Thursday, July 27, 2006


Roy Young

Greetings Dean,
Thanks for the update. I look forward to reading how you are preparing for the Endurance 50. I find it fascinating and inspiring. You have helped my to see past my "limits" and push just a little farther than I thought I could, only to find out I really could do it. Only until we venture into the unknown do we find out where our limit truly is.
I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the Portland Marathon 10/1/06 and running with your "team". You are helping me make my running a lifestyle, rather than just a passing "fitness fancy".

See you at the starting line...
Gresham, OR

David Israelitt

You are huge inspiration to me Dean. Good luck with the Endurance 50! I'll be following your progress with high hopes.

Amanda Taplin

I really enjoy reading you daily progress. I've been really unmotivated lately to run but since I've signed up to run with you in Minneapolis October 23, I can't wait to get out there and train... you're definitely a huge inspiration for me, thanks for helping me get my motivation back.

my only question is how can you handle the badwater ultramarathon?? i can't stand this 90 degree heat!!

you truly are an amazing human being!!!

Deirdre Palmer

WOW!! I am very impressed with your positive attitude after so much training. I think you may be part man-part machine. I will be running the Chicago marathon for the second year in a row, last year was my first marathon and what an exhilirating feeling crossing the finish line. I wish you all the best. See you in Chicago!!
best regards, Deedy
p.s. sorry you won't be running the Las Vegas marathon....I could use the inspiration in 35 degree weather.

Lisa Cao

Hi Dean,

I just wanted to thank you for raising awareness about the obesity epidemic in America, and encouraging active lifestyles through your organization, Karno Kids. As an 18-year-old college student and a former employee of the New York Road Runners Foundation, for the past two years I was involved in the foundation's work of establishing track teams in NYC's schools with limited physical education programs. It was wonderful to see the kids being introduced to running at a young age, and seeing improvement in their lifestyles as a result.

I am thrilled that you will be completing your Endurance 50 expedition in New York, because that marathon holds a special place in my heart. I ran my first ING New York City marathon in November 2005, and I am training for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco in October. Thank you for being an inspiration, and I wish you the best of luck in every step of your endeavor.

Lisa Cao
Brooklyn, NY


Hello Dean,
I'm from Singapore but currently studying in the US. I have read articles about you and I think it is absolutely amazing how you teach others to reach deep inside of themselves for that extra little burst it takes to cross the finish line. I will be running in the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon as well, and I do hope to see you there! Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone, and do continue to keep us updated.

God bless!

Miqui Crespo

hey dean!
I just finished reading your book and your crazy :) i'm 17 and guess what? i've already been training to run the Chicago LaSalle marathon that you so happen to be in! I'm really excited to meet you. After reading your journey through high school and your encouraging coaches, i feel like i'm headed in the same direction your already on! I really look up to you, you've really inspired me, and motivated me. Keep your amazing attitude up, it's contagious Dean!

Miqui Crespo
Chicago, IL

Vickie Adams

It was truly inspiring to see you finishing the Badwater Ultramarathon on Tuesday, July 25, 2006. You have given me so much motivation in seeing you compete as well as from your great book. By the way thank you so much for signing my copy of your book as I broke your rhythm while running up the Whitney Portal Road. I still can't believe you stopped to do that for me. It meant a lot to me and my family. You have inspired our daughter as well and she starts her second year in cross country in Aug. My husband and I will be running the N.Y.C. Marathon and would like to be able to run with you, but I went to the web site and didn't see where to sign up. We are already registered for the race itself. Can you let me know what the next step is? Please help, we are excited to share this exciting event with you.
Sincerely, Vickie adams

Shane Roberts

I cannot wait to meet you. I signed up yesterday (which was the first time I had heard about your incredible plan) to run the Alabama run. I cannot wait to meet you in person and I am very much looking forward to running with you.
May God run with you during all your days,
Shane Roberts
Birmingham, Al

Photogary.ca  -  Gary Rush- Montreal, Canada

Dear Dean and Crew,
It is an honor to write to you and support your dream of the "endurance 50" . Like Canadian Ultrarunner Terry Fox -who attempted to run across Canada (as an amputee)and made it more than halfway (before succumbing to Cancer), you are an inspiration to Canadians, and many around the world...To quote legendary Canadian musician Neil Young.. "long may you run"....In fitness and in health, Gary Rush

Scott Challender

Dean -

Your book has been amazingly motivational for me. I have read it from cover to cover twice and both times found different forms of motivation. I am considering running in Tulsa with you on 9 October and although I am running the race on the 19th and part of me is wondering if I will be in shape by October 9th to run with you, I think that I need to take some inspiration from your book and push myself to see what I am capable of. Looking forward to seeing you there, if my boss gives me the time off, I'll be in Tulsa to share the experience. Thanks for proving we are all capable of doing whatever we put our minds to.



Dear Dean-
You are terrific! I loved your book. I have been telling all of my friends and family about you and your upcoming Endurance 50. You have inspired me to hit the road again. I, too, was a cross-country runner in high school, have been slacking for the last many years! You are truly an amazing person and I can't wait to see you in Bellevue, WA!

Keep safe,

Connie Fellman

Hello Dean,

First, I want to thank you for your book. I became an ultra-runner after reading it and now I am hooked.
Secondly, I truly wish you the experience of a life-time on your 50-marathons. I so hope to run with you in Grand Rapids, MI in October! What an honor and fantasy come true!
Lastly, our middle school cross country team that I coach will be closely watching you this fall to cheer you on and to motivate ourselves to run our best season ever!
Thank you for inspiring and always finding new challenges for yourself and others.(I personally love the nude run around the world!)LOL
Connie Fellman

Ashley Sametz

Dean, I named my turtle after you :) Honestly, you're such a testament to what the body is capable of if the mind doesn't give up. I'm in Canada...is there any way I can contribute to the fundraising, etc. from north of the border?

