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Friday, September 22, 2006


Marcus King


My kids and I are followinging your adventure daily. You're a great inspiration. I'm training for my 2nd marathon. I'd didn't feel like tackling my training run this morning, but once I thought about what you are doing, I lased the running shoes and hit the run. I'm feeling great. Our spirits are with you every day.



Awesome, You rock Dean!

Lawrence Underwood

I love that young man's comment. Run like you mean it. Amen!


I'm reading and watching everyday. I'm signed up to run with you in Anchorage. This is so awesome. It's keeping me jazzed too. Im training for my 3rd marathon. My first was Honolulu last December as a member of the Team in Training program. My second was Mayor this June, agian with Team in Training. I'm headed to Honolulu again in December as a Team in Traning volunteer and to do the marathon.


The world is watching...many, many are inspired by your committment and drive to push away the limits. I love your attitude Dean. Thanks for leading the way.

I'm 45 and I'll run my first marathon in a couple of weeks.

Run like you love it!


I'm a french woman and i discovered your blog and your mission. I'm very impressed. I'm note very sportship but since i was discorved you, i starting to move more my body. I start to walk and perhaps i could run in a near future.

I think about you do every days. I find that you are doing is amazing. Good luck.


I'm crying... again.. reading your blog! My goodness!! During my 20 mile training run this morning, you and your amazing journey crept into my mind several times! "If Dean can do 26.2 DAILY for 50 days... I can get through 20 miles today!" Was my thought! Thank you Dean! You are teaching me to "RUN LIKE I MEAN IT"!!!!!

Sandy Leiferman

What an honor to run with Dean! He is a hero in my world! See you in New York!


Hi Dean!

You're truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your experiences and your travels with us.

I remember in your book that you said that your running mechanics are excellent. Also, confirmed by your extraordinary mileage, injury-free.

Because I haven't been able to find good resources on the web, I've been trying to study your biomechanics on the youtube video posted earlier, although I can't see your legs. I've needed to do this, because I've been having heel/knee problems, despite getting new shoes, as well as reading literature/web sources.

Would it be possible for you to post a clip of you running - a side view, front view, and back view, maybe 20 seconds each? I'd like to study your mechanics, cadence, up-down bouncing, strides, your angle against the ground, and the way your feet strike the ground.

Also, I understand if this is too much to ask :)

Anyhow, good luck with the rest of your marathons, and thanks again for all the inspiration that you share!

steve hearst

It's amazaing how many are following you, every day!!!
You're accomplishments are moving a nation, the world.
Keep Kicking!


Hi, Dean!
I'm in Des Moines, Iowa, and I was thrilled that you came here to run our marathon route.

I'd been training for the Des Moines Marathon myself since April. Unfortunately, 3 weeks ago, I injured my foot and had to drop out. Since this would have been my first full marathon (I ran a half last year), I was pretty upset at first, but I'm determined to run one next year!

I was really inspired by your book. Whenever the going got tough during a long run, I always thought of you running through the night, and it gave me the courage to keep going and not wimp out. Thanks!

Lauren Link

Dean~ It was great running with you in Des Moines, you are one of the most positive person I have ever met. Thanks for sticking by me and for always running in the back!! You have made me believe I can do anything; thanks for the little bit of inspiration everyday!! Good luck, I know you can do this!

jurgen Lee

I like to run all over town with my jogging stroller and five year old daughter. Sometimes I run miles with her on my shoulder(she is only 5).I have been tracking dean for the 50 in 50 and now watching his trek I'm like addicted to his perfomance. Runners like myself everywhere have to be envious that you can do this ,and am going to cross the U.S. by foot power.GO.Dean go. humbled in Akron OHio JUrgen Lee.

Russ Hill

Dean, My wife and I ran with you on your 1st marathon during your Endurance 50 (St. Louis, MO). It was awesome and you truly are an amazing person! I know you give speeches at schools, but I was wondering how to get a hold of you or your "p.r." person about that. I'm a high school teacher at a brand new school in O'Fallon, MO (just outside St. Louis), and I know that you could have a major impact on our student body (as well as staff). Our principal is runner and would be pumped about it. I know you're super busy, however if you could find time to respond, I'd be forever grateful. Thanks for all you do and all you have done! Keep pickin' 'em up & layin' 'em down!!

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First of all like to jog and run as my hobbies, this marathon is a great pleasure to join in competition like this. before joining this event a long preparation will encounter like jogging a mile to increase your stamina, strength,and endurance.Dean inspired me on what he did on this event by giving courage as a part of athlete.

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