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Friday, September 29, 2006


Paul K. Lindauer

Congratulations on another fine day, Dean...I wish I could have run with you today here in Boise, but I could NOT get out of work. Oh well, thanks for the continuing updates and I will continue to follow your great progress. I wish you good luck with all of your diverse endeavors and hope to see you on the trails someday...

Tim FitzGerald

Dean...I read your book and it was amazing. I am a very athletic father and die hard soccer player who is past his prime...I am 38 and have always wanted to run a marathon but my knees won't let me train the miles required. Playing on grass is much easier on my knees. I log in every night to see how your day was. I think you are incredible. The so called athletes that play pro sports could NEVER keep up with you. You deserve all the rewards life brings you, financially as well. Where is NIKE during all this? They should sponsor you to the likes of Labron James, Tiger Woods and Payton Manning; because what you are doing dwarfs their abilities...best of luck and I wish you well.


christi feeter

Thank you dean for your beautiful blessings to Dave Ames...he has been one of my closest friends since 7th grade and didn't even know you knew him till last night at the fundraiser....thank you so much for your contribution...all the Feeters say hello to you by the way - and wish you well...we are still sailing as a family - i have a house on molokai - and my parents are down the road...clay and kurt say hello...dave's illness has been a gravitational pull for us all - thank you so much - and I hope i can be there to see you cross the line with dave -- he is truly one of those happy - wonderful people in the world...thank you...christi

Bill Willcox

Way to keep going Dean. I have signed up to run with you in Greensboro. I am a watered down version of yourself on the East Coast. I run about 12 miles every morning with my dog. I am running to raise money for a friend who had a stroke. Your book was very, very inspirational and I thank you for it.

Heather Griffith

Isn't it so wonderful that no day of running is ever exactly the same! Who could ever bore of the sport! It is even more wonderful that the longer you run, the more you can experience in one day! You're doing so great out there, and having so much fun. Reading your blog about each marathon is so delightful! I think it is not how much we work toward something, but how much we love doing it...and that if we really love doing something (like running) it is not work at all, it is life!

ernie resillez

Dean..incredible. You are an animal. You inspire those thats just start out and people like me that have done marathons for 20 years and want to do something hard core.




Alex Burnet


I've been reading our columns and reading of your exploits for some time now. I am running my first marathon next week...and just wanted to say you are a huge inspiration to me, and i'll be thinking of the pain your legs must be feeling as I ignore the pain in mine (you'll be on day 23!).


Alex in Ottawa, Canada


Enjoy the Portland Marathon and your brief stay in the Rose City this Sunday!

steve hearst

I can't wait for the Dean Wave to come to Ohio!!!
I am glad that there is a documentary being filmed make sure that some of the comments from this blog are included.
These are as inspirational as the Endurance50.
Dean, thanks for the avenue to share this run with you.

Brian Harvey

Hey Dean,

I hope all is well. Your stories are rocking! I'm looking forward to one of your "shorter marathons" to join you on. ;) My current long run is 17 miles, ramping up for the Big Sur International.

Good Wishes,


Jen Pugh

Dean - I'm sorry that you are coming to Indiana 3 days after my first marathon. Thanks for being a great role model, and for making the world see how awesome you are. Rock on... I'll be cheering for you.

Jen - Greenwood, IN

Blake Austin

Thanks for putting the run together on Friday. It was a great day. I read your book on the way home and found it inspiring, not only for the accomplishments, but for your perseverence. We are out here pulling for you. May God bless you and your family.

Blake from Alabama



Maybe the radio host was thinking of the Chicago Lakeshore Marathon in 2005, the one where the official course ended up being 27.2 miles instead of 26.2!


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