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Friday, November 10, 2006


aaron wade

here is the link to the photos from the whole tour!


aaron wade

here is the link to the photos from the whole tour!


aaron wade

here is the link to photos from the whole tour! updated daily!



You are unbelievable! Who cannot be inspired by what you do? You are making an influence. It is especially cool to see how kids are affected. Personally, I think if you can do your 50 states and run back from NY to CA, I can certainly get out do a training run! Can't wait to see the video coming out. Keep on keepin' on Dean!

Rich Brown

Hi Dean,

Thinking about the run with you in Memphis still makes me smile. That was a great day. Congratulations on finishing and then running to Missouri...I hope to run with you again and that you are healthy. Merry Christmas my friend.

The group of runners from FHU raised more than $35,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the races the first weekend in December. We ended up with about 65 runners and are going to get $50,000 next year. We talked a little about this while running along the Mississippi River.

Arnuva Boas are hard to find. If North Face distributed as well as you run they would probably sell more shoes.

Rich B.

Jim Mott


You are an amazing guy. I met you in Boston and had a chance to run with you in Delaware in your 47th state. My Sports and Society class that I teach in Ilion, New York has followed and learned a great deal about the human spirit and the human body. I am a member of the 50 states club and it is a goal of mine to run all 50 states. I have 21 done now. It amazed me to see that the club will not count any states that were run with you as actual marathons. What also amazed me that many of the members accused you of being in this for the attention and personal glory. They have no idea what they are talking about. You have done more for running and the sport than anyone EVER. More than Bill Rodgers, Prefontaine, Shorter. You have set an example for people and inspired ALL people to believe in themselves. You have dedicated yourself to helping kids and using your gift as a way to unite people. You have created your own community. Not only do I count Delaware as a state that I have run a marathon in-I count it as one of my most important and significant. I will wear the medal with pride and carry the memory with me for the rest of my life. Dean, long may YOU run and we will be right there behind you.


Hi Dean,

How is everything? Congrats on your 50 marathons, for some reason, I had no doubt that you'd complete it.

Anyway, I ran with you in Dallas, and I was wondering if there was some kind of a certificate of completion that we get? I'm trying to use this race to qualify for the Texas Marathon Challenge (http://www.rogersoler.com/sbr_challenges.php), which asks us to complete 5 marathons in Texas in one marathon season.

Anyway, hope you're still enjoying your accomplishment. I'm running the Houston Marathon on Sunday, #4 of 5 (assuming your race will count). :)



Dear Dean,
I've just finished reading in your book. As I am a journalist, I had the privilege to read it in advance in Portuguese - it will be released here in Brazil on February 2nd.
I run too and I keep a blog about running on a major news website in Brazil, for wich I work.
Under the impact of your histories, I wrote about it:
As it is in Portuguese, probably you wont have a clue about what is being said. But never mind. Is just said the book is great and I thought you would be glad to know that your adventures are appreciated and admired here in Brazil too.


i am from Taiwan
like running
join several marathon &
very happy to see runners with the same interests
my running blog


I've been waiting for the documentary after following the blog, but cannot seem to locate information about it on the web. Is it still to be released by Journeyfilm?

John Fitzpatrick

Saw the movie tonight, FANTASTIC...I liv ein New york so the ending had me all choked up....Read your book when it first came out. Been running all my life but you moved me further down the road. Keep up the great work. when it gets tough think of all the folks you have helped....By the way, my wife dropped me off at the theater, I ran the 10 miles home...I love those long grinding sweaty runs
Hey man, be sure to send me a note!

Layth Alwan


Something different for you. I am statistics professor and I require students to do data analysis projects. One of my students did an analysis on you! She fit a statistical equation to determine your race time (seconds) and found:

Predicted time = 15843 - 2202*Official Race - 0.180Elevation - 22.7*Marathon # + 682*Trail Run

I thought you would find interest in this.

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