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Saturday, September 23, 2006



Tomorrow is my first ever half marathon, the Boulder Backroads. While I probably won't even see Dean, the blog is a great inspiration to me. I am amazed by the people who follow along and fascinated by this 50 day journey. I just started running after having my first baby at 40. I guess I do things a little later than many people. Thanks, Dean, for doing this.


Hope you can make it down to Australia so some of us can run along with you, you are truely inspirational


Carolyn Thompson

Dear Dean,
You're in my thoughts and prayers--best of luck to you!! Congrats on your first 7 days. May your mind overcome your beat-up body. Hang in there and know we are pulling for you!!
A Virginia Runner

steve hearst

So you forgot about your cold early, huh? :) What an amazing day!
As a team, we are all with you.
Go far, my man.


Great Job Dean
I have been watching and reading the Blog every day. You are an inspiration.
The book was awesome.

Keep it up

Maybe see you in Tampa



I'm a great admirer of Dean, but cannot resist asking this question:
today Haile Gebrselassie won the Berlin marathon at 2:05:55, within just a minute of Paul Tergat's world record; now, what about running 42km only once, but fast?


Dean and all the runners-Reading your posts has been such an incrdible inspiration to me! I'm training for the Marine Corps Marathon in DC and hope to see you there.

How many pairs of shoes do you think you will go through?

Keep running-
Two Braids


Dean -
Thanks for the great experience. I only had intentions of running the 1/2 but the group attitude and enthusiasm was too good to pass up, not to run the full. It was like an easy "group" run... for 26.2 miles. :)
Good luck the rest of the way!

Scot Morrison


Thank you for being an example of courage, strength, and determination for all of us both young and old.

I'm looking forward to following your odyssey on a daily basis.

The best of health (e.g. watch those bugs), spirit, and tenacity to you and yours. Thank you for sharing your amazing odyssey to endurance and determination through outdoor activity.

Jedi On,



Truly an honor to complete my first marathon with you. It was an outstanding day and a great experience. Thanks for your support.

Wish you the best... Run Strong!


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