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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Kris Cummings

I had an amazing run with you in Billings. You have a wonderful family as well. I enjoyed talking with your father he is so proud of you and the message that you are sending to our youth. He said some words to my wife that were very moving as well. Thanks again for accommodating my cross country team. I have a feeling that I will get more kids involved in cross country next year. We will continue to relay your message of a fitter America. I know that the kids will never forget running to the finish line with you. Go Team Dean!! Thanks for the memories and inspiration.

Kris Cummings

Clare Lewis

Wow, the Montana Marathon sounds absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to say that I am absolutely bowled over, amazed and inspired by your challenge Dean. As a fairly new runner (3 years or so) and someone who is only about to embark on her first HALF Marathon this weekend, I almost thought I must be going mad when I first started reading about Ultra Marathon runners and then I came across your page!! Good luck with the rest of the runs and I hope they continue to be as enjoyable and inspiring for you as they have so far. Good luck!
Clare, London, UK

karen agersborg


I don't know if you remember me...we trained at Wyeth together years ago. I saw your story on TV this am before my morning row. Just wanted to wish you the very best in your pursuit. FYI, I didn't sell out...finished med school and became an Endocrinologist (and divorced you know who).
Life is different now ...my passion is rowing and medicine. All the best, Karen Agersborg Philadelphia, PA

Roy Young

WOW! Again & again I am excited by the affect you are having on those who run with you and those who cheer you on in your cause. I really look forward to reading about your daily experences on this adventure. And I am a little envious of all of the great people you are meeting. You must feel truely blessed by these people.
Dean, I wanted to briefly tell you about how you have impacted the people of my family. I have maintained a 100# wt loss for a year (the Portland OR marathon will be 1 yr) and have been running for about 10 months now. I will be running my 2nd marathon with you in Portland. You have shown me that my body isn't where the limits are. It's in my imagination. You also have affected my 6 children, through me their dad. After my 15 yr old daughter finished reading your book yesterday, she wrote the below poem (and she's not even a runner - yet;~).

The Run

Sitting at the kitchen table, homework spread out in front of me, I try to concentrate.
Hearing the grating buzz of a lawn mower, I quickly shut the window and look back at my homework.
I read the problem: –x + hydrogen = pronoun. What??, I think, crazily as my mind spins and I read it again. And again. And again. It doesn’t change.
As I look over all my homework, papers and books and binders, spread like an indecipherable map in front of me, something happens.
The papers blend together and rise up against me, and as I leap up and back away, something in my mind snaps, you can hear it, and I run, away, out the front door and down the road, not caring where I am going, not seeing the wondering and suspicious looks of the people I run past.

Three hours and twenty-seven minutes later, I walk back up the stairs to my house, different, yet the same. I walk back in and sit down at the table.
I now know that I am in control of my homework, not vice versa, and –x is no longer added to hydrogen and they together no longer equal a pronoun. I sit down and start my homework.
Running has helped me sort out what I am doing. The time alone, only the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and traffic, no people talking, arguing, doing their homework and other things, has cleared my mind. So, I run.
By Alexandra Leilani

Dean, may you run strong & long ...
See you this Sunday in Portland Oregon.
Gresham, OR

Joe Keener

As i sit here before work the morning after my run with Dean, my body a little sore my feet a little swolen I am reminded why I am alive. To experience the bitter and the seet of life. The pain is the bitter and the sweet is the coming together of 12 kindered spirits; to run, support and be supported. To live just a little more today than yesterday and in the process build a reality within my mind that anything is possible. Thank you Dean for opening my mind. Yesterday I saw a man who has already succeeded in my mind and in my reality. His name is Dean Karnazes. What I saw yesterday was a true Hero; a man who looks like I did when I was on the stage of a bodybuilding competition who is all "GO" when I was just for "Show". He floated over the asphault effortlessly with profound humility. You really are a Hero Dean and this country needs more like you. I will forever remember our day together also. May God continue to bless you and your family as you continue to lead others with a true example of endurance, perserverance and a passion that I call "Love".

Forever your Friend,
Billings Firefighter
Joe Keener

Jason Hill

I was hurting for most of the run, but I don't remember that part nearly as much as the great companionship and conversation I had with Dean and the group today. So far this event is doing exactly what the original goal was: to get people out and active, especially kids. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


Hi Dean,

Congrats on the 12 marathons--what you're doing is so inspirational! Coming from a non-runner, I'm a jogger pushing a baby stroller, I'm in awe of your abilities. I'm volunteering at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC 10/29 -- how can I find you? God's speed (and good health) on the rest of your journey.



Yesterday was perhaps the most memorable run of my life.

