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Mr. Karnazes,

I just read your book over my vacation and was so amazed by your accomplishments - not only the amazingly high mileage, but your ability to balance a cheescake on top of a pizza box while running and eating! I am looking forward to joining you in Delaware. You will be at the final stages of the 50 at that point. I wish you a healthy and happy journey. I am excited that I will be able to accompany you for a small piece of it.

New Jersey

Brandon Janosky


Can't wait to see you in September in St.Louis! After I finish the 1/2 marathon, I'll double back and finish the end of the marathon with you.

All the best,
Brandon Janosky

Ryan Baxter

I finished your book not 24 hours after buying it. Very intense book for both runners and non-runners, alike. I'll be joining you for the November 3rd run in Philadelphia, my third marathon (also doing a fourth on November 17th) Best of luck in your journey.

Philadephia, PA



I recalled hearing in the ether somewhere about some crazy guy that was running 50 marathons in 50 days, but today saw it on CNN online news. After reading the article and your blog, I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration your feat is to me. I am also a big believer in your cause for children's health.

I'll be running the NYC Marathon this year as well (my second) - I'm aiming for a little different pace from your group so I won't join the pack, but hope to see you at the finish line! Good luck, and congratulations on the great publicity!

Scott Mann


I admire all you're doing to challenge our imagination of what's possible. Even though you're exceptionally gifted for the sport, you remind those of us in the middle of the pack that we have a lot fewer excuses than we think. Best wishes for the miles ahead.

Scott Mann, NC


What a great challenge, and something this country needs - a wake up call to all those couch potatoes out there (and their kids)! Good luck!
Yorktown, VA


Your book was very inspiring !! 17-years ago, I was a 50.76-second (400m); 2:00.39 (800m) & 17:30 (5K) runner, as a prep junior. But have since "enjoyed" life in a variety of ways, LOL ! Especially after nearly 15-years vested in the Navy.

But besides partying all over the world. The military "experience" has taught me about goals and focus. With my focus now being to train toward the goal of competing in a 50-mile trail race.

Good luck with the 50 in 50 endeavor !! If anyone can do it, that person would be you.


I will be running with you in Baltimore on Nov. 1. I am stressing out over running a single marathon, but you are running 50 consecutive in 50 different states in 50 days. Wow. The only reason I started running was because of you. I read your book and it changed my life. Now I have lost a ton of weight, and running is my passion. You have changed my life in a positive way. I am not sure if you fully understand the positive power and impact you have, but it is huge. Keep up the good work. You are a true inspiration.


Pat Connolly


Your freakin Crazy!!! But I'm with ya all the way. I won't tell me wife about your adventure due to the fact that she's a marathoner and might want to do soemthing like you one day. See you in Philly and maybe New York!!!!

Traci D.

I cannot wait to get your book , and to read about your future progress of your 50 marathons. You are an inspiration and great role model.


Dean, you need to do some sort of endurance challenge across Canada. I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, running events here are some what scarce, but decent. I plan on getting involved in endurance races spaced across the Rocky mountains. Join me dude! there are some excellent races in the mountains. Search for the summitseries, sorry i don't have the exact website but i'll find it for you.

I hope the Karno Kids org. really takes off and that it makes a differences in the lives of families. I encourage you to try to reach people worldwide as well. Hopefully, inadvertently, you can reach others around the world by what you are doing. I plan on trying to meet you at a marathon some where. I ran a marathon in Nashville,TN and it rocked. Take care, train hard and I'll see out there!
DAN Guenther

Clint Mattacola

Deano K,
I remember when... you were just the one of the best windsurfers in California and you were sponsored by ASD. I have seen you pop up in many places over the years and now you are an author in addition to a father of two and an loooooong distance runner. You are ultra motivated. Best wishes in you adventures.
Santa Cruz, CA

Geoff Tomlinson

I have just seen that Roz Savage,(www.rozsavage.com) who is rowing the Pacific next year, has decided to run with you on 4th November. You seem to have inspired her to take up her training in earnest. Seems you are able to inspire everyone! Watching the TV you would think the world lacks leadership, but there are more inspirational people out there than you realise. Best wishes for the event.




