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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Pony Peterson

p.s. my mom makes THE BEST homemade pizza so if you can plan to be here on a Friday night, you'll get to taste it!

Adam Pratt

I knew it! I've been telling my wife for the last week or so that you were gonna run home! You crazy dude....

I really enjoyed running Delaware and New Jersey with you last week. My second marathon in three days was in some ways the hardest thing I've ever done, and in other ways it was surprisingly easy. I've run four marathons in the last six weeks (Boulder and Chicago were the others) and I have to say that I felt better after New Jersey (the fourth) tan any of my 15 other marathons. Amazing how the body can adapt. God certainly engineered the human body with amazing resilience!

Just make sure you get home soon to your wife and kids. Running is great, but not nearly as important as family. And if you come through Chicago keep us posted because you can stay with us and we can put in some miles together!

Mark Seaburg

Way to go, Karno! You probably want solitude. But of course we all want to join you. So if you can keep us updated of your whereabouts, please do.


You helped my wife and I get through our first race a week and a half ago in DC- we were somewhere in the pack behind you, but knowing you were out there helped us pull through those last six miles.

Maybe we'll see you out running on your way home!

todd kogan

Another Indiana boy wanting to join in(again). All I need is an area code. We'll come track you down. Tecumseh Trail #39 was the best. To my buddies who trained with me as well as the new friends I meet during the run especially "the pro" from Eastern Illnois U, lets meet and pound out some miles. PS. I was the one whose girl friend brought all the dogs to the finish.

Matthew Haslett


Wow!! You are such an inspiration AND such a crazy man, lol!! :) I so enjoyed running with you on Day 48 in Philadelphia and would love to be able to run with you again someday if it worked out. I imagine you have to come through PA at some point, so please know that you have a place to crash and someone to bring you food!!

Thanks for being such an awesome guy and for showing people that there is so much more to life than just the everyday routine. Having someone like you to learn from is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. May you continue on strong and enjoy every single day to its fullest; I believe that you will. :)

Mark Schneider

A quote from your book:
"Endurance running is my passion."

Having had the opportunity to run with you in West Virginia and Kentucky and to be at the finish line in Indiana at the end of the brutal Tecumseh Trail Marathon, it really hit me first-hand just how passionate you really are about your running. More so then your book could explain. You run with such determination and focus, but at the same time such extreme pleasure. So why fly 3000 miles home when you could just as easily run?!
Follow your heart and live your passion!
You will forever be an inspiration to us all.

Jennifer Flory

You ARE the real life Forrest Gump! A leader and true inspiration to so many!
Run Dean Run!!!

Matt Reffett

Dean, you are incredible. Let me know if you need a place to stay in Southern Indiana. My wife and I would be more than happy to give you some warm meals and a warm bed on your way home. I'd like to run part of the journey with you as well if you're coming near Evansville. Good luck and never stop!

Tim ODonnell

Great job these past 50 days. I am proud to have ran with you in Wichita, KS

If you come anywhere near kansas city on the way home, please let me know so I can join you.


Joelle Segrue


I'm one of those lurkers..........the one who everyday pulls up your entries to see how your day went. As the day ticked down I was excited for you and yet was sadden by the fact that soon the 50 days would be over. You are a true inspiration to every runner and non runner out there. I read every entry, laughed at some, cried at some, sat in awe at some. I have run one marathon and hope to run two next year. You are the person I think about when I can't run one more mile. Then I run more..........

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. I would love to run with you on your way home to your family. Chicago is a great place to run, of course you already know that!

Take Care of Yourself and those 3 missing toenails!

Cory Elowe

Wow, it just keeps on getting better! I sent my Early Decision application in to Dartmouth College at the end of October. I wrote my essay about running, and the day 31 marathon. We'll see if it works (cross your fingers while you're out there!). Maybe I'll end up sharing the essay with you a little bit later. Good luck, and remember how important everything you're doing is to this country, and all of these people who have rallied behind you. You are one incredible guy!
Cory - "Cross-Country"

Eric (San Diego CA)

I want to thank you for allowing all of us to share in the experience of the Endurance 50+ through your blog. You are the Jimmy Buffett of running, and many of us seem to be living in the utlra running world vicariously through you. I missed out on the opportunity to run during your first 1,310 miles, and would love a second-chance to pound the pavement on your way home. Keep us updated Karno!


