Friday, August 11, 2006


John G.- Minneapolis, MN

As if your running feats are not enough inspiration to run with you! These guys ARE "Giants". We are in! Not a weekend long run goes by w/o my training bud (Brian) and I telling a "Karno Story". It is usually followed by a laugh and some sort of insanity reference. It for sure has been motivating. See you in Minneapolis, we'll bring the chocolate covered espresso beans.
John G.

Andrew Smit

Those stories are really inspirational, it's amazing what the human body is capable of. I'd like to point you to another amazing feat about to be attempted by two South Africans in aid of charity. They aim to run the Great Wall of China, nearly 5000km. You can find more info here: http://www.thechallenge.tv/
Thanks for an inspiring blog,
Andrew Smit

Anthony Kramer

Mr. Karnazes (“Karno,” if I may),

You are a true champion of champions. Thanks for providing hope and inspiration to us all. There will never be another you.

Anthony Kramer

Roy Young

Greetings Dean,
Thanks again for the inspiration. To hear about others & their adventures makes me want to try a little harder to go a little farther and think of others a little more.

Keep it safe & keep it up to all of you. Thank for sharing your's & these other stories.

See you at the starting line...
Roy Young
Gresham, OR

Tom Lickiss

Hi there,
I just wanted to say good luck for the 50 in 50. I'm a student in England so I won't be able to come and join you on any stages unfortunately - but I'll be following the progress on the site.
P.s. Do you ever do, or have you ever done, weight training for muscular conditioning to help with running? Or do you let the running to do that for you?!

J. Pat Lamb


A champion puts the needs of others before his/her own. That's true humility. You've shown just that by recognizing the causes of these two other runners.

I admire what Christopher Reeve said from his wheelchair when addressing the nation years ago..."All of us need to help all of us." I appreciate your spirit of unity in great causes. You're making a difference by helping those in need.

"Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling..." (Jude 24)

See you on October 10th!

J. Pat Lamb
Arlington, Texas

Scott Kessel

Dear Dean,
I have just signed up to run with you at the Dallas White Rock. I can't wait to meet you. I am leaving in just 10 days to run the Bulldog 50 KM in Malibu. It's my first Ultra and I am excited. Looking forward to a great run with you in Dallas.
Best Regards,

Robert Watkins

Many, many thanks for your support & recognition of Sam Thompson's efforts. With all of your sponsorships & fame, taking the time to fly to Atlanta to run with Sam during his true "grassroots" 50 in 50 effort (especially just before starting your own similar adventure) and also sharing his story on your website was a first rate class act.

Best of luck!!!
-Robert Watkins

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