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Monday, May 22, 2006



I loved your book, and believe me, I was trying hard not to. I wanted to believe you must be some kind of psycho to set such enormous goals for yourself. Instead, in your book you seemed so very, very human. I also lost a younger sibling, and saw my family fall apart because of it. Your book made me think that maybe that loss made me start running marathons. Now I'm intrigued by the idea of an ultra, maybe a 50 miler.

When will you be running through New Jersey? I would love to run or volunteer for your runners.

Thanks for your insights and encouragement.

Russell Schlick

You are awesome and thanks for the inspiration! How are you planning on running the Twin Cities marathon on October 17th, when the actual marathon is Oct. 1? Are you just running the same route, let me know because I would love to be there to support you!



You are inspiration to all of us. This endevour is just one example of what a person can do when they have a dream and a goal to achieve it

Summer Wesson


It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you at Big Sur. What an inspiration you have been to me! I look forward to supporting you in your journey and will be running with you ( or rather, BEHIND you!) in either NY, Marine Corps or New Mexico. Look forward to seeing you then!!

Summer :)

Adam Roth


See you in Chicago!


Gavin Harmacy

Wow, this will be an eyeopener. I've ran 30-miles a day for 10-days in a row, but never anything that long. Goodluck and enjoy the delusions you'll be experiencing on day 10 :-))


Nice work Dean.

Keep setting those big goals and helping to inspire others.

Read your book whilst training for the London Marathon and it was partly responsible for encouraging me to do the Marathon des Sable in 07 for my 32nd birthday.

Let us know if you make it to the UK!!!!

kate y

I just picked up your book last week and every single time i pick it up, i cant put it down. i'm on the eve of my first (of many, hopefully) marathon and your words gives me inspiration and hope :) Everytime i read your book, i want to just lace up my shoes and go run!
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on running and inspiring words :) .... i'll be cheering you on when youre running through SF! go, team dean!

P.S. now that you have a website and a blog, have you thought of podcasts? .....carrying a little recorder with you on your expeditions and record those (insert a grunt) moments? ... just a thought


Hi Dean,

I met you in NYC at B&N and you signed my book. I can't explain how much you take part in my "new running career"!!! It sounds strange, but because of you I run!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your inspiration.



Hi Dean,

You are inspiration to all of us. I will be running Marine Corps on October and I am hoping to see you somewhere along the course. Probably I'll be running behind you! I am thinking of doing An ultramarathon, like 52 miles to start! Could you give me any suggestions which one to do? I am so excited that you will be in our area soon. I wish I could run with you the Baltimore or New York races. They are like few days apart from Marine Corps. If I recover fast enough I will join you! Good Luck and I hope to see you in one of these races.


Dean you are definitely an inspiration!! I ran my first marathon in January after reading your book. July 1st I'm running my first 50K on Angel Island. I'd love to catch up with you during your 50 days but you won't be anywhere near me :(
Keep it up!

Randy Williams

Hey Deano, I just missed you in San Diego. inspiring stuff here! I still remember surfing Trestles & brefdist at Jalama. And what about windsurfing Arroyo Laguna with you...way over MY head!

I am still racing bicycles (Track & road)and doing some triathlons. I am back in Southern California now.

Have fun on the tour, I know you will!

Etienne Brown

Mr. Karnazes,
I had a friend run with you for a bit in the Boston marathon. He told me about this event, and it really is amazing. If all things go well, hopefully I will see you in MO, NM, and OK... and maybe TX. Best of luck from South Texas.

Justin O'Leary

Hey Dean your a true hero, I ship for the navy the 26th of this june and whenever I get tired in my measly 1.5 mile run I think of the pain you went through and I get through it, I hope someday to run 1 marathon I'm not much of a runner right now but I'm getting better every week, your book was the best book I ever read after I finished reading it I passed it on to a friend of mine to read about your adventures and drive. From what I read in your book I know youll finish the 50 marthons youre my hero



Your feats of extreme endurance are truly heroic and courageous.

Matt - Gold Coast, Australia

Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

Dean, I just heard you were doing this. This is shocking and moving! Your book was one of the most inspiring I've ever read. You're a living legend. Many people talk about stuff and tell others they can do it -- you are a living demonstration of what is possible. You're HOT, baby! Keep it up. Melody



Good luck for your project. I will follow your race from France.



I think your book is very inspiring. My brother met you in Sacremento and had your book autographed for me. That was the best birthday present I could have asked for. I am planning to see you in Fargo at the end of September. I don't know how far I can run as I only do half marathon's but would love the opportunity to meet you in person.
Thank you

Deborah Williams

I've been following your story and all of your runs...I'll see you in Mass on Oct 15th for the Boston route! You're an inspiration to all runners and athletes.

Karl Kunkel

The residents of Greensboro and all of North Carolina were proud to have you run in Greensboro on Halloween. You brought a breath of fresh air to the area and kindled peoples' interest in keeping their running shoes on the road.
Your book is very inspiring and descriptive, too.
Go for it!

Karl Kunkel
High Point, NC

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