Yeah!! good luck! you really are an example of what the men can achieve!, hope you keep posting here
From Guadalajara, Mexico


steve hearst



COME THROUGH COLUMBUS OHIO !!!!! Or anywhere within 50 miles of it for that matter. I'm on board.


Steve Hearst
Proud #34 Finisher


Go Dean Go!!!! I knew you would run home. I'm still talking about my experience running with you in Indiana. I'm from Illinois- you gotta come right thru here. Please let us know your route so we can support you thru the midwest! Tell us... Tell us!!!


I KNEW IT !!!! I knew when I was running with you in philly that you were going to run home ! You are amazing !!!!Thanks for keeping us posted on what you are doing... and most important, thank you for this whole adventure !! If you know where you are going to be, try to post it... I wanna run with you again!!
Keep running and keep smiling...
Jackie :)

David Chippi

Dean you pushed me yet again. I was inspired to run a PR (distance) tonight. In fact, I think I felt you running too. Was that you running between the hours of 5:30 and 7:30PM EST? 16 miles for me. I especially liked the feeling of floating while the car headlights behind me shined a shadow on the pavement in front of my. By focusing on the shadow movements it tricked my minds eye into a feeling of floating as I ran...way cool. Don't mind me I was high on endorphins.

Be safe on this leg of the journey. This is the most dangerous part if you plan to do it alone until the weekends with your family.

larry orwin

Dean- Congrats on the Endurance 50 run - fantastic finish and outstanding effort during the entire 50 days. You are an inspiration to anyone on the planet who wants to explore the outer boundaries of what they believe is possible.! I ran with you in Number 34, and had the most memoriable marathon experience of my life. If your journey west takes you back thru the Cleveland area my home is your home.With 10,000 square feet you and your support can have an the entire guest area. Just drop me an email a few days ahead of time.
Keep on truckin and God bless you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlon Sarmiento

I must remember to thank my future brother in law for recomending your book. I've been inspired by the book, the Endurance 50 and now your run home. A few years ago my life revolved around cigars and red meats, now it's running and eating my greens.

BTW Gump who?

Brad Overstreet

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

Man I can not tell you how fired up I am for you. If you make it anywhere near Texas let me know. I would love to be a part of this journey as well. You are a great inspiration. If you need a place to crash let me know. please blog when you can. I am proud to have run 23, 24, and 25 with you. If you want to have some fun there is a 50 mile ultra in Texas december 9th "Sunmart" are maybe the Rocky Raccoon Feb 3-4(100 miles). The fact that your family supports you is the most important thing on earth. Please let them know how much we appreciate their sacrafice while you continue to inspire a country, better yet the world. All the best. If you are in the texas area I can offer food, a place to stay and and whatever else you may need.

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must...but never stop moving forward.

Brad Overstreet

Bryan Schlotterback

INCREDIBLE!!! I mentioned this in a couple of the State blogs, South Carolina & New York! Aim your sights towards the horizon of the setting sun. Put one foot in front of the other and start running home. Finish this off Trans American style!


Dean Karnazes, a man pushing the limits of the human spirit, a man running the dream!

As soon as you determine a formidable route, please let us all know.


Dean, you're my hero, I so much hope to run with you again in the near future.

Anxiously awaiting,
Bryan Schlotterback, Des Moines, Iowa......

An E50 Compadre


I suppose you might make it into Texas by Thanksgiving week if you go south to go west.

If so, please give a holler. I can run with you on multiple days and also function as one of your support crew for that short time while you cross the 800 miles.

Good luck on this unprecedented, marvelous adventure!

An E50 Compadre


Dean you are the reason that i run everyday. You keep doing things that amaze me. Running across country back home. Dean I have one question how does your body recover? My body is still recovering from my marathon in Hartford, and that was like 3 weeks ago!!! You were that inspiration that made me feel confident enough to run the marathon. Dean keep it up and keep doing your insane runs!!!

H Olson

This is AWESOME! I thought you may run home when I read your posting about how to end this thing. I didn't have a chance to run with you so hopefully you will run by Las Vegas on your way home. Please post whenever you can. Reading your blog every night has become a routine for me. I will be thinking of you when I run my 6th marathon on December 10.

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