Thank you,


John Lloyd


I've been watching your progress and enjoy the daily blog entries. I'm especially touched by the enthusiastic support you're receiving from the children. My 11 year old niece ran the last three miles of the Flying Pig marathon with me this spring and that experience will always be etched in my memory. Thank you for encouraging everyone--including young people--to keep trying their best.
Good luck with the rest of the E50 and I look forward to "running with you" in Chicago on October 22.

barry middleton

Dean- youre inspiring a lot of people including me. Im going out to run one helluva mountain course in Scotland tomorrow with over 7,600 ft of ascent over 25 miles. Ive stolen your idea of chocolcate coated coffee beans, they are working a treat!



Wow great post! Always trying your best...it is so important to remember for middle of the pack runners like myself. I'm going to remember that one.

You're doing great! See you in Hartford!

Greg  Murray


Thank you! I'm training for my second marathon and first ultra. When I was training for my first, I dreaded runs more that 15 miles. Now I look forward to them, in fact I run 15-20 miles whether they're part of my training or not. I love running! Thanks for teaching me to enjoy it. Good Luck! See you in Chicago!


Robin Blackburn


You are living a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. Enjoy every minute. You are making a difference!!

Robin Blackburn, South Carolina


Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far, and keep it up! After reading your message about the endurance messages on the t-shirts of the children, a quote by Steve Prefontaine came to mind. He said "A lot of people run a race to see who is the fastest. I run to see who has the most guts." You certainly have a lot of "guts"! In the end, it is your guts that will give you the endurance to push your body to finish each race - as long as you keep this inner strength, you can do anything.


Everyday I read your blog, I am completely amazed by what you do. You are an inspiration not only for runners, but for anyone who needs the strength to make it that extra mile in anything they do.

Endurance is... shirts, sounds like an interesting idea--is NorthFace selling them?


Hi Dean :)
I just want to say that you friggin' amaze me ! I bought your book last year and I can't tell you how many times I have read it ! You are truly such a great source of motivation and inspiration :) I was having a difficult time on my last long run (22 miles ) and I wanted to give up. However, I thought of you and what you are doing and I just dug my heels in and kept going ! My mom will be flying in from Ireland to run the D.C. Marine Corps marathon with me in Oct. and we are both hoping we might catch a blur of you as you zoom by :) Keep up the amazing running !

Kazuhiko Sakashita, Nagano, Japan

I am a Japanese and am one of the many people who have received courage, spirit and good inspiration from what you have accomplished. I have decided to fly all the way from Japan to Maui to run with you folks and share the great moment. I am also planning to get married in Maui the day before the run, so my plan is to show my wife that I am worth investing in.

Keep it up and see you soon!


Brad Overstreet

Let me start with a little about myself. I am a personal fitness coach. It is my job to motivate people day in and day out to be the best they can be and make great choices along the way. At the same time these clients (friends now) find they get most inspired by seeing what crazy adventure I am involved in at the time. That is the same type of motivation you provide me. You are my personal fitness coach at all times. Thinking of what you are doing motivates me even more to reach my personal goals and help my clients. I can think of no better compliment to give someone.

Now for the good stuff!
Lukes Locker in Dallas has given me the chance to run with you on Tuesday the 10th! When telling my clients they were all excited for me and I can see the fire in their eyes. I have decided to take it one step further. I am trying to get into the Oklahoma run on the 9th and the Baton Rouge run on the 11th. I am asking my clients to donate a dollar for every mile I survive over the 3 days to Karno's Kids. Hopefully 79.00 a person. I really appreciate what you are doing for the youth of today as a father and a fitness coach I know you are making a difference and hope I can help.

One question though, I know you are eating on the runs ,but is there food for the rest of us are is it byoe (bring your own energy)?

Thanks for everything. Any ideas you have will be greatly appreciated. See you at the starting line.

P.S. Where can I find info about Karno's Kids to give to the people who donate.

Rob Turner


My two running partners and I just signed up for the Cleveland, OH leg of The Fifty. We're pumped! It will be our second marathon that week. The Columbus is the Sunday before. We're training for our first Ultra - the JFK 50 in Maryland in November. You have been a huge part of our inspiration. We read your book last year and it encouraged us to go after more of life. In fact, quoting your book has given us many laughs and much courage while running. Can't wait to meet you and run with you. Thanks for your inspiration. Keep going! You can do it!!!


Nicole Jolie


Today I ran to church for a service I thought was supposed to be today. It just so happens it's not for two weeks. At least I was early. I thought this was quite hilarious as I laughed out loud to myself, though I didn't get much of a stir from anyone around; albeit there weren't that many people there!

What was so funny about this was that I was hurting bad from yesterday's run and I thought about you.....26.2 each day....I can't complain. Get out there girlfriend and get your groove on in spite of the pain and in tribute to your hero, Dean.

I tell EVERYONE about this venture you have undertaken and am so amazed each time I read one of your race blogs. I look forward to 'tuning in' each day and tell myself if he can run 26.2 each day I can sure as heck get out and run my insignificant 6 to 10 miles.

Thank you for your incredible spirit and endurance.


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