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Thursday, July 06, 2006



YES! I'm the first to comment! GO DEAN!

brian harvey

Good luck Dean! Reading your story and following your runs have kept me inspired and pushes me forward on my own runs.

Those days when I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing a measly 10 miles, I think about what you’re about to accomplish and that alone is enough to get me out the door.

Blaise Aguirre

Hey Dean,

What an inspiration you are! I have 3 50+ mile ultras (and 25 marathons) under my belt and would love to run with you and support the cause. Before signing up though, do you have a sense of the kind of pace you intend to keep in these marathons?

Best of luck in any case

Blaise A.

Rocket & Side-Kick

Yes! No limitations! Will run with you in Washington D.C. and New York City! Finally got the SHEEPDOGS "Law Enforcement Running Team" full speed ahead thanks to your help!
Everytime you raise the bar - it makes me realize that there really are No Limits!

Thank You Team Dean

Rocket & Side-Kick


Wish it was done at the International level...I would be happy to join from Morocco.
Good luck!

John Sajdak

Dean! You are an awesome inspiration. I just signed myself up for your marathon in Florida, and I'm hoping I will be able to keep up. I'm doing the GREAT FLORIDIAN the weekend before, and the Madison Ironman the month before. YIKES!

Ed Cabanero

I have heard so much about your planned Endurance 50 event; I was glad to read about all the details today.

I hope to get involved in some way--whether to run with you on some legs, volunteer, or support your foundation.

Each of your stories encourage me each time to get beyond the box. My training runs now approach marathon distance. I usually recover in two days without any pain killers. I've done two long runs back-to-back, but 50 straight is super-human! Maybe you will have a silver buckle event after the inaugural run?

I will follow your progress closely, starting September 17th. Good luck!


Hi Dean, I am so excited! I just registered to run with you the Baltimore Marathon. This would be like a few days after Marine Corps Marathon in DC, which I am running as well. I have never done 2 marathons in a few days apart. I just told myself I got to do this since this a one time chance I get to run beside you and feel all your positive energy. I admire you alot and feel your energy even remotely. See you soon!

Matt DeMartino

Reading Ultramarathon Man a little over a year ago more than inspired me to train for my first 1/2 and full marathons (Walt Disney World's inagural Goofy Challenge). At 20, completing the races was a physical challenge, but mentally your book prepared me for the worst. I feel honored to know that my second race will be with you, while on your 50 states journey, at the Marine Corps Marathon. How many kids my age get to run a marathon with their hero? It's going to be phenominal, and I wish you the best of luck.

Paul Watts

Karno, your book is the best I have ever read! A massive inspiration. I am looking forward in running with you in Chicago



I read your book and just wanted to let you know that it's truly inspiring and motivating.... I wish you the best of luck on your 50 marathons, you really are an amazing person, I look forward to running with you in Minnesota!!


Hello Dean,
What a cause; What a goal!! Your extraordinary drive, passion, and commitment to go the distance have touched every runner’s soul. You are an inspiration, thank you! I look forward to reading your future post and wish you a very successful journey!




Wow, what you're doing is absolutely incredible. I am training to run my very first marathon - the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on October 22 - and I'm honored that I'll be running it with you!

Best of luck in your training, I'll be following your progress closely. You are a wonderful source of inspiration!


Joshua Grzegorzewski

Thank you for helping me to keep everything in perspective with regards to family, work, running, and life in general. Hearing your story on your book tour and then digging out more details from the book, as well as articles and interviews has helped me remain focussed on my current running goal, to qualify for and complete next year's Boston Marathon.

I will see you on the course in Chicago, and may be joining you in Boston if I can shave off those last 9 minutes THIS month.


What Inspiration and Power you are giving to others and myself! Thank you!
Feel free to call on us when you make it to Seattle. We at Lakeside Massage would love to help in anyway.
Way to go!



I have read your book twice now, most recently in the past few weeks. I hope to see you at the SF Marathon (my first - only a half) at the end of the month, and then again in Baltimore in November. I want to see how my half-marathon goes before committing to a full one with you when I move to Maryland, but if all goes well, I'll see you in both places! In the meantime, good luck with your training. You are a true inspiration for us all.


Chris Gregory


Your endurance and dedication is an inspiration and amazing! Best wishes with your training and beginning this stellar journey in September. I just signed up to run with you in Grand Rapids, MI. I'm hoping to run another marathon earlier that month, meaning my first time of 2 marathons in 2 weeks. GR would then be 8 marathons in 2 years for me by this October. Looking forward to meeting/running with you in GR! Healthy and happy training to you -- Stay Strong!

--Chris G

John Cairns


I have read your book. You are truly a running machine! I plan to see you in Kentucky, which will be my 13th marathon, and my tenth state, plus Washington, D.C
You are a great inspiration, to young and old! Good luck, and hope to meet you there!

God bless,

Steve Seal

Hoping to run with you in Atlanta. Will you actually sign our books at the marathon for us if we finish the run with you? That would make a special day even more special!
I am 51 and you inspire me to try 4 marathons in 60 days, including your Georgia run.

Sean Kendrick


I am a big fan of you and your book. I am signed up and I am looking forward to running with you in Tampa. Any chance we can get some Round Table Pizza for the run? :-)

Good luck !

Sean K


I'm in.
See you in Dallas.


shannon clement

I learned about all of your amazing accomplishments from the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon last month. I was at the expo, and I started walking by the area you were speaking at and I heard " eating 28,000 calories to keep me going" and I had to hear the rest! I ended up buying your book, and it was very inspirational ( i've read it twice!). I just learned about the endurance 50- And I thought doing two marathons within three months was hard!- and I really wish I could join you out there for one of those marathons. I wish you nothing but the best, and I can't wait to see what the next "challenge" will be!

-Shannon C.

Peter Johnson

I read U.M.M. and am looking forward to sharing a slurpee and hearing more about your prep work for Edurance50. I am excited and looking forward to SF, and running with you. Back home in your stomping ground, its gunna rock brother!

Looking forward reading more, and most importantly, DOING more!

Peter J


Hi Dean!
I am very interested by what you have accomplished, and what you are attempting to accomplish. It is amazing that you are able to run 350 miles straight and still have the energy to continue with your everyday life. I plan on trying an ultra someday and thanks to your book, I have a lot of tips on how to get started. You must be the fittest guy in the world.

peter westcott

Hi Dean,
I think this is a wonderful idea - wish I could join you on each of your runs.
I look forward to running with you at Marine Corps.
Warm regards, Peter

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