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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Andrew Smith - Omaha Marathon

Congratulations to your great start from everyone at the Omaha Marathon. We are sorry that you cannot run with us on Sunday, but if you have a chance, please stop by the Civic auditorium and allow us to congratulate you in person. Heck, the Greek festival is even taking place in Omaha that weekend!

Again, congratulations!
Andrew Smith

steve hearst

This is great! Picking up runners along the way, just like in life. These stories are perfect to get the rest of us out there with you. 21 runners today. How many tomorrow, the first Friday??? Better yet, what about in Cleveland??
Come on, Let's get a great crowd out there on the 19th.


what an incredible journey you've begun. i've been following you since your badwater race and love your commitment to health and family. where can i find your race schedule? and when will you be in california?
wishing you light legs and a happy heart!!

Sacha Power

What a fantastic event!! I'm from New Zealand and am so green with envy that I can't take part in supporting Dean. I would love to run a few marathons with him and all his supporters.
It's wonderful to see that new marathoners are taking part, what awesome role models you are all being!!
All the best

Roy Young

Awsome job to all of you marathoners!! You are all a testement to the fact that the human spirit is what drives the body. Truely another inspirational run. Thanks to all you runner that ran in those harsh conditions.
Hope you got some rest Dean.
Looking forward to reading about today's (Friday the 22nd) run.

May you continue to run strong. . .
Gresham, OR


Greetings from Cancun Mexico!!!

I've been playing an average of 2 hours of tennis a day for about 2 years, and I just included a 5k run every other day and a swimming work out 2 times a week. I have never though, participated in any kind of organized race. I never realized running would feel this great! Thanks to your motivation I will begin running the 5k,10k...etc. one at a time till I run my first Marathon. You are indeed reaching out people beyond the American borders(never knew you existed till only a few days before you started the E50). Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to join you in one of those amazing journeys.

Mi casa es su casa,

34, 5'9" happily married and father of a beautiful 4 year-old girl


Hi Dean,

thanks for all the updates. i am back to training for my first 50 miler from a week of sickness. reading your blog helped getting me back on track.

congrats on your great beginning. i will see you in new jersey and new york for the last two marathons.

keep up the run! cheers!

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