Just booked the Maui Marathon. What better 'excuse' for a trip back home. Thanks for using your visibility to make a difference in this world. I'm counting the days, let's run!


The body can only go where the mind has gone first.

- Confucius

Jason Northrup

Mr. Karnazes,

I wish you the best of luck. I hope to join you in either MA or CT. I could not put down your book and it has been a huge source of inspiration and motivation for me. Thank you


Jonathan Brinkley

Hi Dean, I'm in for Green Bay! Chris Carmichael probably wouldn't approve, but the GB marathon always has brat-bits and beer at the finish line! I usually use the anticipation of those as my motivation to finish. When you are in Philly, make sure they get the warm chicken broth out for you. Salty as can be, but it sure hits the spot. See you at stop #38!


Keith Golding

Great job at Leadville. I loved breakfast with your family at the B&B. Your Dad is a kick! I saw you at the finish tent. I was Kulak's pacer from Fish Hatchery. I'll be running the Boulder Backroads Marathon when you're in town. Tell your Dad and Julie to look for me, Sandy, and the kids. See you in CO.
Keith Golding


Wow, Dean! This is amazing. I'll see you in Kansas.

Scott Poore

Dean I have just gotten back into running and I'm going to run the Charleston Distance Run, Charlesotn WV this Sat it is a 15 mile race. I'm going to try to register and run with you in Huntington, WV I won't be able to run the whole thing, but should be able to run 19 or 20 miles by then. Your and inspiration....

Gordon White

Dear Mr. Karnazes,

I have just returned from a 1 year deployment in Iraq. While there I broke my leg. After an operation in Kuwait and some hardware installed, I was in rehab when I came across your story, which inspired me to run a marathon 80 days post surgery. I'm now back in the USA and at 100% and plan on running another marathon, I hope to run with you, somewhere on the east coast. Good luck.

SSG Gordon White
US Army
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Louis-Daniel Dufresne


Since reading the Runner's World article about you 2 years ago I've increased my mileage to finally complete my first double marathon this past weekend...I ran from my house to the start of the Quebec city marathon which I completed in 3h52m totalling 85.2km...Sounds familiar???

My wife thinks you're quite striking and she want me to snap a picture with you in Chicago in October...

You're a true inspiration and I hope you realize the positive effect your accomplishments can have on people...

Keep it up! Hope to see you in Chicago!

Louis-Daniel Dufresne

Alice Schenk

What an absolutely incredible adventure you are about to embark on. I am headed to OKC on September 23rd to participate in my 1st Ironman competition then I hope to catch up with you in Boise, Idaho for the marathon. This quote sum it up nicely, "Thus would I double my life's fading space, For he who runs well runs twice the race." Albert Crowley. Run well my friend.
~Alice Schenk

Dawna Phillips


After reading your book I decided to run my 2nd marathon - the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK in November. I live in MA and have signed on to do part of the Boston Marathon course with you on October 15th as a training run.

After reading this month's Runner's World and seeing that only 250 people have signed up to run with you for the entire Endurance 50 I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into!?! I'm hoping more people will be inspired and join you along the way and that other average runners (& women with kids) like me soon also adopt that motto, "You are better than you think you are. You can do more than you think you can."

Good luck with all 50!
See you in Boston!
Framingham, MA


Way to go Dean! I have been talking this event up to all my students and the teachers at school. I am planning a field trip to come see you run in Anchorage, AK. Are there certain points that we can watch you or cheer you on? Good luck!



I bought your book as motivation for my training for the City of Trees in November. I was enthralled and just couldn't get enough. My family and friends think I'm crazy for wanting to run a marathon; then I shared your story with them, and all of a sudden, I'm looking sane! *laugh*

I am going to start the run with you here in Boise. I'm going to finish the distance, even if it is not with you and the rest of the pack. My goal is to push my body to the limits and complete the marathon distance...whether its while walking or biking. I think I can keep up your pace for a mile or so, but then I gotta drop back. That is okay. It's about pushing my body.

I can't wait to meet you! I can't wait to run even a mile with you. You are a true inspiration.....I have never run a marathon..never. Until last April, I had never even considered myself a runner. So this is a first....with lots more to follow!

I can't wait! Thanks!

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