Luciana Shortal

Wow! From all the comments I see your cause is definitely having the desired effect. What an inspiration you are!

I am currently training for my first marathon with Team in Training so I'll be with you in spirit at the Nike Women's Marathon, SF, CA while you run the Chicago Marathon. I'm going to remind myself "Dean's doing this 15 more times" that day!

It's amazing what our bodies can do when we can overcome our mental limitations. Your proof of this. Thanks for reminding me!

John Winterle

Dear Dean,

Keep up the good work, but quit goofing off! Pick it up a bit!

Also, keep a good supply of those chocolate-coated-espresso beans. Very important.

What a grand inspirational adventure!

John Winterle
'Just Watering the Flowers, Mam' Team

barry middleton

Dean- youre something else, im so inspired by you. I read your book while i was climbing in the French Alps this summer, i would love to come out and do one of your runs with you. Respect from Scotland.

'Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!' Goethe.

Chris Louie


You are an inspiration. It was great to see you at the SF marathon and I look forward to running the NY marathon "with" you. Opportunities are merely challenges in disguise. You have made the most of these opportunities. Keep it up and I look forward to monitoring your progress and hopefully joining you on some of the other runs. Thanks.

Nik Shpilberg

Hello Dean,
A year ago, I read your book and re-started running. I never really thought that I will be running again. You see, before my knee operation, I never crossed the dreadful 30 minute barrier . Since then I run a half-marathon and now am training for my first marathon, Hartford, where I hope to run with you.
Thanks for reminding me that the limits are all in the head.
Don't you feel bad for taking away most runners's milage bragging rights?

Peter Blouner

Hi Dean

First of all thank you for being such an inspiration. I'm from Denmark and I read your book before and after I completed North Sea Beach Marathon (the only beach-marathon in the world) on July 2nd.
The words from your book gave me good motivation during the last 10k in the sand and heat (close to 30 celsius). I wish I could run with you during your 50-marathon-project, but I'm a bit too far away for that. I have decided instead to run every day in the period and follow you closely here. Any thoughts on running technique by the way? I'm amazed that your knees can stand what you demand of them....

Take care and all the best
Peter, Denmark

"Runners...yeah, we're different"

Mike Horn

I started running in October of 2005 to lose weight. After losing 50lbs and accomplishing my first running goal (15K Gate River Run) I decided to start training for a marathon.

I hope to see you at the Marine Corps Marathon on October 29th! I'll be following your progress, but I am already inspired by your story. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Richard Murphy


Thanks for the inspiration, and never stop! You motivate young and old to reach higher.

Rock on,

Brad Mak


You are the man! I read your book in June, which really helped me prepare mentally for my first two ultramarathons, which I completed in July.

I did my first 50K in Pacifica, CA and just returned from the 2006 Atacama Crossing, a 6-day, 150 mile ultramarathon across the driest place on earth in northern Chile.

This race involved carrying a 25lb pack of food/gear and running a marathon a day for 4 days, followed by 45 miles on the 5th day and a 5 mile sprint to the finish on the 6th day.

Really look forward to running the Boston marathon with you on 10/15/06.

Best of luck with the training!

Brad, 27 yo
San Francisco, CA

Bill Gross


You are an inspiration.

After running with you before a book signing in DC last summer I made the decision to go beyond the marathon.

On October 8, 2006 I completed my first Ultra running the 24th Le Grizz Ultramarathon in the Great Bear Wilderness of Northwest Montana. It was beautiful, and exhilirating.

That race, and the training leading up to it, changed me fundamentally, and for the better.

I look forward to seeing you again at some point during the E50.

PS, Congrats on 350!!!




I'll get past the whole "you're an inspiration thing", I'm sure you've heard it enough throughout your career as husband/father/businessman/endurancefreak. ;-)

After reading your book, it spoke volumes to me - finding that inner fire within your heart to push yourself and actually LIVE. I discovered that about two years ago after being diagnosed with diabetes. Not exactly news a 26 year old father & husband wanted to hear. This is when I started to actually exercise and examine my health and life. I wanted to be alive to see my kid graduate from high school and college. I wanted to be around to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries past the age of 30. After a few months of taking meds, changing my eating habits and having more activity in my lifestyle (an extremely fat kid almost all of my life), the diabetes signs subsided. But I still felt empty. It wasn't enough. I wanted more. Then my grandmother passed away. The matriarch of my dysfunctional family who held us all together took her last breath with me as the only witness to this. My grandma had this zeal for life, even at the very end only 2 years shy of 100. I knew she had found something in life that kept her going and I wanted to find the same thing. Finally, I found it with triathlons. After my first tri in April (a sprint), I did another this past July (an olympic). I pushed myself, but this insatiable hunger was still inside of me. Now, I'm aiming for the Chicago Half Marathon in October, followed up with a marathon in November, a 50k in January, and my first 50 mile ultra in April. It's been a great deal of firsts for me and I'm making them as memorable as possible. I'm not the fastest, but so far - no DNFs *knock on wood*. And on my health right now, no signs of diabetes and no more meds needed to regulate.

I'm glad that you're out there doing what you do and that there is another person on this planet who has been there and understands what I feel. But you've put it better than I ever could: Run with your heart. Thanks Dean.


P.S. I wish I could be there for the run you're doing in Washington State, but that's the same week as the Chicago Half and I'll already be away. Hopefully I'll "run" into you at my first WS100! :-)

P.P.S. Have you thought about trying the Plain 100 in Plain, WA? They brag that it's tougher than the WS100 with only about 10% completing the course in the 2 day period. No sub-24 hour finishers so far.

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