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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Paul Hughes, Burbank CA

Hey Dean, I just want to say thanks again for giving me a good push to get up and run in the morning and at night. I had emailed you a few months back to tell you my brothers talked me into doing the NYC marathon. I just wanted to let you know my brother James, who gave me your book,is going to run a few miles with you in Delaware. Good luck with rest of the 50! See ya in NY Paul

Adam Gomez

Hey Dean, i dont know if you remeber me but i ran the last few miles of your marathon in South Dakota. I would like you to know that you were such and insperation for me that the next week after i ran with you i went out for cross county. Since then i have been running alot more. I have been trying to run everyday or at least get some sort of physical activity. Nice job with running all of your marathons.

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