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Thursday, September 28, 2006



I have been following your story and WOW. As the officer said you are one bad dude and as a cop myself if I ever have to stop you please do not get out and run from me.

Brian Nash


I am enjoying keeping up with your progress as you make your way to the midwest in a month. I look forward to running with you when you run the Tecumseh Trail Marathon on Oct 25.

I am having a hard time getting to the photos that are posted for any of the runs after the Boulder Run. For some reason clicking on the arrows does not seem to bring up any of the later runs, even though I am sure they are there. Could some of your tech folks look into that for those of us looking to follow the photos of the runs as well as the blog.

Hope you are feeling 100% again soon. See you in a month.

Happy trails,

Brian Nash


I'm runner, I do halh-marathon and I planed to do marathon next year. It's so great and awesome what you are doing.
Good Luck and take care!

Liz Wood

Way to go Dean! You are doing awesome!
I wanted to make it to Casper to support you there but it was not possible. Hope the warm hospitality of Wyoming was there for you. So glad that you are doing this for a good cause!

Cheerrs, Liz

Liz Wood

Hey Dean-

You're getting so much positive support from everyone by doing this....your cause is going to be so happy as a result of you!

Have you yet thought that you have the clout to really get support for any cause you might want? More specificially....Have you considered adding just one more marathon to your journey....making it 51.....your itinerary has underrepresented the entity that claims "taxation without represention". My point is, if you do a marathon in DC at the end of your leg in November.....you could go to the Senate and generate huge support for your cause, just by being you and being there.

Please think about it.


Francesco Nicolai

i'm francesco from italy.You're the greatest of every time!!come on karno!come on!

Christine Carey

I'm a first time marathoner and running in the Philadelphia Marathon on November 19th. I was wondering if you would be there?


Congrats to date, I follow almost every day. Great inspiration, I too am a marathoner and find your level of fitness beyond amazing.

I would love to read more about how you are actually feeling. Blisters, aches, getting thru pains, food needs, hydration needs and all of the more physical things that accompany a run of this magnitude. What is your nightly routine-is it hard to sleep or are you knocked out. do you have to ice, etc? Thanks-and best of luck in your quest.


John Mueller

I'm glad you had a great time in Fargo Dean! Thanks so much for staying around afterwards and chating with everyone even though you had to make your flight soon. It was really great to be able to get your autograph and get a picture taken with you so thanks alot!

Best of luck with the rest.

Kristin Field

Dear Dean,
Congratulations on another amazing run. You inspire us all.

I'll see you at the starting line in Boston on October 15. Until then, stay healthy and run strong!

Kristin Field

Rob Engelmann


I somehow missed the registration for the run in Anchorage, but hopefully I’ll be able to see you at the finish line. Being in the Air Force I see different challenges every day, but watching you do this has inspired me make the marathon more than just a once a year sort of thing. I'm just sorry I won't get to run with you. Thanks for pushing the limits and proving mind over matter.

Good Luck!

Rob Engelmann

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