afghanistan for a deployment. It truly inspired me and I promised myself I'd do a marathon when I got home. 1 year and 6 days after reading your book I completed the Boulder Backroads Marathon. Getting the chance to see you on the course made my first marathon that much more incredible. Thanks for doing what you do, you're an incredible testament to the power of determination!


This was my first marathon, and it was really great to pass by you on the course (you were headed toward mile 19, I was on my way out to mile 16 on that out-and-back stretch...clearly, I'm a lot slower!). Glad you're doing this, and good luck!

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