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Thursday, June 22, 2006



Hey Dean!

Good luck in your attempt at 50 consecutive marathons. It seems almost inhuman but if anyone can do it you can. KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!

Jeff Nelson


You are absolutely remarkable! Not to mention a great inspiration to so many. It will be informative to see how you train and what you eat. I heard you do things like the Western States 100 as training. That’s unbelievable!!


Awesome job at WS100 this past weekend!


This is a fantastic mission. I just got your book for Father's Day and after reading about 3 pages I knew that I would love it. Now I'm thinking of trying an ultra when my next two marathons are done. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy this experience of the 50 in 50. Absolutely incredible!


Hey Dean!
From reading your book I know that you like challenges. After you run 26.2 mi a day for 50 days, run 500 miles. Straight. I bet you can't. That would be AMAZING.

Jorge Palmeras (see you in Alabama)

Mark Schneider

Hi Dean,

Thank you for everything you do and good luck with the endurance 50. I look forward to joining you in both the Indiana and Kentucky portions of the 50!

Johana Reed

I am aready signed up for the Portland Marathon -- so how do I sign up for this program? Having already read Dean's book, I know that this is for a good cause.


I just want to say good luck! You've been a great inspiration for me, after reading your book, I started to train for my first marathon (long branch, nj). Now with the E50 coming I can't wait to run with you in NY or NJ or both. Good luck, what your doing is absolutely AMAZING!

Diana Serafimov

Dean, you truly are remarkable! Your book was a great inspiration to me and my husband. Good luck with the 50 Marathons in September. I will be checking your website for updates and news. Thank you for what you do!

Shannon Beasley

Hi, Dean. We met at last year's San Francisco Marathon and my girlfriend took our picture. It is one of my favorites and I look at it before I head out for each run. You've gotten me through lots of miles and bad situations--I just think, What would Dean do?

I'm planning on running Memphis with you September 18. Maybe then you'll tell me how I can eat and train to get your 4.8% bodyfat!

Go Team Dean!



I wish you nothing but the best on the Endurance 50. Your interview on NPR as well as your book got me into endurance sports. I'll see you you on the road in St. Charles, MO. Thanks for the inspiration!
-Keep Moving Forward

Kristin Field

Dear Dean,

You are truly an inspiration. I will be honored to join you for the Boston leg of your historic run. Until then, wishing you the best!

Kristin Field

Lann Salyard   Haverford, PA

This is a great way to get everyone on their feet and moving. When people feel better from moving around, walking and running, they will naturally want to keep going. Dean is showing America a better way to live!

Why the 9-10 minutes per mile restriction on Philadelphia runners? I really want to do the marathon with Dean, but 10 min per mile is way out of my league. Participation is what it's all about, isn't it? Lann


Running 50 marathons in 50 days cant be easy but I do think it is possible I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you at the St. George Marathon.


I just bought your book today and I am completely inspired. You are remarkable!

Last year, I committed to run my first marathon because I wanted to prove to myself that I am LIMITLESS in my abilities (some of my coworkers think I am nuts). I began training for the 2006 Marine Corps. Marathon a few months ago. I am registered for that one and will see you in October!
keep being awesome!!

Pat Clawson

You are the man. I really look forward to running with you in Phoenix. Just signed up for the Desert Classic. I feel like it's my first race all over again. Good luck and Godspeed!

Tad Samulski

Hey Dean,
I just finished your book and it is incredible. You are incredible. I have been running off and on for about a year 1/2 now with my longest distance race being a 10k. I began training about two weeks ago after reading your book and I am planning on running with you at the race in Greensboro NC. It will be my first marathon and hopefully the first of many!!! You are truly inspiring!!!

Tad Samulski

Ken Martin

Team Dean,
You are a real inspiration to me. I began running almost 2 years ago at 47. Your book has been helpful in my training. I ran a 50k last April and look forward to a 50m in November. See you in Des Moines.
Regards, Ken

Ralph Acosta

It was great running with you in the Lewis & Clark, even if only for a minute. You've inspired me to sign up for four marathons in four weeks - Kansas City (hilly!), Long Beach (running with a friend in her first marathon), Chicago (hope i see you again), then Dublin (what do the Irish eat for breakfast? Will anyplace be open race morning to get a bite?). It was almost a whim that got me to start running four years ago, but it's been the inspiration of people like you that make me to believe i can do better and that anything's possible, but it's the enjoyment of crossing that finish line that really keeps me going. And now i'm chasing Boston. Thanks for what you're doing; it really is inspiring. You remain in my prayers.

Ritchie Taylor

Mr. Dean,
You are one tough dude!~ I ran the Portland Marathon and hoped I would get to see you that day, but you were in front of me the whole time, I ran a 4:02. I am running Seattle next month and I hope I can PR the race. But as I read through your blog, I can't help to notice your head cold keeps nagging you. I know you hear of a lot of remedies and I have tried my share too, but I would like to suggest the product, "Airborne". I know you have your team with you and they are highly trained in the physical aspects of the human body. I just thought I would share what works wonders for me. I wish you much strength and endurance.
A runner too, Ritchie

Dean reynolds

Hello old friend. From the surfing and windsurfing beaches of Baja, to your current quest - I enjoy following an old friends' journey.

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