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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Katie, Runner Mike's wife

Dear Dean & Julie,
Rode the run today in my bright pink jacket cheering you all on and can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience it was! I don't think I've ever seen a run where the runners are all SMILING (even at mile 22!!).

Dean, it was an honor to meet your family--it's easy to see how you turned out so great by spending just 5 minutes in your mom and dad's company! And your wife is truly a hero to the rest of us 'marathon training widows'!

You continue to motivate and inspire us all, but it was wonderful to see how your influence rubs off on others--every runner on the course today was rooting for the other, pulling THE GROUP to the finish line and realizing that they are part of something that they'll remember for the rest of their lives, "#14 with Dean on the Endurance 50!".

Good luck & see you in NYC!


PS: Looking forward to seeing the video of Mike hitting the pole in the Journeyman Documentary!

Jeff Goodwin

Dear Dean,

You are inspiring people half way around the world here in Australia to get off the couch.

Thanks for showing us good guys do finish first.
Thanks champ.

Jeff Goodwin

John Wallace III


Beautiful running conditions with cloudy skies and a little over fifty degrees. I volunteered at the sign-in tent and setting up the finish line area which takes about 10 people 2 hours or more to get ready. It was great to see my friend JB again and be sure to look for his documentary coming Spring 2007.

Enjoy the photos, comments will be added momentarily.


steve hearst

This is more motivating everyday!
I wish I had trained better this year to run one of these with you.
Your dream is helping many more (as our Aussie friend said) to get off the couch.
Thanks for setting the pace.

Lauren Ortiz

Hi Dean:

I ran the Lewis and Clark on 9/17 and wanted to thank you for signing your book for my daughter and me just before the race began. Your vow renewal was quite beautiful and how cool that you were able to arrange for the entire family to do this wild and wonderful thing with you.

I teach middle school math and science. Last year I also taught fitness and was amazed at how the kids hated being active. All they wanted to do was a "ball" type game. This year I am not teaching fitness but have these kids for health. I've been telling them about how much more running I have been doing and told them of your book and mission. Their interest has been sparked! They have started inquiring how far I run and are curious about the races I run, etc. They also are wanting to know about joinging track this year, (I coached last year).

Lewis and Clark was my first marathon since 1989! My girlfriend and I were hoping to run part of it with you but we were doing about 9:30's. Though, I did talk with some wonderful people along the way. She was trying to qualify for Boston so after mile three she went ahead. I happily finished in 4:30 with my kids at the finish.

I have felt so inspired that I signed up to do my first Ultra on 10/8. (Any tips would be greatly appreciated.) It is a trail 50K through Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin.

I'm running Chicago on 10/22 - hope to see ya there.

Congratulations and Stay strong! God bless to you and your family.

With life, light and laughter,



The most memorable 26 miles I have ever run. Dean is a stand-up guy and his family is absolutely beautiful. I never thought I would be running side by side w/ "The Ultramarathon Man," but that is exactly what I did. Dean leads by example inspiring those who meet him or have read about him. The genuineness w/ which he speaks to people makes all those who encounter him feel truely special and capable of the unimaginable. Dean you are beyond words. As I move through life I like to take bits and pieces of those that I have met and who have touched me in some way, and put them in my back pocket. I hope I can take all the great qualities of those that have helped me through my life journey and helped me grow as a person so that maybe some day in the future I can give back to someone else all that was given to me. So Dean I wanted to thank you for giving me something to add to my back pocket.


Thanks for an amazing run. I was able to run faster than I had ever imagined for a marathon.

It was my first marthon and what unforgetable way to do it. The support was unbelieveable. Dean was so easy and willing to talk to you. So was everyone else on the run. Thanks to all those who help me realize my dream of completing a marathon!

Damon Heer

Dean and the amazing support crew,

Thank you for making my 39th birthday a memory for a life time.

Damon Heer and Team Heer

"God gave me the ability, the rest is up to me. Believe, believe, believe..."
-Billy Mills-

Jerry Retzlaff

Hi Dean,
It's been 48 hours since I ran with you and met your beautiful family. I'm still higher than a kite. I am one of those that was treating this as a training run for the MCM on October 29th. Little did I know that this was going to be the most inspirational running day of my life. Washington DC may not be enough. I may have to be in New York too.


I am truly enjoying your blog. I signed up to run #40 with you and reading your blog is like a daily reaffirmation of why I want to do this. Thank you for this.


hey there,
we were on the side of the road, because i could not find a baby sitter for my daughter. however it was so fun, my daughter was the little cheerleader on the side of the road. she wore her outfit for the runners and wanted to cheer you all of you on! we drove all over town to find you, she was ready to cheer. i am glad we finally found you. you mad eher day, and mine too.
good luck and keep charging
alexie and zara

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